Pit bike’s good and bad side: Top five pros and cons of a pit bike

When your preference is to get the safest excitement as a kid or beginner, a pit bike might be the safest option available. While everyone knows that a pit bike is lighter and more manageable than a dirt bike, it is not altogether free from some drawbacks as well.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a pit bike for yourself or for your kid, this article will show you the top 10 reasons why you should and should not purchase a pit bike.

If that is why you are here, let’s get into it-

Pit bike's good and bad side

The good sides of a pit bike

Pit bike's good side

We do not want to stretch the article into a longer edition. Therefore, we will talk about the top five pros you will get from a pit bike. Here go the top five pros of a pit bike.

  1. Pit bikes are lighter and less powerful.
  2. Easily manageable.
  3. Safer.
  4. Good for the budget.
  5. Lower maintenance cost.

1. Pit bikes are lighter

One of the main reasons dirt enthusiasts start their journey with a pit bike is that these motorbikes are essentially lighter compared to a full-power dirt bike.

While everyone wants to go with a better power motorbike, the less power output of a pit bike becomes a plus point for the beginner.

With moderate off-roading capacity, these motor-powered bikes allow every beginner to learn the basics of off-roading with ease.

Therefore, a pit bike should be an ideal tool to play with as a beginner. When it comes to getting into the flow of dirt racing, this genre should please any amateur with ease.

2. Pit bikes are easily manageable

If you let a kid handle a dirt bike at an initial level, he may not be able to deliver a satisfactory experience. That is where these lighter off-road motorbikes bring forth essential support.

A pit bike will usually have an engine capacity of up to 150cc. In a broader sense, it will never exceed up to 250cc.

Therefore, every kid and beginner will be able to manage the bike with optimum proficiency.

Our recommendation would be to start your journey with a pit bike and then eventually move to a full-power dirt bike. If you take that sort of approach, it might lead you to better expertise within a short time.

3. Pit bikes are safer

When it comes to safety, pit bikes are way safer than dirt bikes. These motor-powered toys are less aggressive than dirt bikes. As a result, enjoying the safest riding experience becomes always possible. That is why most parents want to introduce their kids to a less powered 50cc or 70cc pit bike first.

If you do not want your kids to throw into a vulnerable situation, consider introducing them to a good-looking pit bike to ensure the safest experience.

4. Pit bikes are good for the budget

While you have to spend around $1500 to $2000 dollars for good quality Chinese dirt bikes, it is always possible to grab one pit bike within a budget of around $700 to $1000 dollars. Besides, certain low-powered pit bikes can be found at a price of under $500 dollars. Therefore, this genre will hardly give any pressure on your budget.

Here is a little chart that shows the price of a pit bike depending on the engine size-

Pit bike



$250-$450 dollars.


$300-$500 dollars.


$350-$650 dollars.


$500-$750 dollars.

Up to 250cc

Within $1000 dollars.

As you can see, it is always possible to manage a pit bike by spending the least amount of money.

5. Lower maintenance cost

Another good reason to go with a pit bike is that these bikes are easy to maintain, and you will not have to spend a large number of bucks to ensure the maintenance cost. That means you will not only save your bucks while purchasing the bike but also will have the opportunity to reduce the maintenance cost to a great degree.

The bad sides of a pit bike

Pit bike's bad side

Despite having too many pros, there are some cons as well that you may face with this particular genre. Here are the top five bad sides of a pit bike-

  1. Less powerful.
  2. Less off-roading capacity.
  3. It is limited to some specific sectors.
  4. Less durable.
  5. Space and capacity are limited.

1. Less powerful

The first con worth mentioning here regarding a pit bike is that these motorbikes are less powerful to dominate over all terrains. As a result, expecting to get a high-notch performance from these bikes will be hardly achievable.

If you are an experienced rider who loves more power and speed, these bikes may not be able to deliver the expected performance.

2. Less off-roading capacity

Unlike full-power bigger dirt bikes, pit bikes are less capable of handling off-road conditions. Therefore, if you have a plan to grab a pit bike only to enjoy the fun of off-road driving, you may be disappointed in the longer run.

Riding around the neighborhood or going for a little bit of off-roading might be the piece of meat for these bikes, but handling long and real off-road condition will be something outrageous for these smaller and less powerful motorbikes.

3. Pit bikes are limited to some specific sectors.

Asa less powerful motorbike, pit bikes are not capable of going into a wider range of areas. Therefore, you may not be able to excavate a wide variety of areas through these motorbikes.

If exploration is what excites you the most, this category might not be an ideal choice for you.

4. Pit bikes are not durable.

Yes, it's the truth. One of the primary intentions that every manufacturer tries to implement with pit bikes is to reduce the weight, height, and price. As a result, they tend to come with a cheap frame and fender kits. All these things make them less durable. As a result, abusing a pit bike to a severe degree might deteriorate the condition to a greater degree.

5. Space and capacity are limited.

The lower frame does not allow a pit bike to have better space and capacity. As a result, getting a longer mileage and distance will be harder with a pit bike.

Besides, pit bikes are less capable of long-time support. But some advanced bikes are always there with high-end space and capacity. But you will have to spend some extra bucks to get such facilities. Modifying the bikes into a better edition can also be a good reason to go with a pit bike.

Is It worth purchasing a pit bike?

Yes, it is always worth purchasing a pit bike. Introducing a beginner or kid to this off-roading sector is always easier and comfortable with these less powerful motorbikes.

As one has to spend a little amount of budget to purchase a pit bike, they are a budget-friendly option as well.

Final summary

  1. Almost every motor-powered vehicle will have both pros and cons. Pit bikes are not different.
  2. If you choose a pit bike as a beginner, it should bring the most convenient experience.
  3. As an experienced campaigner, a pit bike may not be able to satisfy your thirst.
  4. Power, size, and off-roading capacity are all pros and cons of a pit bike simultaneously.
  5. When budget is the concern, pit bike has different varieties of options so that you can grab your preferred item.

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