What upgrades should I make on my pit bike? A list of the cheap and expensive upgrades for every pit bike.

What’s the best way to improve the riding experience with your pit bike? Well, if you are not happy with the factory performance of your pit bike, modifying some of the components should bring the most wholesome experience.

If you have been thinking about refurbishing your beloved pit bike into a more developed version, we are here to tell you some of the best upgrades you can think about making to make your pit bike more performing and capable.

We will try to bring forth all the upgrades into two different categories. The first section will comprise the list of some of the best expensive upgrades worth making, whereas the second section will talk about some of the best upgrades that are almost free of cost.

If that seems relevant to you, let’s get into it without wasting too many words here.

Pit bike upgrades

Expensive pit bike mods for enhanced performance

expensive upgrades pit bike

Here are the top five expensive pit bike mods to make your pit bike more performing ad capable-

  1. Suspension.
  2. Exhaust.
  3. Fuel delivery.
  4. Tires.
  5. Engine.
  6. Your skill.

We know the number five on this list does not include any tangible component. We will talk about that in the following section. Now that we have the things to upgrade let's get into the discussion to find out why these are worth spending your money on.

Suspension upgrades

Almost everyone will agree to the fact that the suspension system of any pit bike, dirt bike, or motorcycle is one of the most expensive mods one can think of.

Adjusting the height or placement of the pit bike rear shock can be one way of being comfortable with your pit bike, but getting better performance requires you to replace the stock suspension system with a new one to improvise the performance in all terrains.

Swapping the shock or fork of a pit bike with an after-market suspension system is not something that everyone loves to do. But if you are someone who has gained better confidence in this particular genre, why should not you go for the improvement?

Here are two suggestions before you go for swapping the suspension system of your pit bike-

  1. Try to adjust the stock suspension system first to get into your comfort zone. If adjusting the shock or fork resolves your problem, there is no meaning in spending some extra bucks on the upgrade.
  2. Only go for the upgrade when you feel like it is necessary, In that case, a worn-out or highly abused cheap Chinese pit bike is worth the upgrade. Remember that once you swap the suspension system with a new one, you will never get the same experience.

Suspension upgrades cost

50$ - $200

Suspension cost

$70 - $400

Exhaust upgrades

What are the benefits of upgrading the exhaust system of your pit bike?

While most people think about upgrading the exhaust system to get a noisy sound delivery, it can also help to get better pit bike engine efficiency as well.

The problem with most factory pit bikes' exhausts is that they are programmed to meet certain sound output so that they get approval in most states. But eccentric riders are always there who want to make everyone aware that they are present in the neighborhood.

Either it is for upgrading the engine efficiency or for getting louder sound output, the exhaust system of your pit bike is another essential upgrade one can think about making to make his pit bike stand out.

Exhaust upgrades cost

$50 - $200

Exhaust cost

$40 - $300

Fuel delivery

The amount of fuel mixture sent to the engine compartment greatly defines the performance of any motorbike.

Whether you are using a recent fuel injected or old carburetor-based pit bike, changing the fuel property can dramatically enhance the performance of your bike.

  1. If fuel injectors control the fuel property of your pit bike, installing some larger fuel injectors should allow you to deliver more fuel to the engine compartment. As a result, getting better engine performance will be much easier than ever before.
  2. If the carburetor controls the fuel property, replacing the carburetor of your pit bike with a new one should assure you of getting a high-end power supply from your pit bike. Besides, adjusting the idle speed, jetting, or such properties of the carburetor should also bring forth essential improvement to your pit bike.

Fuel upgrades cost

$30 - $150

New cost

$30 - $200


The tires are not the type of thing one needs to upgrade every now and then.  But swapping the tires of your pit bike with an essential item always brings a wholesome experience. Think about spending your budget on good-quality off-road tires. Doing so should make you a bit more confident on and off the trail.

