How much does it cost to build a pit bike? A comprehensive overview of the budget to build a pit bike.

An off-road fanatic can go any further to testify his skill and experience. While one can easily get into the trail with a ready-made pit bike, some eccentric-minded riders are always there who love to build a pit bike on their own.

You do not need to be an engineer to build a pit bike. A large number of people are already building pit bikes from scratch. When it comes to building a pit bike from scratches, the budget is always the most influential factor.

It is possible to build a pit bike within 500 dollars, building a pit bike from scratch should not cost more than 2000 dollars in any situation.

Although the price is one of the most important factors to consider while building a pit bike, there are some other factors as well to dictate the success rate.

The price will indeed get more priority, but we will try to cover everything you will require to build a pit bike.

If you are interested, let’s dive deeper into the discussion-

pit bike build cost

Build or buy a pit bike?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you should build or buy a pit bike. Buying a pit bike will indeed alleviate most of your thinking, but building a pit bike is one of the ideal ways to reduce the price.

Here is one suggestion you can follow. You should not get into the building process unless you have better knowledge regarding all the parts of a pit bike. If you have been riding a pit bike for so long and think that you have better proficiency in this field, then go ahead to build your own pit bike.

But if you are just a beginner, purchasing a ready-made pit bike should be logical. A factory-made pit bike assures you of getting better quality and experiences, whereas a build-up can sometimes lead to future complications.

If you are still ready to build your own pit bike, the following section should be the exact place to start your journey.

What are the things to take into considerations while building a pit bike?

  1. Pit bike applications.
  2. Budget.
  3. Riding skill.
  4. Complications.

Pit bike applications

The first thing you need to decide is the type of pit bike you are willing to build according to your applications.

  1. Trail riding requires you to build a good quality pit bike with better suspension and controllability.
  2. Racing pit bikes need to be faster. Therefore, building a racing pit bike needs better concentration on the engine. 
  3. A free-ride pit bike may go away with a good frame and better riding capability.
  4. Riding on the sand or dirt will require having better tires and a good suspension system.

Pit bike Budget

Once you have determined your preferred application, the budget is the most influential aspect that comes into consideration. Here is a little chart that shows the expected budget you will require building a pit bike-



Fun-going 50cc-70cc pit bike


Trail Pit bike


Racing pit bike


Street pit bike


Advanced pit bike


Cost of different parts of a pit bike

Building a pit bike on an existing frame always helps you to reduce the price to a great degree.  It is always possible to buy an old and rusty pit bike for $200 dollars. Installing some new components on that existing frame will not only give you a superior experience but also will help you to stand out from the crowd-

Here is a little chart that shows the price range of different parts of a pit bike so that you can pick your required gears accordingly-

Pit bike Parts name



$250-$650 dollars.


$20-$60 dollars.


$60-$150 dollars.

Fender kit

$25-$50 dollars.

Exhaust  pipe

$30-$70 dollars.


$50-$150 dollars.

In total

$435-$1130 dollars.

Extra cost

$400 dollars



These are some of the basic pricing you will need to keep in mind before you get into the building process. Indeed, there are multiple other sections as well where you can spend your money. But all those components are worth installing for building an advanced pit bike.

Evaluate your riding skill before you go for building a pit bike

One of the primary considerations you will need to make before building a pit bike is your riding skill. When you are thinking about building a pit bike just to have fun, spending around 300 dollars to 500$ dollars should suffice to give you the experience you deserve.

But building a professional or racing pit bike is some other kind of work. The aggregated cost tends to be much higher. That is why giving priority to your preference should always get the highest priority. If you are not confident about your skill, handling all those complications you may face after building a pit bike will be much harder than you anticipate.

Always ready to face complications.

It is indeed true that building your own machine is fun and exciting. But as you are doing the job manually, the chances of complications always tend to be higher.  That is why you should always be prepared for any sort of complications. When you are ready for anything that appears in the longer run, handling all those complications becomes much easier.

Customization might be a better option than building.

Trust me, building a pit bike is always a hassle than customization. Bringing out some of the major upgrades to your pit bike can make your pit bike more performing and reliable. Unless you love playing with all those gears and components of a dirt bike, building a pit bike is never a good option. Handling some critical issues may evaporate your energy within a short time. Better would be to buy a cheap pit bike from a vendor and customize it to a better edition. That is how you can save your budget and energy simultaneously. 

Final summary

  1. Building a pit bike is fun, but facing complications might not be.
  2. Unlike a dirt bike, building a pit bike should not cost more than 2000 dollars.
  3. One should not go for building a pit bike unless he has enough knowledge regarding all the parts and components of a pit bike.
  4. Upgrading some of the components of your pit bike might also bring a wholesome experience.
  5. Define your budget and necessity first before building a pit bike on your own.

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