Pit Bike Vs. Pocket Bike : What Is The Main Difference

While a pit bike is a form of low-powered dirt bike, a pocket bike is the smaller edition of a street bike. Both pit bike and pocket bike fall in the category of recreational bike that doesn't have any professional value. You cannot think about taking them off the road to go for a long drive.

One thing is common about both types of the bike is that they are fun to ride. You can expect to get the hell of fun while riding both pit bike and pocket bike.

Let's not disclose everything in the intro. If both pit bike and pocket bike catch your concentration, this article should be the perfect place to grab some knowledge.

Pit Bike Vs. Pocket Bike

What is a pocket bike?

A pocket bike is the smaller edition of a street bike that most of the time comes with a two-stroke engine.A recreation lover will always pick up a pocket bike to have some fun in any place. The inclusion of a little suspension allows them to ride both on a plain and bumpy terrain.

It is always logical to think that a pocket bike comes for the kid. But the truth is that they are a bike for everyone. Both adults and kids love to ride a pocket bike with great enthusiasm.

Most of the pocket bikes are electric. But you can also find a gas-powered pocket bike if you are willing to spend some extra bucks.

Numerous pocket bike racing events are happening all over the world. A pocket bike is quite popular in North America. But it would not take a long time to enhance its popularity across the world.

Features of a pocket bike

First of all, a pocket bike comes with sturdy aluminum or steel-made construction. As a result, they are enough strong and durable to withstand a moderate load. The optimum frame construction allows them to withstand the load of adults, kids, and teens.

Second of all, a pocket bike's engine never exceeds the limit of the 50cc barrier. Most of the time, the engine capacity of a pocket bike will fall between 40cc to 50cc.

Pocket bikes are enough faster if you consider their construction. A pocket bike that races on the track can deliver up to 15 horsepower at a time, ensuring a decent speed.  On the other hand, the most consumer-based pocket bike will deliver up to 7 horsepower at max. 

A pocket bike runs both on gas and electricity. That is why they tend to be faster and more dynamic than their actual construction.

The average height of a pocket bike would be from 30inches to 3.5ft. Adults may find it a little hard to maneuver, but kids love riding these bikes for their height.

The weight of a pocket bike can never exceed 25kg. Most of the consumer pocket bikes are even lighter than 25kg. The lighter weight of a pocket bike makes it easier to control the bike.

Finally, a pocket bike is cheaper than a pit bike cost. You will be able to grab a pocket bike with a budget of under 150$ dollars.

What are the differences between pit bikes and pocket bikes?

Pocket bike

Pit bike

Two-stroke engine

Four-stroke/two-stroke engine.



A pocket bike can reach up to 25mph at top speed.

Pit bike can reach up to 80mph at top speed.

Pocket bikes are smaller than pit bikes.

pit bikes are larger than pocket bikes.

Poor suspension system.

Moderate suspension system.

A pocket bike is below 25kg.

A pit bike is up to 70kg.

Pocket bikes can run both on and off the street.

Pit bikes are suitable for riding off the road

Pocket bikes are safe.

Pit bikes are safe but need to maintain enough safety precautionary.

Pocket bikes are cheap. They are available from 50$ dollars to 150$.

Pit bikes are expensive. They are available from 800$ to 1500$.

Five reasons to grab a pocket bike

Number one: they are cheap

We have already mentioned that a pocket bike is cheap like candy. You will be able to grab a pocket bike with a budget from 20$ dollars to as much as 150$ dollars. If the budget does not provoke you to buy a pocket bike, nothing will.

Number two: no experience required

Riding a pocket bike does not require a hell of an experience. Anybody with almost zero knowledge can ride a pocket bike properly. Even if you have not driven any pike before, you will face no problem while driving a pocket bike.

Number three: they are versatile

A pocket bike is versatile in many angles. They are available in numerous colors and features to give you the real taste of excitement.

Number four: easy replacement

Getting any replacement gear for a pocket bike is easy. They are everywhere. You will find the parts in every mechanical shop to make a replacement within a minute.

Number five: speed

Ride the bike for once and you will feel that they are faster than your imagination. Indeed they will not deliver the same speed as a street bike, but getting 20 to 30 mph from such a bike is awful. If you love speed, a pocket bike is always worth trying.

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What is a pit bike?

A pit bike is a form of a low-powered dirt bike. They almost share the same characteristics as a dirt bike. The only difference is the size and the capacity of the engine.

While a dirt bike's engine can reach up to 650cc, a pit bike engine will not exceed 200cc. Besides, the size of a pit bike is a little smaller than a dirt bike.

They come with enough suspension systems to give you a boost of performance on a pit trail. Pit bike can reach up to 80mph of top speed if the engine is enough strong.

A pit bike can come with both a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. Most of the pit bikes are fuel-powered.  Some 50cc to 70cc pit bikes can also come with an electric engine capacity, like SSR pit bike are now in market 50cc to 250cc available.

Now that we have got the common knowledge of a pit bike and a pocket bike let us learn about their differences on a chart.

Final words

Both pit bike and pocket bike fall in the category of recreational motorbike category. Riding a pocket bike does not require any expertise. Besides, their affordable price can be a huge reason to give them a try. If you love the adventure of bike racing, ignoring both the pit bike and the pocket bike will be a tough job for you. You may also think about tuning some racing events to find some further reasons to start your journey with a motorbike.

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