How many cc rated engines are used in pit bike?

A pit bike usually offers an engine of 50 cc to 250 cc. But a few manufacturers offer up to 450cc engine in off-road bikes. Most of the manufacturer provides 4 strokes in a pit bike engine. Only a few manufacturers also kept 2 stroke engines on their off-road bikes.

Pit bike cc Equation


π= 3.1416

d= Engine bore

l= Engine length

The CC stands for cubic centimeter. The unit is the product of three parameters in centimeters. The parameters are engine  cylinder height, width, and length. So cc refers to the space of combustion in the engine cylinder. The higher the combustion the more power you can have from the engine. So that's what cc is up to.

Although Pit bike comes at a comparatively lower rating engine, the number of CC ratings of an engine varies at different manufacturers. So who provides what?

Pit Bike engine cc

Pit bike brand with cc


Honda provides 50 to 190cc to its Motorbikes. They provide a low rating of the engine. In this case, they seem to be kind of conservative. But the fame of Honda is much higher in the East region. From a very earlier period of time, it's been so popular that some people call a bike a Honda. They made the Honda the common name of a bike. Thus people like the terms a motorcycle as a Honda although they have a different branded bike like Yamaha. It's because Honda was once a sole market leader manufacturing all kinds of motorbikes.


Yamaha offers 65 cc to 450 cc engine at their off-road Pit bike. Their bikes are for all groups of riders from younger to adults. A 65 cc engine is for those who are around 5 to 13 years. Yamaha makes it possible for all the family members to go on a ride at the same time. Smaller for kids bigger for adults. At the same time, Yamaha kept some moderate range bikes for woman biker. Things are made woman-friendly in those bikes.


KTM provides a higher engine rating from 50 cc to 500cc in their Pit bike. They divided their products in two groups in terms of the number of strokes. Their 4 stroke engines are 250 to 450 cc rated while their 2 stroke engines are 50 to 250cc rated. KTM pit bikes are specialized for Pit bike racing and they have their edition for Enduro. Their endure edition bikes offer up to 500cc engine.

SSR pit bike

SSR pit bike offers 50cc to 170cc engine to their pit bike. However, they also provide an 800 watt electric pit bike which is around 1 horsepower. SSR has two pit bike models with an automatic transmission system and with an electric starter. Being a Chinese brand they have been very famous to the consumers and the riders. Their products are cheap, convenient and beginner-friendly. SSR offers a pull starter facility in a kid version of their bike. It's been very famous in the market.

Pitster pit bike

Pitster provides 60 cc to 190cc engine in their edition of pit bike. They provide both manual kick-starter and electric starter. They have an auto transmission system. Pitster has some electric bicycle which is very smooth and convenient.

2-stroke vs. 4-stroke engine

pit bike engine

Various manufacturers classified their bikes into two groups. They provided 2 strokes to some of their and 4 stoke to some others.  2 stroke engines are less energy-efficient than 4 stroke engines, so the consumer enjoys the 4-stoke edition most of the time.

Basically, Pit bikes are mini bikes for the adult rider. Pit bike originally used as a passive bike behind the bike racing. It also came with a small wheel for convenient practice by minor riders. But with the passage of time it's been popular and so manufacturers started its production with higher features and capability. In the past, its engine didn't go above 150cc due to its passive purpose of use. But with the increase in customer demand, high-rated pit bike engines are being used with big wheels.

Pit Bike with Engine CC rating on different age


Engine CC rating


40 cc


50 cc

12- 15

50-60 cc


60- 70 cc

18 +


Woman (adult)


The data in the table provides a tentative reference about the power of bikes for the different age groups. In real life, selection must be followed by the rider's physical and mental capability. Let’s say some 18 years guy can ride a 250 cc bike very easily while some 25 years ages people don't tend to ride a bike more than 125 cc. So while choosing a bike, evaluate your capability.

What things to consider selecting a bike engine rating?

  • Higher cc rated engine bike weighs high too. So make sure you can handle the bike while the engine is off. Check if you can walk with that heavyweight bike what you actually have to do when the bike faces troubles and doesn't start.
  • Check the number cylinder. More cylinder works finer than single-cylinder does alone.
  • Check the voltage rating for the spark plug for ignition to make fire. A higher voltage above 40KV is adequate AC amplitude to make higher combustion.
  • A choice of higher engine rating should be followed by a higher number of gear in its transmission system. So you can moderately choose from 5 to 6 output pit bike gears.
  • A higher compression ratio should be chosen while choosing the engine power. The higher the compression ratio the better the fuel efficiency. So don’t forget this point.

Final word

While choosing an engine rating by CC, you should also notice the transmission system of the engine. A better transmission system can make the power better transferred to the wheel which ultimately rotates the wheel and moves the vehicle. So also get to know about the class of the transmission system you are provided by the manufacturer.

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