SSR SR125 Pit bike expert view on 2023

SSR 125 is 124cc engine-powered pit bike series of the SSR brand. SSR pit bike is a Chinese brand that provides varieties of variations in pit bikes in terms of engine capacity, suspension system, ignition, and alternation. SSR offers their pit bike at a lower price in comparison to other brands that make pit bikes. The reason SSR gained fame is its polished gorgeous fusion at a low price.

SSR 125 Pit bike review

SSR 125cc Pit bike Review


Engine Type

YX, Single Cylinder

Engine Stroke

4 Stroke

Cooling system

Air Cooled

Engine Displacement

124 cc

Compression Ratio


Bore x Stroke

54 mm x 54 mm

Rated Output

7.3 hp @ 7,500 rpm

Fuel Supply

Carburetor, 22 mm



Engine Starter



4-up Manual


Front Suspension

Hydraulic, Conventional

Rear Suspension

275 mm Mono Shock

Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Wheel / Tire

Steel / 2.50 - 14

Rear Wheel / Tire

Steel / 3.00 - 12


Double Bar Frame


Steel, "Straight" Type



47 inches

Seat Height

30 inches

Ground Clearance

10.5 inches

Fuel Tank size

0.8 gallons


129 pounds

L x W x H

65x 29 x 40 inches


Colors Available

Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White

The good side of SSR 125

ssr 125 ride

SSR SR125 pit bike has several versions and models. SR125 is equipped with a 124cc manual starter and manual transmission system. They offer a different product with the model – SR125 that offer 2 excellent changes and upgrade. The first one to say is automatic transmission and the next one is electric starter to be controlled by your right-hand thumb. The SR125 also offers a 5-pole stator in its alternator, which is also a variation in this model.

Engine power

The 125cc engine that comes in both versions has a bore x stroke of 54mm x 54mm. This pit bike engine is horsepower is 7.3 hp at 7500 RPM.


SSR125 offers 4 step manual transmissions. Riders have to shift gear by the foot gear lever. Auto transmission version of SSR125  keeps you free from shifting gear every time you change the speed from lower to upper or upper to lower. When you are increasing the speed up, it’s important to concentrate on the road. Shifting gear possesses you partially and makes interruption to your attention in riding. So automatic transmission reduces your task of controlling your pit bike and lets you focus on your journey.

Engine Starter

SR125 provides a kick starter but SSR provides an electric starter in its marked variant. It is a smart way of starting your bike. It also eases the starting process. Sometimes kick-start doesn’t work and requires several attempts of kick. It usually happens in bad weather. It seems cumbersome and caused interference in your journey. SSR 125 CC –auto version makes the startup smooth with no physical pressure.

The electric starter motor is rated to be operated by at least a 12V 3-ampere battery. But the battery in your pit bike will be higher than the motor need.

Chassis shape

The frame used to join the front to the back of the chassis has double bar steel that makes it stronger and stable. The front suspension is a conventional hydraulic one while the rear is 275mm Mono shock. Both wheels are steel-made. The swingarm is also made of straight-type steel. There is a 47-inch space between the front and rear wheels.

The seat height after seat placement is 30 inches. So it’s a moderate height for all riders. The bike has a ground clearance of 10.5 inches and it has a fuel tank with a capacity of 0.8 gallons. With all of these, the bike got a weight of 129 pounds at the length x width x height= 65 x 29 x 40 Inches.

How to change SSR125 pit bike brake fluid?

Since your pit bike brake work on brake fluid, you need to refill the fluid once it’s low. The way you need to change it is a bit tricky. You should be careful about handling the brake fluid because it can harm the painting of your bike and can do the same to your skin. Follow the steps to replace the brake fluid.

  1. Locate the Master Cylinder Reservoir at your pit bike. It’s more often at the right handle.
  2. Open the cylinder cover. Replaceing the fluid is called bleeding the brake. So be careful about that.
  3. Replacing the fluid will let some air pass in the brake cable. So you have to remove the air manually.
  4. Take out the old fluid with some sucker maybe a syringe. Clean the cylinder with some cotton
  5. Pour new fluid in the cylinder and fill 90%.
  6. Now we need to take out all air from the brake cable.
  7. So, you should pump the brake lever to make pressure. Hold the lever after some pressure.
  8. Then connect a pipe to the bleeding cable connector. Put down the other end of the pipe in a container for drainage. Loosen the bleeding bolt with bleeding tool.
  9. Let some fluid pass through the pipe.   This way the air in the pipe will come out with the fluid. Passing out of the fluid will loosen the pressure of the lever.
  10. Before the cylinder becomes empty and air goes in, tighten the bleeding bolt.
  11. Then refill the cylinder with fluid and repeat the same process to make sure there is no air or air bubble in the brake cable.
  12. Once you are sure there is no air, fill up the cylinder again and close the cap properly.

Proper replacement of the brake fluid will make you feel the brake lever firm to pump. You should then clean up your bike. Because the fluid is a toxing chemical that can burn any soft surface.

Do parts of SSR125 fit with SSR110 and SSR70 pit bikes?

ssr 125 pit bike drive

The parts of SR125 are larger and so it’s less likely to fit a bike with lower configuration. An SSR 110cc pit bike chassis is a bit smaller than that of SR125. The Length x Width x Height of an SSR125 is 65 x 29 x 40 inches while this measurement of SSR110 is 59 x 29 x 40 inches. So this measurement shows a difference in the length of the chassis. In the SR70, the length, width, and height are all smaller than SR110 too.

But some parts that are fitted on the open space might fit one another. They include the brake lever, footrest, kick starter lever, Suspension spring fork, rubber fork, wheel, CDI unit, brake unit and SSR air filter.

You know SSR is a chinese pit bike brand, Many parts are similar to another model.

If you find cheap and more enjoyable pit bike brand, i can suggest you you can take Apollo pit bike.

How big a motor that is an engine can you fit in an SSR 125 pit bike?

SSR 125 Pit bike comes with a 124cc engine by default. Consumers and riders have the wish so long to upgrade their pit bike engine to make it faster and powerful. But remember that replacing the Engine is a severe modification to your pit bike and results in incompatibility to the other parts and space.

However, some 139cc engines fit in SSR125. You might need to reposition your exhaust pipe to make everything organized. Replacing Engine might causes less energy efficiency and unsmooth operation. Do it at your own risk.

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