Best pit bike muffler in the market

The exhaust muffler of your pit bike not only reduces the noise output but also can help to enhance the overall performance of your bike to a great degree.

The problem with most stock mufflers is that they tend to lose their efficiency within a short time. That is when swapping the old and stock exhaust muffler with a new one becomes essential.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your pit bike to a better edition, we are here to help you by recommending some of the best exhaust mufflers available on the market.

These mufflers have been leading and satisfying the customers for a long time. That is when we thought about reviewing them so that you can get the authentic information.

Best pit bike muffler

Best pit bike muffler reviews

1. TC-Motor Aluminum Green 28mm Exhaust Muffler

TC-Motor Aluminum Green 28mm Exhaust Muffler









50cc to 125cc

Compatible  bike

CRF50, XR50, KLX110, SSR, Thumpstar,and Chinese Pit Bikes


Precision  fit design

Features worth discussing

This TC-Motor exhaust muffler not only comes here to make a good impression but also to give you the best experience possible. The muffler will comply with most motorbikes within the engine size of up to 125cc. Therefore, you should be able to install this one both on your low-powered pit bike and moderate dirt bike.

The feature we love most regarding this exhaust system is its optimized sound quality. The sound is neither too exaggerated nor too mild. That means all disciplines of riders should feel comfortable with this exhaust muffler.

The precisely designed 28mm exhaust muffler should fit just fine on most Chinese dirt bikes. Nonetheless, the setup and installation of this item are super relevant to bring forth the most optimized experience possible. You should not feel any trouble at all while swapping the system.

The system does the same thing as it came for. If you are looking for an exhaust system that will justify your spending and bring value, this must be the best option available for you.


  1. The finishing looks gorgeous.
  2. The functionality of the item is quite intact to give you the best experience.
  3. The paint finishing of the exhaust looks decently good to enhance the impression.


Some of the users have said that the finishing does not seem to last a long time. Well, that might be the truth even for an expensive muffler as well. In any way, the finish should last for more than 10 months.

2. JFG Racing Universal 1.5-2" Inlet Slip-On Exhaust Muffler

JFG Racing Universal 1.5-2 Inlet Slip On Exhaust Muffler



JFG Racing


Stainless steel


Any dirt bike and pit bike with a pipe diameter of 38-51mm



Power upgrade



Removable DB killer



Features worth discussing

The next exhaust muffler on this list comes from JFG Racing with a universal fit design. That means you should be able to install this one in a large number of automotive vehicles, including dirt bikes, pit bikes, ATVs, scooters, and many more.

One of the ideal features worth mentioning here is the inclusion of the removable DB killer. This will allow you to set the muffler in different sound varieties. As a result, customization will be much easier. It does not matter whether you choose the exhaust muffler for your kid or for you; the sound output should give you a complementary feeling in most situations.

The vinyl carbon fiber finishing is another ideal reason why anybody would love this muffler to a great degree. The rich finishing should last a long time so that you do not need to think about an upgrade within a short time.

Last but not least, swapping your pit bike’s stock exhaust with this one will definitely bring forth huge power differences after the installation. You will definitely love the experience with this system.


  1. The plug-and-play installation should not bother you at all.
  2. There is simply no reason why you would not love the overall sound output.
  3. The installation process is super easier. It would not take more than 10 minutes to do the installation.


Being a Chinese product, people may underestimate its overall functionality. But truth to be spoken, despite being a Chinese product, this one is just better than its origin.

3. WPHMOTO 28mm Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler & Pipe

WPHMOTO 28mm Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler & Pipe





Stainless steel



Engine compatibility

50cc to up to 140cc

Bik compatibility

TTR, CRF50, SSR, Thumpstar, and most other Chinese pit bikes.


The exhaust muffler and exhaust pipe

Features worth discussing

This high-performing exhaust muffler from WPHMOTO is here to enhance the exhaust performance of your pit bike to another degree. Like the first one, this one also comes with a diameter size of 28mm, making it highly compatible with most Chinese dirt bikes. You should be able to install this one on any pit bike with an engine size of 50cc to up to 140cc.

One of the primary reasons why you should be installing this one on your pit bike is that this one will ensure a better throttle response. As a result, you will feel more power and get more speed after the installation.

The muffler kit also includes the exhaust pipe, giving you the best swapping experience. This one may look a little cheesy, but you will definitely love the sound that comes out of it.

Again, the kit comes with every essential part and screw, so you do not have to move here and there to complete the installation.


  1. This exhaust muffler really has a nice tune.
  2. The muffler is the same product as the manufacturer describes
  3. The essential finishing will not allow rust and corrosion to take away the initial shine.


This is pretty much important that you choose the item by measuring your bike first. Some of the users have mentioned that this one does not fit their bike without any mod. We have to say that they were not cautious about the measurement of the bike. Otherwise, they would not have to face such issues with the fitment.

