Pit Bike vs. Scrambler vs. Dirt Bike : What Is The Main Difference

You surely have heard about a scrambled egg, but what the heck is a scrambler bike? A scrambler and a pit bike indeed share similar characteristics. But there are huge differences between these two categories. 

The early scrambler bikes have gone extinct a long ago. But the recent edition can baffle you with the performance.  A scrambler is a dual-sport bike that can run both on and off the road with a moderate efficiency rate. The engine capacity of a scrambler can reach up to 650cc.

On the other hand, a pit bike is a form of low-powered dirt bike that can run only off-road or on the pit trail.  The capacity of a pit bike engine can reach up to 200cc.

If you are looking for the differences between a scrambler and a pit bike, this article should be the perfect place to satisfy your thirst.  But before we talk about the differences, let us learn about the two types of the bike first-

Pit Bike vs. Scrambler

What are the differences between a pit bike and a scrambler?

Now that we have got some knowledge regarding both types of bikes, it's time to find out the differences between these two categories-

First of all, a scrambler will come with a dual-sport tire. As a result, you will be able to ride the bike both on and off the road. On the other hand, a pit bike will come with an off-road knobby tire. You will be able to ride your pit bike on the pit trail only.

A pit bike's engine can be up to 200cc, whereas a modern scrambler can come with an engine capacity of up to 450cc. 

Scramblers are way faster than pit bikes. If you take both types of bikes in a competition, a scrambler will beat a pit bike with ease.

A pit bike is lighter than a scrambler. As a result, they tend to provide less suspension than a scrambler.

Scrambler and pit bike both come with a lower fuel tank capacity. As a result, you cannot expect longer mileage from both types of bikes.

Both scrambler and pit bike is a recreational vehicle. But when you are talking about versatility, a scrambler may deliver some extra features.

A scramble will provide numerous features to customize your bike according to your wish. On the other hand, the customization of a pit bike is limited to some specific features only.

Finally, a scrambler is much expensive than a pit bike. You have to spend around 400 to 500 bucks more for a scrambler than a pit bike. 

Difference chart


Pit bike

Up to 450cc engine.

Up to 200cc engine.

Dual-sport tire.

Off-road tire.

Scramblers are faster.

Pit bikes are slower than scrambler.

Scramblers are heavier than pit bikes.

Pit bikes are lighter.

Upgradable with numerous features.

Upgrades are limited to some specific features.

Lower seat height.

Lower seat height.

Smaller fuel tank capacity.

Smaller fuel tank capacity.

Recreational vehicle.

Recreational vehicle.

Dual sport compatibility.

Off-road compatibility.



What is a scrambler motorcycle?

A scrambler is a dual-sport dirt bike that can run both on and off the road. The modern-day scrambler can come with both a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. Besides, a modern scrambler can come with an engine capacity of up to 450cc. The well-made customized design of the scrambler gives them a huge leap over other bikes. A scrambler is always an elegant option whether for style or speed.  

The history of scrambler motorcycles is a fascinating event. The British army during the 1920s loves to ride on the off-road track with full fascination. The only way to be the winner is to reach the finish line as fast as you can. There were no restrictions regarding how you would go there. Scramblers were the bike they used during that time. But scrambler got extinct in the middle of the 70s.

They reappeared on the MX track around 2006 with huge customization and development. They can now beat their predecessors within a minute.

What are the characteristics of a scrambler?

Here are some of the features you would notice on a modern-day scrambler motorcycle-

  1. A modern scrambler comes with smaller clocks, and you will find them near the handlebars.
  2. The shorter seat with a moderate amount of suspension will deliver convenience both on and off the road.
  3. Scrambler usually comes with a dual-sport knobby tire, allowing you to drive on all kinds of terrain.
  4. The aluminum rims on the tire will allow the rider to get moderate performance on bumpy terrain.
  5. A scrambler usually comes with a smaller fuel tank capacity. As a result, you cannot expect to get a longer mileage through these bikes.

What is a pit bike?

A pit bike is a smaller form of dirt bike that has the authenticity to ride on the off-road terrain only.  Besides, they usually come with a lower engine capacity. The engine capacity of a pit bike cannot exceed 200cc.

Being a low-powered dirt bike, a pit bike is usually an optimum device for the beginner or recreational rider. If you are thinking about riding a pit bike on the street, you need to make enough customization to make the bike street legal.

Pit bike evolves during the early 1940s.  At that particular moment, different racing events on the pit trail made them popular among consumers. In recent days, you would notice numerous pit bike events across the world. Pit bikes are always an excellent starter to start your motorbike journey. Now in market namy drit bike brand here, i think 
SSR Pit Bike perfect for you.

Final words

Both scrambler and pit bike is a recreational vehicle that we use to make our free time more exciting and fun. But when you talk about dynamicity, a scrambler will remain much ahead of a pit bike. It will allow you to ride the bike on any kinds of terrain. Besides, the customizable feature will allow you to build the bike according to your wish. The reappearance of scrambler has introduced the bike lover to something more exciting. If you are an enthusiast, you may start your journey with the legendary scrambler motorcycles.

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