Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike Graphics Kit reviews

A smooth polished graphics kit is designed for Yamaha TTR 125 2000 – 2007 series. It provides a new look to the bike physic. The kit comes in a variety of colors that suits the choice of a wide range of riders. The kit is developed by Senge Graphics Incorporate.

The product comes in 4 different color sets. You can choose one as of your choice.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

The product offers a Complete kit and also rider ID if necessary. A rider’s ID is required when you are in racing and the umpire or judge needs to identify you. It’s not going to come to use when you are biking personally.

yamaha-ttr-125 graphics-kit

Senge Yamaha TTR 125 Graphics Kit



‎Senge Graphics Inc.


‎Senge Graphics Inc.

Item Weight

‎2 pounds

Product Dimensions

27 x 1 x 20 inches

Item Description:

The graphics kit is compatible with 2000 – 2007 Yamaha TTR125. The package includes

  • Decals for Left and right radiator shrouds,
  • Left and right side of the gas tank.
  • front fender, tip, and arches, rear fender
  • Swingarms
  • Left and right fork tubes
  • all three number plates
  • 3 mini front number plates to put on hub or vehicle window

The graphics are the most durable in the overall market. The sticker is highly adhesive and doesn’t dry out over time. Senge Graphics Incorporate guarantees such prediction. This is not a prediction like a non-professional prediction is. They make things sure studying over a large number of their consumer. Their digital printing process guarantees crystal clear high definition graphics to stand out in the crowd.

The product is water glossy with 22 mil thickness. It’s scratch-resistant even in extreme riding conditions.

There are certain things you need to be careful about choosing a sticker. The color and the picture mode are very important for you to represent your riding to people. The picture often contains texture, sketches on solid, some animal faces, and some random strip. Different design denotes different aspects of your position in riding. Color also plays a role in referring to your mode of action. It often indicates how fast or slows you initiate an action. Red often refers to power, fire, and a mode of faster action. Black refers to some introverted people but confident nature. And blue always refers to peace, calm and gentle. Oh ok. Now it might be funny. It’s just a reference. It’s your choice what you will buy.

Customized your Graphics Kit

You can customize your graphics kit by just asking the seller about what you want. Normally seller allows one or two words and numbers to be printed on the buyer's choice. For this reason, you have to mention the word or number on some order steps. You can also send that information to the seller after the order by mentioning the order number. Commonly, some competition requires the bike to be numbered for proper tracing on the camera.


  • With a graphics kit you can redesign your
  • Cover up the permanent scratches on the plastics
  • Change your bike mode
  • Make it look new
  • Update your bike model
  • Sell at a better price.
  • You can rent your bike.

How to install a Graphics kit on a Bike?

  • Clean your bike with a synthetic surface cleaner before you install the graphics paper
  • Wipe the whole wet surface of the bike and let it dry for an hour
  • Split up a sticker from the adhesive covering; start with a small one like the one for the radiator shroud.
  • Place the sticker in the proper position. Be aware of left and right. Stickers for left and right are not the same and can't be used in alternation.
  • After every placement of the sticker, smoothly wipe that with some clean cloths.

If a big air bubble sticks under the graphics, you can pull up that portion with care; because the glue is strong enough and suitable for multiple attachments. In case a big bubble is seen which is far from the edge of the sticker, it’s good not to detach the graphics. Rather you can use a syringe needle to prick on the swollen point. Then wipe again that portion of the sticker. Hopefully, the air will come out.

Wipe every edge with some cotton cloth to make sure no edge of the graphics paper is open to let air or dust go in.

How to uninstall Graphic Kit from the bike?

  • Take a hot air gun or simply a hairdryer
  • Apply hot air on a narrow edge of the sticker. If the sticker is close to any soft object like your seat, then dismantle the seat. Hot air on the seat might cause the seat to shrink or burn.
  • Empty the fuel tank if you need to remove graphics from this.
  • Apply hot air on every narrow corner of the sticker and carefully peel off them.
  • If any part of the graphics is torn, it means you applied more hot air than necessary. So apply comparatively less hot air.

Graphics Compatibility

yamaha-ttr-125 graphics

While choosing the graphics design, give care to the proper consistency of the design. A racing bike graphics design is different from that of an amateur adventure bike. Similarly, an adventure bike graphics pattern is different from a plain road journey bike. A proper match of the graphics to the bike makes more sense to everybody around you.

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