Where are stomp pit bikes made? History of Stomp.

Starting from nothing but experience to becoming one of the most leading smaller dirt bike manufacturers in the world, it requires one to be gutsy enough. We have to say that Marc Brotherton has done something that most people could hardly dream of.

Although the trading opportunity of Stomps pit bikes is widespread in most parts of the world, Stomp is mainly a British dirt bike brand. Therefore, most Stomps pit bikes are made in the United Kingdom.

In this particular article, we will be talking about all of the important things one should know regarding stomp pit bikes. This includes the history, trading, and the reasons why Stomp pit bikes are thriving all around the world.

stomp pit bikes made

Everything you need to know about stomp pit bikes

If you love off-road racing with your dirt and pit bikes, you must have heard about Stomp bikes. These bikes are prevalent almost everywhere. The rigid power delivery and utmost potential of these bikes make the category stay alive in the competition. Stomp pit bikes are not only surviving but also getting a thriving popularity gain, which makes the brand stay on top of the list.

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Stomp is a British bred powerful pit bike company.

The first question we need to cover most often is regarding the origin of Stomp bikes. Where are Stomp pit bikes made? Well, Stomp pit bikes are made in the United Kingdom.

Stomp trades their pit bikes through the company’s high-end trading network in most parts of the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

History of Stomp

  1. Stomp started its journey in Hampshire by a renowned and influential automotive engineer named Marc Brotherton. That journey started exactly in 2005.
  2. It is indeed true that the journey started in an old shed on a farm, but since then the company has seen only great milestones. 
  3. Winning multiple championships in different racing competitions helped the company to grow at a fast rate.
  4. In 2009, Stomp became the largest pit bike company in the world. Astonishingly, it took only four years to reach that milestone.

Contract with Kayo

The contract between Stomp and Kayo in 2007 also played an important role in bringing high-end prosperity for the company. It was a mutual contract that helped to gain revenue for both the manufacturers.

Kayo Moto factory was basically manufacturing quad and ATV at that time. Kayo became benefitted from the larger trading support of Stomp, whereas Kayo Moto greatly helped to enhance the number of their products.

The alliance between both these popular manufactures worked side by side to enhance the popularity to a great degree.

Stomp also owns some other renowned dirt bike brands

Progress relies on expertise, skill, performance, and decisions. It would be better to mention that Stomp has by far made some good decisions that have helped the company to grow too faster.

The ownership of Demon X, Thumpstar, and Welsh Pit bikes also dramatically helped the company to grow at a rapid rate.

Stomp pit bikes are a combination of everything.

With power, performance, stability, rigidity, and agility, you will never miss a single thing that stomp bikes will not be able to deliver. This pit bikes did not win all those championships out of luck only. The manufacturer indeed possesses some good quality features to make the rider comfortable with these small but powerful pit bikes.

Another reason Stomp pit bikes have thrived this far is because of the expertise and skill that the head of the company possesses.

He has worked with a large number of companies that helped him to gain high-end proficiency in a different section of the building process. Therefore, implementing all those features that matter most in the racing applications became much easier for him. 

Trade networks of stomp pit bikes are widespread.

One of the main reasons stomp pit bikes are getting high-end popularity is their widespread trading network. When the availability of any particular product becomes easier, people tend to get back to it again and again.  

Stomp has a large number of trading plants across the whole world. Although most of its trading network is situated in the United Kingdom, the number of trading plants outside the United Kingdom is not minuscule.

Besides the United Kingdom, Stomp has a large number of trading plants in Ireland. In Ireland, Stomp has nearly 26 trading networks.

Stomp is running its trading in Europe as well. The company has trading plants in more than seven different countries across the whole of Europe.

If you consider the whole trading network of Stomp, you will easily get some knowledge of why Stomp is getting much popularity all over Europe.

Why are Stomp pit bikes so popular?

Stomp pit bikes so popular

Do you know that branded motorcycle manufacturers like Honda; Kawasaki greatly depends on Chinese engine manufacturers?

All the engines including Lifan, Zongshen, and YX are developed by these Chinese motorbike developers. That is where Stomps provides the most convenient support.

When you buy a stomp pit bike, you get the same or equivalent engine performance that you would get from branded Honda or Kawasaki KLX engines.

As Stomp and Kayo have a contract, Stomp pit bikes' engines are manufactured in the Kayo assembly factory. Therefore, you will have to face no issues with the performance at all.

The intelligent framing design with a high-powerful engine makes this British bred a powerful category that is worth loving.

Final summary

  1. Since 2005, Stomp has been delivering some of the best smaller dirt bikes all over the whole world.
  2. The powerful engine of the This bikes is the main reason why the brand is thriving at such a good rate.
  3. In 2009, Stomp reached the milestone of becoming the largest pit bike manufacturer in the whole world.
  4. The presence of quality, fun, and speed along with a good price range are some of the main reasons that are contributing greatly to the increment of stomp pit bikes.
  5. The larger trading network might be another reason why stomp pit bikes are so prevalent all over the world.

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