SSR Air Filter Reviews For Your Dirt Pit Bike 2022

How often do you think you should replace the air filter on your motorbike? Experts opine that one should replace the air filter of a motorbike every 15,000 to 20,000 miles.

When using a dirt bike or pit bike, you should not use the filter for more than 12,000 miles. An air filter loaded with dirt, debris, or insects fails to deliver the essential air pressure to the compartment. As a result, the performance of the engine and bike deteriorate to a moderate degree.

If you are using an SSR pit bike, we have got you covered. This article contains a list of the four best SSR air filters to deliver optimum air pressure to the compartment.

Without any further I do, let’s get started with our first product discussion-

SSR Air Filter

Best SSR pit bike air filter

1. HIAORS Motorcycle 38mm Air Filter for SSR 125 125cc 110cc


Brand: HIAORS.

Compatibility: SSR dirt/pit bikes up to 200cc.

Diameter: 38mm.

Key Features

  1. Carbon mesh material.
  2. Clamps for easy installation.
  3. Washable dry cone.
  4. Turbofan design.
  5. Optimum filtration.

Our first recommendation for n SSR air-filter is from HIAORS. This one is compatible with most SSR dirt bikes up to 200cc. The filter comes in five different color patterns, allowing you to choose according to your preference.  By the way, the inside diameter of the filter is approximately 38mm.

This one will deliver the most convenient filtration process through the combination of carbon, cloth, and mesh. Dirt and debris will barely be able to reach into the compartment.  Furthermore, the filter includes a clamp to make the installation process more versatile.

On top of that, the washable dry cone of the filter will allow you to re-use the filter again and again for better longevity. Finally, the turbofan design of the filter will make the filter more efficient and workable.


  1. The washable dry clean will be handy to get better longevity.
  2. This one is compatible with a large number of SSR bikes.
  3. The essential filtration process will prevent all kinds of dirt and debris from getting into the compartment.

2. 1PZ SR1-AF3 38mm Air Filter


Brand: 1PZ.

Compatibility: Universal fitting.

Diameter: 38mm.

Key Features

  1. Wire mesh shield.
  2. Adjustable clamp.
  3. Easy installation process.
  4. 200km runtime.
  5. Good sealing.

This one is another 38mm air filter from 1PZ. The universal fit design of the filter will not only ensure compatibility for your SSR bikes but also for most other ATV, UTV, quad, and other vehicles.

First of all, the wire mesh shield of the filter will deliver an accurate filtration process to keep your bike's engine safe and efficient. The filter also comes with an adjustable clamp. As a result, the installation process will be more convenient even with a nominal experience.

Furthermore, the filter will provide you with a tension-free experience for almost 200km of runtime. Moreover, the sturdy construction will make it pretty hard to deform the filter. Finally, a good sealing mechanism will make the item safe for all kinds of situations.


  1. The universal fitment of the will create no issue regarding the compatibility.
  2. The installation process is quite simple through the adjustable clamp.
  3. The filter is pretty stable with rigid construction.

3. Hiforb 38mm Performance Red Air Filter


Brand: Hiforb.

Compatibility: most Chinese pit bikes up to 125cc.

Inlet diameter: 38mm.

Key Features

Dexterous construction.

Essential sealing.


Optimum mesh material.

Precise and accurate filtration.

Hiforb has brought this 38mm air filter, making it compatible with a large number of Chinese dirt and pit bikes. The filter comes in red and green color variations. The filter is compatible with most 50cc to 125cc Chinese dirt bike engines. That means this one should fit your SSR pit bike with ease.

The dexterous construction with essential mesh material will provide an optimum filtration process to make the filter more efficient. Besides, the essential sealing will prevent all kinds of dirt from getting into the compartment.

The filter comes pre-oiled, giving you relief from taking further pressure. Finally, the filter uses optimum mesh material to deliver a precise and accurate filtration process. If you are using a low-powered Chinese pit bike, this Hiforb air filter is always worth giving a try.


  1. This filter is compatible with most Chinese dirt and pit bikes up to125cc engine.
  2. The pre-oiled construction will reduce your pressure to a great degree.
  3. The optimum construction will deliver precise filtration.

4. AloneGoer 2pcs 38mm Air Filter


Brand: AloneGoer.

Compatibility:  Most Chinese dirt and pit bikes.

Inlet diameter: 38mm.

Key Features

  1. Includes two air filter, two spark plugs, and two oil filter.
  2. Adjustable clamp.
  3. Multi-purpose kit.
  4. Mesh material.
  5. Optimum filtration.

Our final recommendation on this list is from AloneGoer. The filter is compatible with almost all dirt bike brands, including SSR. The package includes two 38mm air filters, allowing you to get a runtime of almost 400 kilometers. Besides, you will also get two spark plugs and two fuel filters to take the efficiency of your bike's engine to another level.

The filter is compatible with most pod's diameter from 38mm to 40mm.  Furthermore, the mesh material of the filter will ensure optimum filtration to ensure optimum airflow to the compartment.

On top of that, the filter comes with an adjustable clamp. As a result, completing the installation will be much easier than ever before. If you are looking for a multi-purpose kit to enhance your bike’s performance, this AloneGoer air filter can always provide you with the optimum experience.


  1. The inclusion of different products will allow you to get versatile experiences.
  2. The optimum filtration process will never disappoint you with quality.
  3. The adjustable clam will ensure ease of installation.

How to install an air filter on your SSR pit bike

We will be completing the installation by following seven simple steps. If you have not done the job before, here are some of the simple instructions to replace your bike’s old air filter-

  1. First of all, gather all the necessary hardware and instruments that will be necessary to complete the installation.  Socket, grease, air filter oil, rag, etc., are some of the essential instruments you will require to complete the installation.
  2. The next step on this list is removing the seat. Almost 95% of the air filter needs to install under the seat.
  3. Once you have done removing the seat of your bike, it is time to remove the old air filter from the compartment.
  4. You should always clean the airbox before you install the new one. This will remove the chance of future contamination to a great degree.
  5. The next step is installing the new air filter. Adjust the clamp according to the requirement. You may need to use grease to ensure a perfect fitting.
  6. Re-install the seat properly once you have done installing the new air filter.
  7. If you are using a washable air filter, it is always ideal for washing the filter through detergent or dish soap.


Be a little cautious while completing the installation. Fast forwarding the job may deteriorate the condition.

Final words

When you are talking about Chinese pit bikes, an SSR air filter will always remain on top of the priority list. But riding the bike in a severe condition can pollute the air filter t a moderate degree. As a result, you will get less engine efficiency. One of the most effective ways to redeem the engine's efficiency is replacing the filter after a certain period of time. In case you are searching for a good quality air filter, think about choosing the item from our recommendation list. We can bet you will love the experience.

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