Why does a pit bike backfire: Problem and Solution

The main reason for backfire or afterfire is the over-fueling in the engine. In the same way over air with the wrong proportion of oil and air is the reason combustion occurs outside of the combustion chamber.

Backfire is the condition when the bike burns its fuel in the exhaust pipe. It causes abnormal sound from the exhaust pipe, and the smoke seems awkward. Over the year there are so many bikers who visit service centers are seen to face these types of issue on their bike. But there are several other incompatibilities that cause a backfire.

pit bike back fire

What is the exact reason for the backfire?

There are some common reasons for what your bike might be backfiring. Improper timing of fuel or air supply seems to be the main reason.

Excessive fuel supply

Fuel is passed to the combustion chamber through Carburetor. There is a certain passage for the fuel to pass from fuel tank to engine. In this passage, any troubles or obstacles can cause the improper amount of oil to mix with the air. Oil filter is an important focus in this point to check if there is any blockage that is causing less oil. The same way air filter might be the reason behind this. So if you face this problem check the air and oil filter and resolve as of the situation.

The improper ratio of air and fuel

The combustion of the engine occurs on a mixture of air and fuel. There is a certain ratio about how much fuel should come with how much volume of air. If any of them come in less or more amount the ratio will change and the combustion will occur inaccurately. These causes backfire.

This happens when your bike isn't jetted properly or now it's not in the proper jetted condition. Humidity and elevation might be another reason your bike might backfire.

Poor fuel grade

A poor quality fuel can cause a backfire on your pit bike. In the combustion chamber, when the fuel is not genuine, the combustion doesn't occur properly. When the fuel is discharged through the exhaust and in the exhaust pipe, the oil burns due to high temperature and pressure. To solve this issue check the fuel quality and condition. There are many third-party fuel dealers who collect fuel from where only God knows.

Exhaust Change

If you changed the exhaust pipe from an aftermarket, it might be incompatible with your engine exhaust system. Basically, an aftermarket mechanic doesn't care about consistency that much and so they provide an exhaust pipe without considering the feasibilities. A narrow low passage exhaust pipe doesn't let the engine discharge its burnt fuel properly, so pressure seems to fall in the exhaust pipe and takes a longer time for the discharge to come out.

An aftermarket exhaust is cheap and purchase-friendly for the easy communication and service of the sellers. But the things are not all you need. This makes you happy for the very first time and will put you in suffering later. So always purchase spare parts from the authorized dealer of your motorbike brand.

If this is your problem it’s easy to solve. Go to your motorbike dealer. Tell him what you did and what the result is. They will understand the thing before you complete your lecture and replace your faulty exhaust system with a compatible one.

How to fix this?

So empty your fuel tank. Then pour a small amount of branded fuel into the tank. Start your engine and consume the fuel. This way the previous fuel will be washed away from the fuel tank so now you can refill your tank with a high-quality oil.

Dirty carb

If you have motorcycle backfires and your bike runs a carb (rather than fuel injection), it’s time to rip it apart.

Even the smallest piece of dirt could be causing issues.

How to fix

You’ll need to remove the carb from the bike and pour off the fuel from the float bowl.

Faulty Spark plug

In the engine, the combustion is mainly occurred by an electric spark fire from a spark plug. So if low electric energy is passed through the spark plug, the spark will not be enough for proper combustion.

A spark plug usually supplies more than 20KV electric pressure to its terminal lid. A higher voltage makes a spark from a high distance between the positive and the negative terminal. So a low voltage will not properly spark and make enough fire. This is when the fuel will be left in the engine and blockage can occur.

How to fix

Check the spark plug for any dirt or heavy dust that is causing a short connection and losing energy before power reaches the spark lid. Replacing the spark plug with a new one can solve the problem.

Is backfiring harmful to your pit bike?

Yes. A backfire is a fuel inaccuracy. A combustion out of the combustion space results in a loss of power.

Sadly saying, a lot of riders buy expensive exhausts for extra power resulting in making them backfire.

Running a bike too rich might result in the internal combustion temperatures too hot.

What to take care of to avoid backfire?

  • Use high-grade fuel
  • Clean fuel and air filter regularly at least once a month.
  • If you need to replace the exhaust, get a new one from your brand dealer shop with a genuine one.
  • Take care of the spark plug. Check this before you go on a long journey.
  • Close the cap of the fuel tank tight after fueling.
  • Don’t install any aftermarket spare parts. Cheap products often react in a cheap way.
  • Don’t install a battery of a different Voltage and current rating.

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