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Pit bike front forks: 7 exclusive front fork suspensions

It does not matter whether you are using an upside-down fork or a telescopic fork, if the dampening property of the suspension system is not intact or functional; getting inconsistent dampening becomes a common affair. That is when most people think about swapping the old front fork suspension system of their pit bike or dirt bike with a new one.

If you are someone who has been looking for a quality front fork suspension system to install on your pit bike, we are here with the top five after-market front fork suspension systems to satisfy your thirst.

How does a front fork suspension system work?

The primary function of any suspension system is to allow the wheels of the bike to move upside down to make adjustments according to the imperfections of the road.

The compression damping and rebound damping property inside of the suspension system help to control the motion of the adjustment so that the rider can get the comfort zone without giving too much concentration on the road.

If that motion goes uncontrolled, the bike or any kind of automotive tends to give an inconsistent performance to make you uncomfortable. That is when swapping the old stock suspension system comes into consideration.

If you are in this particular situation right now, the following section should be the appropriate place to find your required front fork suspension system-

7 Best pit bike forks

Although the primary function of any suspension system is to maintain smoothness, not all suspension system shares the same construction properties. In general, there are two different types of suspension systems that you will notice while searching for one. Both inverted and upside-down suspension systems can bring forth essential support in different situations. That is why we have added both types of front fork suspensions to this list. Here we start our first recommendation-

1. Piranha Pit Bike Inverted Forks. Crf50 Xr50 CrfXr 50 SsrSdgCoolster Z 107 125 110





Inverted  forks.



Mounting hole





Crf50 Xr50 CrfXr 50 SsrSdgCoolster.


Honda CRF50 style.





Piranha Pit Bike Inverted Forks

User experience (9/10)

In terms of functionality, performance, and versatility, this inverted front fork suspension system has the capacity to deliver better performance than the stock suspension system. We have asked a large number of users to share their experiences with us. Notably, almost 75% of the users have agreed to the fact that this one delivers better performance than the stock item.

Therefore, we believe 9 out of 10 should be a good score to justify its overall worth.

Features worth discussing

This Piranha 600mm non-adjustable suspension system should be an ideal replacement for most Honda CRF50 cloned bikes. Notably, this front fork suspension system has come out to be one of the most popular items for SSR pit bikes. Besides, you will be able to install this one on most of your Chinese pit bikes by making a little modification to the front wheel.

However, a high-end compatibility rate is not the only reason why you should go with this item. This one is quite efficient in terms of performance as well. The hydraulic braking property is here to enhance the smoothness to a greater degree.

If you take it for granted that this one is an entry-level suspension system, we would love to mention that most of the SSR 125cc dirt bike users have also found it quite effective on their pit bikes.

One thing we can tell you for sure is that this will deliver better performance than the factory forks.


  1. 600mm suspension length should enhance smoothness.
  2. The clamps work just fine.
  3. The dampening and rebound capacity are well balanced.


Some users call it an entry-level suspension system. We believe the hydraulic fork will work well with up to 125cc dirt and pit bikes.

2. 33mm Front Forks Suspension for Dirt Pit Bike 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc






Travel distance



50cc to 125cc.

Front axle




User experience (9/10)

The users of this suspension system are not too many. But when it comes to performance, this one just delivers the best experience to satisfy the users.

In terms of users’ experience, we will give it a nine as well.

Features worth discussing

While the previous one comes with a length of 600mm, this front fork suspension system from Fuerduo comes with a 630mm length. That means if the previous one seems a little shorter to you, this suspension system should make you comfortable with the performance.

How does this one deliver better performance than your stock item?  Well, when you consider the construction of the fork, you will notice that the leg, tube, and spring of the fork are far better than the factory item. As a result, swapping the old one with this one should always give you the boost you expect from a good quality suspension system.

What else? Well, the suspension system is compatible with most dirt bikes with an engine size of 50cc to 125cc. That means any pit bike will always be more functional when you will install this fork on the bike.


  1. The installation process is pretty straightforward.
  2. It is always a good product for the price.
  3. Stability will be far higher than the factory item.


