Pit bike handlebars size and diameter

The handlebar size of a dirt bike, pit bike, and ATV are almost identical. From the inception of dirt bikes and pit bikes until now, the size of a pit bike's handlebar has been always the same.

While looking for one, you can go either with the conventional 7/8 inches of handlebars, or you may go with the oversized 1 1/8 inches of dirt bikes. Which one would be the most ideal decision?

Well, that is what we are here to find out-.

Picking up the right-sized handlebar is not a kind of complicated job. If you are willing to take a little time for research, you should be able to get the perfect pair without any sort of hassle at all.

Anyway, scanning through this whole article might also solve all of your issues regarding a pit bike engine. Would you love to continue? Let’s move forward together then-

Pit bike handlebars size

What are the sizes and diameters of pit bike handlebars?

There are two different handlebar sizes available for all categories of dirt and pit bikes. We will call the first one conventional, whereas the second one is the oversized bar. Here are their sizes-

Handlebars name


Conventional pit bike handlebar

7/8 inches.

Oversized pit bike handlebar

1 1/8 inches.

Pit bike handlebar width

The width of a pit bike handlebar is as important as the diameter. Therefore, giving a good concentration on the width of the handlebar should also get better importance.

Here is a little chart that shows the width of most pit bike handlebars, depending on the engine size-



125cc and above pit bikes

800mm width.

50cc to 150cc pit bikes

775mm width.

Conventional pit bike handlebars and their meaning

This has been the stereotype for most stock pit bikes. A conventional handlebar, since the beginning of its time, has the same 7/8 inches of diameter.

Now the 7/8 inches bars will have the same 7/8 inches of diameter all across the whole bar from top to bottom.

It is customarily to maintain the same diameter in the tail end of an oversized handlebar as well.

Oversized pit bike handlebars and their meaning

The oversized or fat bars are some later inclusion in this discipline. These handlebars will have a diameter of 1 1/8 inches in the center. But the size will start to taper down from the center to the tail end area.

That means the center will start with 1 1/8 inches of diameter and end up with 7/8 inches of diameter.

Should you upgrade from a conventional pit bike handlebar to an oversized version?

Unless you are a beginner or amateur pit bike rider, you should always upgrade your conventional pit bike handlebar to an oversized version. Why so? Well, here are some of the main reasons why one should upgrade a typical conventional pit bike bar to an oversized version-

The 1 1/8 inches or oversized handlebars are stronger than the conventional edition. It is because the oversized version has a wider center, which makes it more resilient to fatigue. 

An oversized handlebar can bring forth better comfort to the rider’s hand. If you have been feeling a little uneasy with the stock bar, maybe it is the right time to go for another upgrade. 

Choosing the right handlebar for your pit bike and dirt bike

The handlebar of a pit bike is never a popular upgrade. Unless it is necessary, people hardly think about replacing the handlebar with a better edition.  But one should always keep in mind that upgrading the bar of a pit bike can also make a contribution in enhancing the performance to a great degree. 

Anyway, if you have been looking for a quality handlebar to install on your pit bike, you may check these pit bike handlebars to grab the most relevant gears for your Powersport.

Here are some of the essential factors that will help you to grab a perfect handlebar for your pit bike-

Steel or aluminum

Any sort of bars will either come with a steel-made or aluminum-made construction. Therefore, the first decision you will have to make is the construction material of the bar. While you will get performance, durability, and support from an aluminum-made handlebar, a steel-made bar will ensure budget efficiency.

It’s your decision to decide whether you want to save your bucks or to get performance.

Go for the right size.

We have already discussed the sizing of a pit bike bar. If you have a stock 7/8 inches of the handlebar on your pit bike and you want to install an oversized 1 1/8 inches handlebar,  remember that you have to purchase the exact clamp for the oversized bar as well.

If you want comfort, give concentration on the bend

The thing that will make the decision-making process a little bit dicing is the bend. Every handlebar tends to have different bend measurements. But the curve is what determines the performance to a great degree. The three crucial things that will help you to pick up the right bend for your bar are the width measurement, height, and the pullback distance.

Choose according to the rider's preference.

When it comes to picking up the right handlebar for a pit bike, giving priority to the rider's preference is more than important. By rider preference, we are mentioning the rider's height, weight, driving terrain, competency, and such kinds of factors.

When you give priority to your comfort zone to a wider sense, you end up with an item that gives you the most comfortable experience possible.

With or without crossbar?

When it comes to upgrading a pit bike's handlebar, the last thing you need to decide is whether you want a crossbar with the bar or not.

When you go with the conventional 7/8 inches bar, you will notice a crossbar with almost every one of them. But an oversized bar may or may not include a crossbar.

When your preference is getting a stiffer ride on a rigid terrain, a handlebar with a crossbar seems more relevant.

On the other hand, you may go with a no crossbar option when you do not love to enjoy the ride with more flex. Besides, a no-crossbar handlebar always comes in handy when it comes to absorbing the additional vibration from the ground.

Final summary

  1. The handlebar of any pit bike plays an important role in retaining stability in different terrain conditions.
  2. There are two different types of handlebars available for most pit bikes and dirt bikes.
  3. Either you will get a bar with 7/8 inches of diameter (conventional) or you will get 1 1/8  inches of a bar (oversized).
  4.  Whether conventional or oversized, giving priority to your preference is always mandatory.

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