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The tire and wheel of a bike are interlinked with each other. The sizes of the pit bike are comparatively lower than a normal motorcycle. The perfect rim size of a small bike is 12 inches for the rear and 14 inches for the front. The dimension of the tire completely depends on the rim.

However, the aspect ratio is one of the vital features of a tire. It defines the overall performance and other additional things. Making materials and quality influences the lifetime of this. Moreover, individuals can attach large size wheels and tires to their pit bikes.

But this will not bring benefits while jumping. Thus, it might be okay for normal tracking. With this article, people will know detailed information about the different sizes of these two things. So without a further, I do, let's jump into the discussion.

Pit bike tire

10 inches pit bike tires

pit bike tire select

The size of the heading is for the wheel. People will find many variations of a tire under this category. Manufactures offer this item with indifferent section width as well as the height. Basically, that allows the biker to have the chance of selecting the perfect one from many alternatives.

Moreover, one can use 10 inches rim as the front and rear. Most of the items in this category come with 2.5 to 2.75 inches wide. This specification is actually useful for 50cc pit bike to 70cc engine small bikes. Some companies are looking forward to introducing high aspect ratio tires so that people can get optimal performance.

The speed range of this is around 75 mph to 80 mph. But this will be changed due to having different variations in the product. Subsequently, people must take into consideration of the section height while buying a tire. Otherwise, they will face difficulty attaching it to the rim. Additionally, the diameter of the wheel also plays a great role here.

12 inches pit bike tires

pit bike tire image

One can consider it as one the perfect size for the back wheel. This actually aids to get the optimal performance while participating in a competition on the extreme hill tracks. The regular size of the aspect ratio of this size is about 100 millimeters and 80 millimeters as the width size. One might get high section and width if he or she is looking forward to meeting specific criteria.

More size of a rim is actually capable of carrying more weight. A 10 inches tire for a pit bike has less strength than 12 inches in terms of load index. This category of the tire is capable of taking about 380 pounds of load. Moreover, it also provides adequate opportunities to deal with the off road.  

However, the speed ratio of this is comparatively lower than 10 inches tire because of its decent carrying capacity. The highest speed is about 70 mph. Therefore, 80/100-12 is considered the universal size. An individual can use this for many models and various cc minibikes. That also helps in jumping at a great height as well. Additionally, a good quality product in this category can provide great life to the users.

14 inches pit bike tires

Very few individuals are preferred to use this size on their small bikes. But this is capable enough to provide a great output if people fit it into the front wheel. That actually helps to provide decent speed to the bikers which are about 80 mph. However, this is not a major indicator for pit bikes.

The section width range of this tire is around 3.1 to 3.2 inches. Most of the producers offer this product with a 100 millimeters aspect ratio. We actually are talking about the regular size. People may find extra size in the width and height section. The weight capacity of this is also satisfactory. Most important thing is that people must apply this size at the front wheel for getting the highest performance.

Furthermore, people must choose high quality rubber as the construction material. Otherwise, this will not capable of providing a great lifetime end of the day. In addition to that, the attaching process must be comprehensive for the users. 14 inches is the highest number that can be used as the wheel for a pit bike. Individuals will not feel comfortable if they attach a regular size rim to their minibike.

What things to consider before determining the size of the tire and wheel?

Overall performance, speed and many additional things need to be counted as we are discussing the size which is applicable for pit bikes. We have already talked about the three different sizes of tire and rim which are widely used. Basically, the demand of individuals varies on account of many reasons.

If people are looking forward to using a tire for a long time, they must choose the maximum size in width and aspect ratio. Additionally, it also allows biking safety. On the other hand, small size tires such as; 10 and 12 inches are capable enough to provide the highest output in jumping and other extreme off road conditions. In other words, the sizes of the minibike tire, as well as the rim, are determined by users intention. Subsequently, one must think about the load capacity as well.

How to understand the speed and weight of pit bike tire?

This will be very easy if the manufacturer provides direct information about it. But very few times do they mention this at the level of product. Almost all the tire manufacturing companies in the world are using code and Alphabetic signs to illustrate weight capacity and speed rating respectively.

For making this thing clearer to the audience, we briefly mention this in the next tables.

Motorbike tire load index




254 pounds


260 pounds


267 pounds


276 pounds


282 pounds


291 pounds

Bikes tire speed rating

Code word



62 mph


68 mph


75 mph


81 mph

We mention the data for 10 to 14 inches tire because of widely used in the pit bike. Moreover, people will find the complete set of data for regular and large size tires from different websites. By knowing the meaning of these things at the level of product, people will understand so easily.

Price of a pit bike tire

The cost of buying a pit bike tire is range from $50 to $200. This price range may be changed due to the condition of the market. In general, the price of a small size tire is comparatively lower than a larger size.

In the current market, there are many brands are available that offer a variety of kinds of products for the customers. However, one must think about some basic features while buying a tire like; raw material, aspect ratio and width. One can buy the tire from “PIVOTRAX” for their pit bike. Their price range is also lower than other companies but capable of giving a decent performance.

Moreover, one may change the brand according to the size. Thus, all the manufacturers are not equally adept at making all size tires. That is why an individual must search for buying the best items from the market. Hopefully, that will helps to make the best deal from their side.

Final verdict

It is evident that the level of a pit biker is determined by the size of a tire. As we already know, a regular size tire like 16 to 17 inches is not capable of giving expected results to the riders. Additionally, these are not fit into the rim of the pit bike.

The importance of attaching a perfect size tire brings benefits in many aspects. Moreover, individuals need to be cautious about their uses before selecting the size. Nevertheless, it is obvious to get confused with various products in the market. In this circumstance, they must take into consideration about the overall specifications of the tire.

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