There is nothing wrong with the functional property of the fork. The thing you need to ensure is a perfect installation. If you can make a convenient installation, getting high-end stability and performance should always be easier.

3. TDPRO Complete 45mm/48mm Upside Down Front Fork





Upside down.



Travel distance



12 and 14 inches.


110cc to 150cc.


High-performing aluminum clamp.



User experience (8/10)

This one from TDPRO is even better in terms of performance and capacity. We have asked more than 100 users to talk about the performance of the fork. More than 60 percent of the users have given it a five star by showing high-end satisfaction. Around 5% of the users said that this one does not meet their standard, whereas the rest of the 35% of the users pointed out both positives and negatives.

Therefore, we are giving it an eight out of ten in terms of users’ satisfaction.

Features worth discussing

When your pit bike is more capable with an engine size of up to 150cc, this suspension front fork from TDPRO is here to maximize performance and stability.

Unlike an inverted fork, this upside-down system will ensure the smoothest installation experience. Remember that this Disc fork suspension will comply with a 15mm axle.

Once you install the fork on your pit bike, you will notice notable changes in performance. With durable construction, this one is mostly functional than the stock item. The adjustable compression ratio will also open up options for improvising your comfort zone. You will always have the option to modify the setting according to your preference.

Anyway, depending on the model of your bike, you may need to do some adjustments to the front part. But once you have installed the fork appropriately, you should get plenty of options to be comfortable with your pit bike.


  1. The better length will allow better adjustment and travel.
  2. The shocks are good for absorbing a good amount of load.
  3. This one will make your pit bike more performing.


Most of the negative reviews that this item got are related to shipping. Some of the users have also shown their dissatisfaction regarding the installation. But the percentage is always nominal. Ensure that this bike complies with your requirement before confirming the purchase.







Fork length

26 inches.


Xr50 Crf50 XrCrf 50 SdgSsr Pit Bikes.

Clamp construction


User experience

WaiDanie products are reliable and seem to please the customer to a great degree. Almost 65% of the users have given it a five star, whereas the number of four-star ratings was nearly 20%. A nominal percentage of 3% of users have given it a negative review, whereas the rest of the users have given it a mixed rating.

We are giving it an eight out of ten to prove its worth.

Features worth discussing

The first thing we would love to talk about this item is its durable and rigid construction. With a thicker tube and a stiffer spring construction, this item is more than reliable to maximize the overall performance.

The suspension fork should work just fine with up to 125cc dirt bikes. One of the benefits you will get after the installation is that this one will enhance the steering capacity to a better edition. You will be able to discern the differences between the factory fork and this after-market fork after completing the installation.

Anyway, it is always recommended to grab the fork for the specific model. Doing so should allow you to do the adjustment and installation with ease.

Another reason one may choose this item over other equivalent items is that this one offers a good and reasonable price range to satisfy the users. If budget is one of your concerns, this one is definitely worth giving a try.


  1. The durable construction properties are just fine to ensure longevity.
  2. The better length and higher travel distance will always give you the boost in most terrains.
  3. The inverted fork design should maximize the balancing property.


The nominal price range may sometimes provoke a user to think that this one is a cheap product. But that is not the reality all the time. If this allegation were true, all these positive reviews should prove something else.

5. Chine Front Fork Suspension Triple Tree SSR Thumpstar GPX 125-160cc





Front fork suspension.


Front fork, hydraulic oil, triple clamp, handlebar riser set.



Wheel compatibility

14 inches and 17 inches.


45mm top and 48mm bottom.

User experience (9/10)

Our last recommendation is as special as our first recommendation. Almost 75% of the users have given it a five-star, whereas around 22% of the users have said that this one is just fine except for some nominal issues. A tiny percentage of 3% of the users have said that the item does not meet their satisfaction.

Therefore, nine out of ten should be an ideal score to validate its worth to the customers.

Features worth discussing

First of all, this Golden suspension system from Chine comes with the most convenient construction and material to make you comfortable in most situations.

This one is a multi-purpose kit that includes everything you will require to keep it stable for a long time.

With a fork length of 735mm, this one can travel a better distance to retain the smoothness in most terrain. The compression and rebound clamp both are functional enough to make a good upside-down movement.

