How to install pit bike headlight A-Z guides

Nowadays, LED headlights have become a monopoly option for your dirt and pit bikes. It can provide great support to the people while riding in foggy, snow, and dark condition. Therefore, this also brings benefits in many ways and also increases the beauty.

Nevertheless, the process of attaching the main light of the bikes is almost the same for all types. But one needs to follow some mandatory steps for comprehensively doing the task. Moreover, the public has different options for installing the headlight on a pit bike.

In this article, we are going to describe two particular perspectives such as; with battery and without battery. In addition to that, we also recommend some products of this so that people can choose the best option for their headlight.

install pit bike headlight

Step by step process for installing headlight in a pit bike

First of all, one must buy a great quality LED light from the market so that they can use it for a long time. Therefore, we will discuss some good items of this item later in this article. People may find their desired product there.

In general mechanics have a good number of options for fixing a light. But we select the easiest one for our readers so that they can do it by themselves. We divide the process of installation into two different criteria. Both of them are discussed below in different paragraphs.

pit bike headlight

How to install a headlight on a pit bike without a battery?

Attaching a headlight without a battery is possible due to having magneto technology which is directly connected to the engine. The power from the engine to the headlight is transformed through a rectifier. In the following points, we are going to describe all the tasks consecutively.

Step 1:  One doesn’t need to use extra space for keeping the battery as we are discussing installing this without it. At first, the place of the headlight in a pit bike must be determined. This is considered one of the vital tasks before starting installation. Otherwise, people will not find adequate light in every area.

Step 2: After selecting the location, one may see the wiring system of their pit bike. If there is have five wires which originate from the engine, people don't need to buy an extra one for connecting the headlight. Moreover, the price of extra wire is about $20 to $25 for this. Basically, two different colors of wires will available which are red and black. One must attach them through the rectifier so that it can supply electricity so easily.

Step 3: In this phase, people need to attach the switch of the headlight in a comfortable position to the handlebar. This will assist the bikers to turn on and off the light in a convenient way. The positive wire must go to the switch and the negative one is for the light.

Step 4: A good-quality connector must be used for linking the magneto and the light. All types of wires need to be placed in the right position to get the desired result. Additionally, one can see the guideline from the product level to find another way of making connections among wires.

Step 5: For keeping the wire and all other essential things of a pit bike headlight, one must remove the gas tank as well as the seat. Then, the individual can organize all the wires with tight striping. A person needs some essential tools for doing this as well as completing the whole process.

Step 6: Bikers check the light by turning on the switch which is located at the handlebar. The task is successful if the headlight is on and gives perfect brightness.

By and large, it is the easiest way to install a headlight on the pit bike. Moreover, if people are not fond of doing this and don't have all the essential tools, they may hire a mechanic for this. The additional amount of money will be spent but an individual may avoid the hassle of installing.

How to install a headlight on a pit bike with a battery?

The basic process of attaching headlights is quite the same. But in this segment, the wires of the switch and light will be connected through a 4AH gel-cell battery. Moreover, one may find various types of batteries that are specially made for the pit bike. Basically, that depends on the bikers.

In this circumstance, people don’t need to remove the fuel tank or seat to make the connection. The process is so easy. One can place the battery in the airbox and tighten the position with essential tools.

Then the connections of the headlights need to connect with the battery for getting power. But there have been some difficulties in terms of using the battery headlight. The main disadvantage is, that one needs to recharge the battery after using 1 to 2 hours. The lifetime of the battery of a pit bike is not so powerful. That is why most individuals are not fond of buying a battery version of a pit bike headlight.


Pit bike headlight price

In the current market, there are many categories of lights available. One should check the brightness of the light before buying. Moreover, the construction quality and the overall design also make a great impact on the overall performance.

The average price of buying this is around $50 to $100.  The price of this item is actually determined by focusing on the quality of LED light. Moreover, the wire of these products also needs to be inspected before buying. We would like to recommend the "Jfg racing pit bike headlight" which can provide great performance in the long run.

Final verdict

Though people all around the world are riding their pit bikes in the daytime, a headlight is necessary for making it available at night. In addition to that, individuals make their riding activities in extreme road conditions. Any type of accident might be happened due to the low light situations.

Furthermore, there are many reasons for installing a headlight for the pit bike. In this article, we described elaborately the installation process. Hopefully, readers will find this useful when they are decided to attach the headlight by themselves.

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