How to consider when buying a used pit bike: Top six tips on buying a used pit bike

Buying a second-hand pit bike or dirt bike is never an unconventional decision. But you may end up purchasing a malfunctioned and dusted one if you fail to do the bargaining.

Therefore, it is always necessary to choose a used dirt bike by looking at the most important factors that will help you to get a good experience in the longer run.

In this particular article, we will be disclosing the top five factors that will help you to choose a perfect used pit bike so that you can have a flourishing experience in the longer run.

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buying  used pit bike

Top six tips on buying a used pit bike

used pit bike

The top six factors that will help you to choose a good quality used pit, or dirt bike are:

  1. Know the seller.
  2. Check all the cosmetics.
  3. The functionality of the levers and grips.
  4. Check out the wheels.
  5. Does the engine run properly?
  6. Bargain a little for the price.

Know the seller

The first thing worth considering while buying any sort of used bike is knowing the seller. Now many people may underestimate this particular section, but knowing the seller well can surely give you some boost over anything else. If you are thinking about purchasing a used pit bike that you have found on social medial, try to gather in-depth information regarding the seller. Try to find out whether the rider has posted any updates or videos related to the bike you are planning to buy.

Doing so will allow you to grab some additional information regarding the authenticity of the buyer and the purchase.

Besides, never or ever confirm a purchase without meeting the seller in real. Make sure that the seller is a nice person and is really passionate about bikes and stuff. When the seller loves bikes, he surely will take good care of the bikes.


If you are thinking about purchasing a used pit bike, check where to buy a pit bike to grab your related information.

Check all the cosmetics

You may find the advertisement for the bike from anywhere. Once you start liking the product, the first thing you should check is the cosmetics. Here are some of the essential factors to check at the first glance-

  1. Check wears on the cases.
  2. Clutch wear.
  3. Frame wear.
  4. Engine wear.
  5. Kick start lever.
  6. Radiator.
  7. Sprocket.
  8. Fender kit.

When you notice high-end wearing on all these properties, there is a high chance that your intended pit bike or dirt bike has been ridden a lot. Some of the users might also include after-market cosmetics on the bike, which should look almost new. If you are satisfied with all these properties, you can move into the next section.

The functionality of the levers and grips

Flipping the lever up and down for a long time can lose your balance. We have found with many used dirt and pit bikes that the levers and grips of the bike do not seem like delivering essential support. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the tighter the lever, the better support you will get. If the lever is not appropriate, you may have to think about upgrading the lever with an after-market lever.

Whether the bike has the stock grips or not is also an important aspect that one should consider while purchasing a used pit or dirt bike. A torn-up or deteriorated grip can never bring the most convenient support you expect from the bike. We know that there are a large number of factors worth considering while checking the grips and levers of the dirt bike. Just ensure one thing that the performance capability of the grips and levers is sound enough to make you comfortable with the ride.

Check out the wheels

This is one of the most important steps that will dictate the performance you can expect to get from the bike. Here are some of the facts to consider to get the most convenient wheel support from the bike-

  1. Wiggle the tires a little to find out whether the wheel bearings are good or not.
  2. Always ensure that the wheel looks straight on the bike. If it is not straight, there must be some imbalance on the frame of the bike. Spin the tires a little to find out the accuracy of the tires.
  3. Press and check all the spokes to find out whether any of them are loose or not.
  4. Take a little time to find whether the bike has got stock factory tires or just a replaced after-market tire. Whatever you prefer, always ensure that the tires are in good shape and health.

Does the engine run properly?

The most important aspect you need to ensure while choosing a used dirt bike is the functionality of the engine. When the engine is intact and runs properly, you always get the power to maximize the full flow of the bike. Here are some of the things to look for while checking the functionality of the engine-

  1. You need to make sure that the bike runs before you leave.
  2. Crank the engine and evaluate the noise and sounds that are coming from it.
  3. Clutch in and clutch out the bike with different types of gears to find out whether there are any complications or not.
  4. Ensure that the motor is running smoothly.
  5. Check the fluids as well.

When you can pick up the right engine, you win immediately. But if the engine or motor is wasted, you waste a lot of your money as well.

Bargain for the price

We know the price is never fixed. It mostly depends on your bargaining skill as well to dictate whether you have won or lost. Try to bargain with the seller a little bit when everything seems reasonable and logical with the bike.

Final summary

  1. Whether you will win or lose while purchasing a used pit bike or dirt bike mostly depends on your decision and evaluation capability.
  2. Speculate every little technical and external aspect so that you do not have to suffer after the purchase.
  3. Know the seller very well before you meet him.
  4. Test first, confirms last.
  5. You may also try bargaining a little to reduce the price.

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