All the measurement of this item is also precise enough to give you the most optimized performance.

Anyway, this one is a bit expensive compared to the rest of the items on this list. But the price should not be an issue at all when you will consider the benefits.


  1. You can expect precision from the CNC machined construction.
  2. Your specific pit bike will be more capable after the installation.
  3. You will get all the necessary gears for optimum installation.


Ensuring high-end compatibility is always a must. Most people complain that they are having a tough time with the installation. Our recommendation would be to measure the length of the factory front fork before you go with this item. If the length and all other properties match, you should not face any trouble with the installation.

How to choose a perfect front fork for your pit bike?

Consider these five specifications to grab the most convenient front fork suspension system for your pit bike-

Which type of front fork should you choose?

Inverted and upside-down are the two most popular types of suspension fork you will notice while purchasing one. The upside-down fork will have the female part situated in the bottom, whereas the male part will be above it. The opposite is true for the inverted fork.

Both systems are convenient to bring forth relevant support. But when it comes to taking references, checking your stock factory suspension system should get the highest priority. If the factory suspension system has an upside-down fork, your preference should also be an upside-down fork. You can choose an inverted fork when the factory suspension system is inverted.

What is the length of the fork?

The overall length of a front fork suspension system for a pit bike can be anywhere between 550mm to 750mm.

The overall length of the suspension system plays an important role in determining the performance. That means if you are someone who is very much serious about your bike’s performance, checking the length of the fork is always a must.

In that case, taking the factory suspension system as a reference might bring optimum results. Besides, you can also think about enhancing or reducing the length according to your preference.

What is the travel distance of the fork?

The travel distance of any pit bike front fork suspension system should be anywhere between 30mm to 45mm.

The better the travel distance the more efficient your pit bike tends to perform.  Choosing something that stays in the middle should be an ideal place to get better performance. Neither larger nor smaller travel distance seems to bring comfort. Staying in the middle is what a wise person prefers.

Dampening and rebound capacity

Another ideal factor worth considering is the dampening and rebound capacity of the suspension fork. Probably, these are the main reasons why we prefer installing an after-market item to our bike. Check whether the suspension system is stable enough or not while going down and moving up.

When both the dampening and rebound properties of the system are intact, you tend to love your ride.

How much does a pit bike front fork suspension system cost?

A pit bike front suspension fork will cost anywhere between $90 dollars to $250 dollars. The price of a fork can influence the quality a little, but it should not be the reality all the time.

When the price is high, you can expect to get a better quality compared to a cheap product. But if you can choose wisely, even a budget-friendly fork can also help you to get better quality. Here is a little chart that shows the quality you can expect to get depending on the price range-

Price range

Expected  quality

$90-$120 dollars


$120-$150 dollars

Moderate and satisfactory.

$150-$250 dollars

High-end performance.

What's the difference between telescopic and upside-down suspension forks?

Some of the primary differences between a telescopic and an upside-down fork are:

  1. The female part of an upside-down fork will be at the bottom part, whereas the male part will be at the top.
  2. In an inverted fork, the female part will be at the top, whereas the male part will be at the bottom.
  3. An upside-down fork suspends the oil up in the front, whereas an inverted fork does the opposite.

How do I adjust my fork suspension?

pit bike forks adjust

The compression system of a suspension system tends to stay on top, whereas the rebound system stays down below.

Rotating the valve clockwise or anti-clockwise will allow you to adjust the oil flow.

Spinning the valve clockwise will allow you to reduce the oil flow, reducing the stroke speed.

Spinning the valve counterclockwise will allow you to make more oil flow, enhancing the stroke speed.

Now it’s up to you to make a perfect adjustment according to your preference.

Should I purchase a cheap suspension fork?

If you believe that the suspension fork will deliver the optimum performance you expect from it, the cheap or expensive price range does not make any influence at all.

Always try to choose according to your need so that you got the time to think about the price later.

Final summary

  1. Like a rear shock, the front fork suspension system helps the bike to absorb the damping load efficiently.
  2. When the compression and dampening property becomes inconsistent, getting relevant support becomes tougher.
  3. Try swapping the stock suspension with one of these items to get the essential support you deserve.

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