How much does a pit bike engine cost?

There is a proverb that says, ''it's not the most powerful animals that survive, it's the most efficient one''. A pit bike engine may not seem as powerful as a dirt bike engine, but when it comes to performance and longevity, you can't demean the category even the little.

Swapping the engine of your pit bike will cost more than half the price of a brand new pit bike. Therefore, engine upgrade is never a popular option for most users.

If you are thinking about swapping the stock engine with a new one, this article will resolve all of your queries regarding the cost of a pit bike engine.

In general, the price of a pit bike engine will be anywhere between $350 dollars to as high as $800 dollars.

The price mostly depends on the engine type, size, and brand value.

If you would love to dive deeper into the cost, all the following sections are surely a must-read item for you.

pit bike engine cost

Pit bike engine cost

The following chart will give you a sudden glimpse regarding the cost of a pit bike engine. Although we are categorizing the price of a pit bike engine according to size, numerous other factors have been discussed in the latter part of this article that is also responsible for dictating the price. If you are interested, scan through the whole article for having a better understanding-

Engine size



$250 to $350 dollars


$250 to $350 dollars


$300 to $450 dollars


$350 to $500 dollars


$350 to $550 dollars


$400 to $650 dollars

More than 150cc

$450 to $800 dollars

Which factor influence the price of a pit bike engine?

Some of the important factors that will determine the pricing of a pit bike engine are:

  1. Engine type
  2. Engine size
  3. Brand value

Engine type

The first factor that plays an important role in determining the price of a pit bike engine is the type of engine.

A pit bike can run on both a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. When it comes to efficiency, a four-stroke engine will surely bring better results than a two-stroke engine. That is why a four-stroke engine tends to be a little costlier compared to a two-stroke engine.

In general, a four-stroke engine will be $50 to $100 dollars more compared to a two-stroke engine.

Two-stroke engine cost

Engine size

Engine cost


$250-$350 dollars


$300-$450 dollars

Four-stroke engine cost

Engine size

Engine cost


$300-$400 dollars


$350-$750 dollars

Engine size

The larger the size of the engine, the higher the price range. It is quite probable to believe that a 100cc engine will be a little cheaper compared to a 150cc engine.

Therefore, if you are willing to swap the stock engine with a powerful version, you will have to spend some extra compared to a low-powered engine.

In general, the engine of a pit bike does not exceed 150cc. Therefore, you can always go away with an engine anywhere between 70cc to 150cc.

Brand value

Brand value is one of the essential aspects that will determine the overall pricing to a great degree. An equivalent Chinese engine and a Japanese dirt bike engine will never have the same price range. It is because all those brands have gained a great deal of customer satisfaction for a long long time. When the trust level is high, it is always possible to enhance the price range for the specific manufacturer. 

Therefore, a branded pit bike engine will cost a higher price range compared to a non-recognized brand.

How much does it cost to swap a pit bike engine?

Purchasing a pit bike engine and swapping it are two different kinds of activity. There are two different ways you can follow while swapping the stock engine of your pit bike with a new one.

Either you can think about doing the installation on your own, or you can think about doing the job through a helping hand. Obviously, doing the installation with a helping hand will cost more than usual.

Here is a little chart that will show you the expected amount you will need to spend to complete a perfect pit bike engine swap-



Moderate pit bike engine

$350-$500 dollars

Other instruments

$30-$50 dollars

DIY  installation

Free of cost

Professional installation

$50-$70 dollars

In total

$380-$620 dollars

That means swapping the stock pit bike engine with a new one should not cost more than $650 dollars in any extent.

Pit bike engines and their prices

In this particular section, we have enlisted the top five pit bike engine and their relevant price range so that you can get a clear knowledge regarding the price of a pit bike engine-

Engine name


Black Lifan 125cc four-up semi-automatic engine

$455 dollars

Piranha 90cc automatic engine

$444 dollars

Piranha 125cc engine

$533 dollars

SSR 110cc semi-automatic engine

$350 dollars

SSR 70cc semi-automatic engine

$299 dollars

What are some of the most popular pit bike engine brands?

Truth to be spoken, most of the engine manufacturer belongs to China. Even some of the branded Japanese dirt and pit bike manufacturer also greatly relies on Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, there is simply no reason why one should demean a Chinese brand.

Here are some of the most popular pit bike engine manufacturers you would notice-

  1. Lifan
  2. ycf
  3. Zongshen
  4. Piranha
  5. SSR
  6. Daytona              
  7. Pitster Pro

All these manufacturers have been bringing quality and budget-friendly engines for a long time. If you have a plan to swap your pit bike engine in recent times, you had better check their engines to find your appropriate one.

Final summary

While replacing the stock engine with a new one, the overall costing is obviously a good denominator that everyone pays a good deal of concentration. We are not demotivating you to do so even the little. When the price is your concern, this article should give you a complete guideline regarding the price you will face while purchasing one for your pit bike.

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