4. Vicue 28mm Exhaust Pipe Muffler Clamp Fit

Vicue  28mm Exhaust Pipe Muffler Clamp Fit





Aluminum + steel

Exhaust pipe diameter

28 mm


25.5 cm


50cc to 150cc (four-stroke)

Bike compatibility

Chinese imported dirt and pit bikes, Honda XR50, CRF50, and many more


Muffler exhaust pipe



Features worth discussing

When it comes to getting a durable product, this exhaust muffler from Vicue is what you need. This one uses Aluminum and steel as its construction material, giving you the high-end authenticity to use it for a long time.

Like most other exhaust mufflers suggested above, this one will also comply with most Chinese pit and dirt bikes within the range of 50cc to up to 150cc. Remember that this exhaust muffler is only compatible with a four-stroke engine. That means installing it to a two-stroke pit bike should not make the proper justification at all.

With an exhaust pipe diameter of 28mm, this one should come in handy to ensure an easier swapping experience. Again, the item also includes an aluminum hanger, giving you the authenticity to install the system with ease.

If you are thinking about swapping the stock exhaust only because of the noise, we can assure you that you will definitely love the experience with this essential piece of item.

Finally, the black finishing of the item looks just stunning to please any rider at any moment. Be versatile and always remain in the flow with this essential system installed on your pit bike.


  1. You will get all the rivets in place to enjoy easy swapping.
  2. This exhaust muffler does exactly the same things it is designed to do.
  3. The sound is louder enough to make you stand out in the crowd.


The spark arrestor may fall out after certain days of usage. Otherwise, this system surely does when it is bound to do.

5. Badass Sharks 22mm Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler Pipe System

Badass Sharks 22mm Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler



Badass Sharks



Inlet connection diameter


Available colors

Black, red, silver,  blue, yellow


The exhaust pipe, muffler, adapter, gasket


Most street and off-road dirt and pit bikes

Features worth discussing

When the stock exhaust system becomes louder enough to handle, this decent exhaust muffler from Badass Sharks is here to put it to a silent mode. Why is this system so efficient when it comes to deadening the sound output?

Well, the straight passage with the perforated metal and sound-reducing material allows it to work just fine to bring forth the best experience when it comes to dampening the sound output.

Another thing that might intrigue you regarding this item is its precious construction. With the availability of multiple color patterns, this one should make your automotive look more pleasant and attractive.

This exhaust system is a complete kit that is here to resolve all of your problems in one place. Along with the exhaust muffler, this one also includes an adapter and gasket so that you face no trouble while doing the installation.


  1. The sound dampening efficiency of this item is always high.
  2. This is really cheap in terms of the price range.
  3. This one is compatible with most motorized bikes and similar applications.


The flange and gasket of this item have six holes, but the manufacturer delivers only three bolts. In that case, you may need to purchase additional three bolts to enjoy a convenient installation. Other than that, this one is completely fine in terms of efficiency and sound reduction.

6. Fast Pro Universal 1.5" Inlet Exhaust Muffler

Fast pro Universal 1.5 Inlet Exhaust Muffler



Fast Pro


Aluminum plastic

Connection diameter


Muffler length



Removable DB killer/silencer



Preferred applications

Dirt bike, pit bike, quad, ATV, and many more

Features  worth discussing

This Fast Pro exhaust muffler is here to give you the best experience with the exhaust sound. The exhaust delivers neither too loud nor too quiet to make you comfortable with the system.

Along with the optimized performance, the system also includes an adjustable DB killer or silencer. As a result, you will have the full potential to adjust the overall sound effect according to your preference.

The simple slip-on design also makes it an ideal choice for most automotive applications.  From your low-powered pit bike to a powerful quad, this system has the potential capacity to comply with all.

Anyway, the connection diameter of this item is around 38mm.  Therefore, always measure your bike before you go for the purchase. Doing so will help you to avoid any sort of complications in the longer run.


  1. The durable aluminum and plastic-based construction will keep the item safe from rust and corrosion.
  2. The lighter weight output will not put an extra burden on your pit bike.
  3. The exhaust muffler surely sounds amazing.


If you can choose it for the specific model, you should be able to do the installation without facing any complications at all. Otherwise, you may need to make some modifications to complete the job.

7. HIAORS 38mm Exhaust Muffler with Clamp

HIAORS 38mm Exhaust Muffler With Clamp





Stainless steel

Engine compatibility

125cc to 160cc

Bike compatibility

Atomik, Thumpstar, BSE, Apollo, Kayo, Stamp, and most other Chinese pit bikes.

Connection diameter



Muffler and clamp

Features worth discussing

We are going to end this recommendation section with an exciting product from HIAORS. If you are connected to the automotive section in any way, you probably know about the quality of HIAORS. 

