SSR 110cc Pit bike Review: Expart rider opinions

SSR is a Chinese pit bike brand that gained fame for its off-road pit bikes. Pit bikes are structurally designed for rugged land and path, and so it has a much better suspension system for continuous friction against the resistive road.

SSR 110 is a pit bike model of SSR that offers 107 cc 4-stroke engine. Let’s havea deeper look at the engine.

SSR 110 cc Pit bike review

SSR 110cc Pit bike Review

Key specification

Engine Type

YX, Single Cylinder

Engine Stroke

4 Stroke

Cooling system

Air Cooled


107 cc

Compression Ratio


Bore x Stroke

52.4 mm x 49.5 mm

Rated Output

6.2 hp 7,500 rpm

Fuel Supply

Carburetor, 16 mm






4-up Manual


Front Suspension

Hydraulic, Conventional

Rear Suspension

265 mm Mono Shock

Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Wheel / Tire

Steel / 2.75 - 12

Rear Wheel / Tire

Steel / 3.00 - 10


Steel Backbone Frame


Steel, "Straight" Type



42.5 inches

Seat Height

28 inches

Ground Clearance

10 inches

Fuel Tank

0.8 gallons


122 pounds

L x W x H

59 x 29 x 40 inches



Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White

SSR 110cc Engine details

ssr 110 pit bike image

SSR110 pit bike comes with a 107 cc engine. The combustion of the engine occurs at 4 stroke cycle. This is how it’s more efficient in comparison to 2 stroke engines. Unlike a 2-stroke engine, a 4-stroke engine has the mechanism to move the piston 4 times in a single combustion cycle. So, it makes the cranks shaft rotate twice. Let’s focus on how it is better.

While a 4-Stroke engine is the more energy-efficient 2-stroke engine is more powerful. The reason is in a 2-stroke engine, there is one power stroke in a 2-stroke cycle, but in 4 stroke engine, 1 power stroke is every 4-stroke cycle. So, a 2-stroke engine provides the power stroke at half of the time, and then it can go to the next cycle. This way the frequency of the piston movement is more in 2-stroke. Still, the 4-stroke engine is more preferable to the consumers because the current world deals with the economy along with the upgrade.

However, it has a single-cylinder that produces a single power cycle. The engine is designed to be air-cooled. The rotation power of this engine is moderately higher which is 6.2 hp at 7300 rpm. Its oil supply is through a 16mm Carburetor.

The engine uses the latest CDI ignition system that runs based on capacitor discharge. This system doesn’t allow the current to directly pass from the battery or magnetic coil to the ignition system. Rather it passes the current to a CDI unit that charges the capacitor then current from the capacitor flows to the ignition system and then spark plug.

The SR110 Pit bike provides only a manual kick starter and 4-manual transmission gear which is much smoother and preferred by the riders.

How does the Compression ratio relate to Stroke?

The pit bike offers a 9.0 : 1 compression ratio. Compression ratio is very important to generate more power from comparatively less energy. The compression ratio has no direct relation to any of stroke and engine cc ratings. Compression ratio changes according to the pressure power of the piston.  A higher compression ratio should provide more power.  Because a higher compression will make the fuel and air hotter and so the explosion becomes more intense causing stronger rotation of the crankshaft.

SSR SR110 Model variant

ssr 110 cc pit bike drive

SSR SR110 pit bike has a few variant models with some additional features and functionalities. SR110-SEMI provides a semi-auto transmission system which refers to some convenience in shifting gear on speed up.

SR110DX provides a fully some special wheel system. This model offers Anodized Alloy / 2.75 – 12 on the front wheel and Anodized Alloy / 3.00– 10 on the back.The anodized alloy seems to provide better stability and hold on the road. This model also provides a kick starter and doesn’t provide any 12V electric starter. So, you don’t always need to keep a charge in your bike battery for the starter.If it goes down you have time to charge it. You can later manually fix the bike’s charging system. Since the bike offers a CDI ignition system, the charging is less likely to go out of work.    

SR110-TR is another model that comes with lucrative features. It comes with a Lifan type engine and Mikuni Carburetor. It provides          Rebound Adjustable Forks, Inverted on its frontsuspension and 280 mm Mono Shock, 850 pounds/inch on rear. This variant comes in only two colors: black and white.

SSR110 Color

ssr 110 pit bike ride

The SSR SR110 has variably 6 colors in terms of availability. This is really a big number for a bike color. So,customers have opportunities to choose from this varied range of colors. As the color sheet indicates, they have the color variant of.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White.

The variety of its color range indicates that SSR pit bike is suitable for both men and women. The electric charging system enables those who are not good at kick-starting and the automatic transmission system just reduces the process of shifting the gear each time the bike speeds up and down. Another Chinese pit bike brand, Xpro Pit Bike is perfect for new rides and who want to cheap pit bike.

How to give value to the look?’s needless to say SSR SR110 comes with a very precisely gorgeous glossy body finishing. It comes like a naked bike. All its machinery is kind of open and visible but at the same time well-polished like an outer part.

The chain of the bike is open with no covering which seems will be the reason to catch dust and pollute the lubricant oil on the chain. The soil and sand of the off-road might be stuck in the chain and reduces its performance.


The exhaust pipe heading out from the engine goes to the silencer having no covering which often causes heat touch to the leg of the riders. It makes them feel discomfort.

The seat of SR110 is kind of almost plain which pit bike is good for faster standing out on jump. But those who are experts and don’t need to stand out don’t feel sitting on there.

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