How much does a pit bike cost?

The average price range of a pit bike from 350 dollars to as much as 1500 dollars, depending on the brand, engine capacity, and construction. Some pit bikes also have the potential to exceed the 1500$ dollars barrier.

Pit bikes fall in the category of lightweight and cheaper off-road bikes. People most of the time mismatch a dirt bike with a pit bike. It is okay to consider a pit bike as a dirt bike, but the main features of both categories are not the same. Some of the essential differences between a pit bike and a dirt bike are the size, engine capacity, and price.

If you are prioritizing a pit bike over a dirt bike, this article is ready to provide you with all information about a pit bike regarding the price.

pit bike cost

Pit bike cost

Depending on the engine capacity, a pit bike can be of three different kinds. These are-

  • 50cc to 70cc.
  • 110cc to 125cc.
  • 140cc and up.

Although pit bikes are one kind of dirt bikes, pit bikes tend to be way cheaper than dirt bikes. The lower engine efficiency with lightweight body construction allows pit bikes to be cheaper than a dirt bikes. Let us find out the price ranges of a pit bike, depending on the engine capacity-

50cc to 70cc

50cc to 70cc pit bikes is the most basic kinds of dirt bike you would notice on the market. These kinds of bikes are usually for the kids and beginners who are trying their heart and soul to hone the skill of riding a bike. If you are thinking about purchasing a pit bike that has an engine capacity within 70cc, the average price range would be from $450 to $800.

Some of the most popular pit bikes of this category are-

  1. SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike Holeshot 50cc Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike Pit Bike-$359.
  2. Speed Max 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike - $799.
  3. SR70cc Pit bike- $850.
  4. SX50A (50CC) - $550.
  5. RPS DB60 SE Pit Bike- $800.

110cc to 125cc

110cc to 125cc pit bikes are the most common dirt bikes that both professional and beginner bikers prefer having. These are the most balanced pit bikes that you see in most professional pit bike tournaments. The average price range for 110cc to 125cc dirt bikes would be from 800$ dollars to as much as 1500$ dollars. Even if you are learning the basics of riding a dirt bike, you can always choose a dirt bike that has an engine capacity of 110cc to 125cc.

The top five pit bikes of this category are-

  • X-PRO Bolt 125cc Zongshen Engine Youth Dirt Bike Pit Bike
  • Honda CRF 110cc.
  • Kawasaki KLX 110cc.
  • Speed Max 110cc AUTOMATIC Pit Bike
  • Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc Semi Auto Pit bike

140cc and up

The final kind of pit bikes that you would notice fall in this category. These dirt bikes are the most heavyweight pit bikes among all the categories. A pit bike engine’s capacity will not reach up to 250cc. The reason behind this construction is that they are designed for most beginner and amateur riders. Pit bikes with more than 140cc engine capacities are suitable for both professional and beginner riders. Most professional pit bike riders tend to use this kind of bike while participating in a tournament. Because of the higher engine efficiency, this kind of pit bike tends to be a little expensive than other kinds of d bikes. The average price range for 140cc and up pit bikes would be from 800$ dollars to as much as 2000$ dollars. Here are some of the most popular pi bikes of this category-

  1. Pitster Pro MXR155 pit bike.
  2. Thumpstar230cc pit bike.
  3. Honda CRF 150cc.
  4. X-PRO 140cc Adults Dirt Bike Pit Bike
  5. Pitster Pro FSE Fat Tire 190R

What are the most popular pit bike brands?

Now that we are familiar with the types of pit bikes, it is time to find out the most popular pit bike brands. Pit bikes and dirt bikes are essentially the same. The major differences between these two categories are the size, engine, and weight.

While purchasing a pit bike, the thing that everyone tends to consider most is the brand of the bike. If you are one of them, then here are the top five most popular pit bike brands to choose-


Honda has been producing quality of-road bikes for a long time. When it is about quality dirt bikes or pit bikes, Honda is producing so many versatile items that is filled with qualities and technologies. If you are looking for a versatile pit bike, Honda is always there to provide you with the best items.


The next most popular pit bike brand on this list is the Pitster. Many people think that Pitster is an American brand. The truth is that Pitster is a Chinese brand but the company only assembles its products in America. If you want a better quality pit bike, Pitster is hard to avoid.


We believe you already know about Kawasaki if you are an off-road enthusiast. Kawasaki is popular for producing almost all types of off-road vehicles, including ATV, dirt bike, and pit bike. If you want high-end performance with better stability, Kawasaki will not disappoint you even the little.


When it is about professional motorbikes, Yamaha is always a popular brand. For both dirt bikes and pit bikes, Yamaha should be a trustworthy manufacturer.


Thumpstar is another most popular pit bike manufacturer that would ensure maximum productivity. Another reason you should trust Thumpstar is that it is an Australian brand that are producing good quality pit bikes for a long time. Thumpstar is also popular for producing budget-friendly pit bikes. If you have a tight budget but want a pit bike Thumpstar may provide excellent help.

Final words

While choosing a pit bike, the price of the bike is one of the most common things to consider. Pit bikes can be both cheap and costly, depending on the bikes and engine capacity. Pit bikes are for beginner enthusiasts who are striving hard to learn the basics of motorbike. While the price of the bike is an important aspect, it is also necessary to look at the other specification of the bike. If you want better performance and stability, the price is not going to provide you with that. It is the feature that would enable you to gain maximum potential.

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