Upgrading the tires can be expensive at any moment. But tires of your pit bike are worth swapping to maximize comfort, stability, and performance.

Tire upgrades cost

$50 - $300

New cost

$40 - $400

Engine upgrade

Although upgrading the engine of a pit bike is not that popular, but some riders surely love to upgrade the engine after a long time of usage. Upgrading the engine means upgrading almost the whole pit bike.

Purchasing a four-stroke 125cc engine for swapping will cost you around $250 dollars to $450 dollars.

A highly advanced engine with a size of up to 250cc will cost you around $350 dollars to $650 dollars.

Your skill

Skill surely does not fall on the list of any tangible upgrades, but this is where we should give more importance. A better rider who has enough knowledge on his skillset knows better where or which part of his pit bike is worth upgrading. Customization becomes much easier when you know why you are going for it.

Customizing a pit bike not only brings good experiences but also can lead you to get reduced performance than the factory item. Therefore, learning thyself is more important than taking a whimsical decision by seeing others.

Cheap pit bike mods for enhanced performance

The top five cheap upgrades to enhance the performance of your pit bike are:

  1. Air filter.
  2. Levers.
  3. Gearing.
  4. Handlebar.
  5. Adjusting different properties.

Air filter

One of the cheapest upgrades one can make on his pit bike is replacing the air filter with a new one. Replacing the air filter with a new one gives better and purified air delivery so that the engine can run more efficiently.

This is a kind of upgrade that everyone seems to underestimate. But spending around $6 to $10 always brings the most comprehensive experience in most situations.

One should always replace the air filter of his motorbike after every 10,000 miles of riding.


Another essential component that is worth replacing is the levers. The stock levers that come with the factory pit bike seem to be producing less support after a long time of usage.  That is when a convenient CNC machined precise lever can bring forth the essential comfort and stability you deserve.

All these cheaper upgrades may not seem to bring high-end changes. But trust me, in the bigger picture, these are some things that help make you comfortable with your riding.


When you are not happy with the acceleration, and top speed of your pit bike, re-gearing or changing some of the properties should bring the most optimum experience.

Unlike a professional racer, you do not have to re-gear the property of your motorbike. But changing the gearing when it becomes necessary can surely bring forth ideal experiences.

Changing the size of the front and rear sprocket should help you with getting better acceleration and speed delivery.  But always ensure that you are considering the riding discipline and expertise level before you go for the upgrade. It may seem an inexpensive upgrade, but when you consider the larger picture, it can turn out to be an expensive upgrade as well.

Pit bike handlebar

Everyone rides differently. One of the ideal ways to be more confident with your riding is having a good quality handlebar. Many people do not even bother giving a thought to upgrading the handlebar of a pit bike.

But do give it a consideration to have some better experience in the longer run.

Adjusting different properties

Modifying your pit bike should not necessarily mean will cost your bucks. Simply adjusting the different properties of your pit bike can also be an essential way to improve performance. Trust me; adjusting all these properties will enhance the performance without spending even a single penny. Here are the top five adjustments you can think of making that are almost free of cost-

  1. Lever and bar placement.
  2. Fork height adjustment.
  3. Adjusting the sag of the rear shock.
  4. Adjusting the tire pressure and compound.
  5. Jetting adjustment.

Should you upgrade your pit bike?

Why not? Yes, you should always go for an upgrade if you have the budget and support.

Renovating the pit bike by swapping some of the essential stock components not only makes your pit bike looks good but also can help to maximize the performance in different fields. Therefore, upgrading your pit bike is always logical.

Final summary

  1. Renovating a pit bike can be both cheap and expensive.
  2. We have tried to include most of the important upgrades one can think about making in two different categories.
  3. Adjusting some of the properties can improve performance almost free of cost.
  4. Whether it is good or bad, upgrading the pit bike will surely change the riding experience.
  5. Speculate your skillset before you go for an upgrade. A good evaluation is what can give you a soothing experience in the longer run.

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