With the durable stainless steel construction and an optimized 38mm connector, this one is here to ensure a convenient swapping experience. This one is compatible with larger engines. You will be able to swap this exhaust muffler on any pit bike with the engine variety of 125cc to 160cc.

The kit also includes the clamp with it. As a result, completing the whole process should not take more than 15 minutes at max.

The sound output of this system is also enough balanced to bring a smile to the rider's face. 

Finally, you will get to pick this one in three different color options. That means you will always have the options to choose according to your bike’s paint.


  1. The sustainability of the material is always high.
  2. The precise construction will not keep any options for complaining.
  3. The throttle and power section of your vehicle will be more performing once you swap the stock exhaust with this one. 


We could not find even a single insightful drawback to mention here. Give priority to ensure the high-end fitment. Everything else should be just fine to give you an exciting experience.

How to choose an exhaust muffler for your pit bike?

pit bike muffler

The top five factors that will help you to choose a perfect muffler for your pit bike are:

  1. Two-stroke or four-stroke          
  2. Your riding type
  3. Material
  4. Noise control/silencer
  5. Fitment and installation

Two-stroke or four-stroke

A two-stroke and a four-stroke exhaust muffler are never the same. When it comes to picking up an exhaust muffler for your pit bike, you may notice the presence of both two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

What are the differences between a two-stroke exhaust and a four-stroke exhaust? Well, the construction is where you will notice the biggest difference.

A four-stroke exhaust system tends to be pretty much straightforward with a linear powerband. On the other hand, a two-stroke exhaust system does the opposite.

Therefore, always ensure that you are choosing the system for your specific vehicle and engine type. Otherwise, you may end up returning the item.

Your riding type

When we are talking about riding type, there are three possible options to keep in mind. Trail riding, motocross riding, or casual riding are the three most popular reasons why people ride a dirt bike or pit bike. 

For the first reason, you will need to choose one that will be able to deliver better rpm and speed to make your bike more performing. 

For motocross riding, the importance mostly relies on control and noise level.

There needs to have the presence of both when it comes to enjoying a casual ride.

Therefore, give a good deal of concentration to your riding discipline to choose the perfect exhaust system for your vehicle.


While choosing an exhaust system, three different types of materials come into play. Stainless steel, aluminum, and hybrid are the three popular options you would notice while choosing an exhaust system.

Which one should you pick? Well, stainless steel-made exhausts seem to bring the most convenient experience, whereas the rest of the two can suffice depending on your maintenance. 

But choosing a hybrid exhaust that has a blend of multiple materials can also come in handy to ensure longevity and durability for a long time.

It is now up to you to choose according to your preference.

Noise control/silencer

A great reason people most often think about installing an after-market exhaust system is to dampen the higher and rigid sound output.

That is when checking the Noise control capacity of the system plays an important. Most silencers that are available on the market will advertise that they are better capable of delivering reduced sound output. But trusting the advertisement is more like pouring water on fire.

Check the reviews of the real users so that you do not have to regret your decision in the longer run.

Fitment and installation

The final aspect that is worth considering when it comes to choosing an exhaust system is its fitment and installation process. Installing an exhaust system is not as difficult as you think of it. At max, it should not take more than 20 minutes to do the installation.

Always keep in mind that if you do not choose the material according to the right measurement of the connection tube diameter, achieving that high-end fitment will never be achievable.


How much does a pit bike exhaust muffler cost?

A pit bike exhaust muffler will cost anywhere between $25 dollars to as much as $70 dollars.

On the other hand, a complete exhaust system will cost anywhere between $55 dollars to $120 dollars.

In some cases, the price may vary a little depending on the quality and material. Here is a little chart that will show you the spending you may need to face for an exhaust system-

Exhaust muffler

$25-$70 dollars

Exhaust pipe

$15-$30 dollars


$25-$35 dollars

Installation cost

$10-$15 dollars

In total

$75-$150 dollars

Doing the installation on your own surely will help to save some of your bucks.

What does the exhaust system do on a pit bike?

The primary function of an exhaust system is to release the exhausted gas of the engine compartment to keep the system running.

Is it worth spending on an after-market exhaust muffler?

Installing an aftermarket exhaust system will greatly help to get better sound output than the stock muffler. Therefore, it is always worth spending on an after-market exhaust muffler.

What does the exhaust muffler do on a pit bike?

The exhaust muffler of a pit bike controls the amount of noise that will come out from the exhaust pipe. Therefore, installing an exhaust muffler is a good way to get better noise output.

How can I make my pit bike’s exhaust quieter? 

Installing a silencer is one of the ideal ways to make the exhaust of your pit bike quieter. Besides, cleaning the stock exhaust system can also be an excellent way to make your exhaust system quieter.

Final summary

When your preference is to get a louder noise out of the exhaust system, swapping the stock muffler with an after-market system will surely be a handy decision. Install silencer on the exhaust muffler instead to dampen if you are fed up with the louder noise.

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