What are the best pit bike brands in the world in 2023?

YCF, Pitster, and Thumpstar are three famous brands to make pit bikes that are marked best by most of the consumers. Some Chinese brand like SSR pit bike is also famous and considered best locally for their cheap price and availability.

best pit bike brand

Pitster FSE 190R

Pitster originally named USA Motortoys (USAMT) was established in 2003. Many enthusiastic riders started to transform small 50cc minibikes to increase its power and efficiency. Then once, it made much production of pit bike and came in the line of Pitster Pro. Pitster pro now has more than 20 individual pit bike models.  Pitster bikes are produced in China, but it's originated in the USA. It's a cheap bike with big features that attract pit bike lovers.

The Pitster FSE 190R is the top-rated pit bike now. It provides a 190cc engine with 4 transmission speeds. It provides both air and oil cooling. Its fuel capacity is 1 gallon. The seat height of this model is moderately 34.5 inches. It supports both a 12V electric starter and a backup kick starter. A 5 plate wet clutch comes with this that makes the pit bike clutch pull smooth and cozy.


YCF bikes are originally made and designed to be used in the racing zone. Its color and body design are also like the one used in a practical game. It has space to label the racer's number or any information to mark his identity as a racer as of which the live scoreboard gives value to him.

An S147 is an ideal model for a bike racer. Experts can't find any model of them as minor. Because all of their products are just beyond any comparison.


Thumpster TSR 190 is likely the best one for high racing and for all other off-road riding purposes. Thumpster is the US original brand, and its dealer point is in the USA. If you buy the pit bike from thumpstar you should find the original importer to make sure you are getting the genuine new products.

Some other well-rated pit bikes brand


Kawasaki is a Japanese brand well known in the biking world for producing some of the best bikes around. High-quality parts with lots of power and performance, engineered by experience. Kawasaki bikes win a lot of races and have more championships than any other manufacturer. Essentially they make top bikes for winning races.

The Kawasaki KX is a kids MX model, which means high-quality parts for a pit bike. A kid model fits kids' and adults’ needs.

Kawasaki is high-quality and reliable; you know what you're getting with Japanese motorcycles. And it's always top-notch. Competition heritage is a huge pro for Kawasaki; they've won loads of races meaning their bikes are made to win. In every sense of the word, they're widely known, and therefore manufacturer support is easy to find. It ticks all the boxes.


This pit bike by Coolster has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, and compulsory air-cooled powered engine. The displacement is rated 125CC with a maximum horsepower is 4.72/7500. It also has a maximum torque of 7.82/550. This pit bike for adults goes as fast as 67km/h which makes it a good bet for races that are held in your backyards.

The ignition system has a CDI Starting feature which means kicking the pit bike on would be a breeze. This pit bike is not for adults who do not have experienced driving motorcycles. Its transmission is manual and could use a little getting used to. However, once getting the hang of it, the bike can be your weapon in winning those backyard races.

How fun it’s to have a pit bike?

pit bike brand

Until you have bought for yourself a pit bike, you would not understand how fun it is to have one. Anyone can just hop in and have a good time. On top of that, you can rally your friends and have a competition in your very own backyard. Pit bikes may be small, but their size didn't stop the adults from riding them to have backyard races.

For enthusiasts, pit bikes are indeed timeless. Some people would collect them, and collecting is easier since it is way cheaper than the standard dirt bike. Some would go to collecting as six or even a dozen. Pit bikes provide excellent training for beginners and, at the same time provide cheap alternatives for 'pro' bike racers.

The best pit bikes for adults are so versatile that owning one and racing them with friends is as much fun as participating in an actual motocross. To make things more exciting check out this video below on how pit bikes can be fun for adults too:

Pit bike Brand considerations

  • Buy the pit bike depending on your purpose.
  • Buy a medium configuration pt bike for amateur use.
  • Before you buy make sure you can handle and walk with that weight of a pit bike.
  • It's not a good idea to buy a pit bike on credit. You might be tired of paying off High ranged costly pit bikes and thus you will lose enthusiasm to ride your bike.
  • If you are a beginner, you shouldn't buy a pit bike higher than 200 cc. A smaller one will be a better companion for you and you will have a light experience.
  • Small wheel tends to stick in the off-road very easily. So consider selecting a big wheel pit bike. The big wheel pit bike is not much higher in terms of cost.

Final words

After all, there is no final end of any good and so the bestness too. So what is best for you may not be either good for your friend. Therefore don't blindly follow anyone's bike model who is very famous with that bike. Consider bike weight, height, engine rating, starter method, transmission system, compression ratio, wheel size. Consider fuel tank and sit position. Some big fuel tanks take more space and push the seat backward and so the rider has to take his position far from the front holding parts. Thus he is bound to lean his chest down resulting in causing back pain. So be practical in choosing a pit bike.

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