Is Pit Bike Good Or Bad? Pit Bikes or dirt bike which is batter?

A pit bike is a shorter form of dirt bike that targets the pit trail. A pit bike will usually come with a lower engine and body size than a dirt bike. Also a pit bike good for early age and beginners riders.

While a dirt bike requires some exquisite piece of excellence to maneuver, it is always possible to ride a pit bike with some little experience.

Now that pit bikes are becoming more prevalent around the world, people are asking whether a pit bike is worth choosing or not. Well, we are here to find out.  This article will provide everything you need to know regarding a pit bike so that you can make a better decision while choosing a pit bike.

So without wasting any more words here, let's get started with the process-

Is Pit Bike Good

What is a pit bike?

A pit bike is a form of low-powered dirt bike that can reach up to 200cc engine capacity. Besides, a pit bike will come with a smaller frame and body so that everyone can ride a pit bike with ease.

People most often think that a pit bike and a dirt bike are the same. In some cases, you can say that it's the truth. But in reality, there are huge differences between a pit bike and a dirt bike.

A dirt bike can reach up to 650cc, whereas a pit bike engine cannot exceed the 200cc barrier. As a result, a dirt bike is much faster than a pit bike.

Besides, a dirt bike comes with a heavy-duty and larger frame. On the other hand, a pit bike will come with a smaller frame. You can say that a pit bike is the miniature form of a dirt bike. 

Finally, you will be able to purchase a pit bike at an affordable price range. Purchasing a dirt bike will cost a handy budget compared to a pit bike.

Are pit bikes worth it?

pit bikes worth

Now comes the ultimate question. Should I purchase a pit bike? Pit bikes are definitely worth purchasing. If you love excitement, a pit bike is always there to deliver the excitement.

A pit bike indeed comes for the pit trail, but you can also ride a pit bike on some other trails to get some versatile experience. Besides, they are universal for everyone. No matter whether you are an adult or a kid, a pit bike is always there to deliver the optimum service.

Besides, pit bike racing is popular across the whole world. It's not that you have to be a professional rider to take part in a race; you can always take part in a casual ride with your friends and group to grab the taste of adventure.

Is a pit bike safe?

Pit bikes are much safer than a dirt bikes. The low-powered engine construction with a smaller body frame makes them easier to maneuver. As a result, both kids and adults find it comfortable riding a pike.

Even if you are an adult with nominal knowledge of bike riding, learning the basics of a pit bike would not give you any trouble at all.  Giving around two to three hours would enable you to learn the basics of riding a pit bike. 

Unless you are taking part in competitive racing events or riding on a dangerous trail, a pit bike will not give you that much trouble.


Riding a pit bike is indeed safe, but there are no alternatives to maintaining precautionary to make the ride even safer. Ensure that you are wearing safety tools like a helmet, gloves, goggles, boots, etc., to enjoy a safer ride.

Pit bike for adults

Pit bikes may come with a smaller frame and lower engine capability, but they always generate fun for the adults. As an adult, one would always find the treasure of excitement with a pit bike.

If you are taking part in a pit bike racing event, we don’t have anything to say regarding the process of extracting the fun out of a pit bike. But if you are thinking about starting your journey with a pit bike, there are tons of things to explore. You can think about going inside a remote forest with your pit bike to grab some taste of excitement. Besides, riding the bike on a bumpy trail should take the level of your excitement to another level.

If you have a little experience with a pit bike, a 125cc pit bike should be the perfect starter as an adult.

Pit bike for kids

According to many people, pit bikes are kids' bikes. Well, the statement is certainly true. A pit bike offers numerous features for a kid to learn the basics of moto-driving.

If your kids are pretty much fond of moto racing, a pit bike should be the perfect starter to teach him the basics of motorcycle driving.

Kids’ pit bikes are available from 50cc to 110cc. The lower engine capacity with smaller body construction makes them quite easier to control the bike. As a result, your kid will always remain safe while riding the bike.

Besides, Kid's pit bikes are available for both electric and fuel-powered capability. If your kid has gained some experience in riding a 50cc bike, you can think about introducing him with a furl-powered pit bike to introduce him with some decent experience.

What is better? Pit bike or dirt bike?

Both pit bikes and dirt bikes are an ideal choice in different circumstances. If you prefer riding on a severe and rough trail, a dirt bike will deliver better service. On the other hand, if you prefer riding on a plain or pit trail, you should go with a pit bike.

A dirt bike comes with better suspension and rigidity. As a result,  a dirt bike tends to withstand more force than a pit bike.

On top of that, the budget is also an important issue while picking up the right bike for you. a dirt bike is expensive, whereas a pit bike is cheaper than compared to a dirt bike.

The final thing you should consider while picking up the right bike is the dexterity level you have. A pit bike requires less experience to ride, whereas you need to have proficient knowledge to maneuver a dirt bike.

Should I buy a Chinese pit bike?

Chinese pit bikes like SSR or Apollo, and Tao Tao are the most popular option while picking up a Chinese pit bike. But should you buy a Chinese pit bike like SSR Pit Bike? Or should you go with a brand like Suzuki, Honda, and so on?

The answer is that you should always go with a Chinese pit bike if you don’t have the budget to go with a branded pit bike.

First of all, a Chinese pit bike comes at an affordable price range. As a result, you can afford the bike without facing much trouble.

Besides, upgrading a Chinese pit bike can deliver services like a branded pit bike.  Spend a further 300$ to 400$ bucks on your Chinese pit bike to get the same service as you would get with a branded bike.

If you can afford to buy a branded pit bike, there are no restrictions in going with your preferred item. But if it is tough for you to manage the pit bike cost, consider going with a Chinese pit bike.

Final words

There is no age limitation to ride a pit bike. Both adults and kids can ride a pit bike without losing their temper. The essential mechanism of a pit bike makes it easier for all ages of people to control the bike with little experience. If you are thinking about making a start with pit or dirt racing, a pit bike is always the ideal starter.

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