How long does a pit bike last (Expart comments)?

In general, a pit bike or a dirt bike should last for 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. If chinese pit bike last 1-3 yeras.

If someone abuses the bike to a great degree, one may expect to get around two years of service at max.

The longevity of a bike depends much on its maintenance. Those who take great care of their bike can expect to get a long time of service.

We don't know whether you are thinking about purchasing a dirt bike or just thinking about upgrading the previous one. Whatever may be the reason, this article will tell you everything you need to know to make your pit bike a little better than usual.

How long does a pit bike last

How long does a pit bike last?

There are two different types of dirt bikes you would notice while going for one. The first type represents the branded pit bike, whereas the second type represents the Chinese pit bike.

Branded pit bike

When it comes to branded pit bikes, they will last for around three years with poor maintenance. If you can ensure better preservation, you can expect to get almost five years of long-time service with some nominal issues. Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, etcetera are some of the most popular branded pit bike manufacturers to get your expected item.

It is indeed true that a branded pit bike delivers some better performance and longevity, but they are much expensive to give you a second thought. If you are a casual rider who only loves to ride for fun, a branded pit bike may provoke you to think twice before you purchase the bike.

Chinese dirt bike

On the other hand, a Chinese pit bike may not last as long as a branded pit bike. In general, a Chinese pit bike will last for around 1.5 years without showing any severe issues.  

If you take better care of the bike, it can deliver almost 2.5 years of longevity.

Another thing you can do to make your Chinese dirt and pit bike to give it better longevity is upgrading the bike into a better edition. If you are willing to spend additional 300$ dollars to 500$ dollars on a Chinese pit bike, you can expect to get almost similar kind of longevity and leverage as a branded dirt bike. Even if you do the upgrade, you will be able to save around 500$ dollars to 1000$ dollars on the bike.

If you want to have a better Chinese pit bike, you may check this SSR pit bike article.

Xpro pit bike is also another popular Chinese dirt bike manufacturer to make you happy.

Does the price of the bike influence longevity?

Yes, the price of your pit bike indeed influences the longevity of Powersports. A dirt bike with a better price range means it is equipped with some quality gears. As a result, the chance of getting longevity always remains a little high.

But it can be a little fallacious as well. Some branded pit bikes manufacturer indiscriminately increases the price of their products as they are enough popular to the consumers. But the craze of the fans does not allow them to make the ideal decision by doing some hardcore speculation. If an influencer just claims that this particular bike is damn of quality, the sale of that particular bike increases to a great degree.

That is why we always encourage our readers to make the decision by doing some quality researches. This allows them to remain satisfied in the recent future.

What are the factors that influence the price of a dirt bike?

Well, the bike's frame is not the only factor that determines the longevity of the pit bike. Every single gear of the dirt bike plays a crucial role in determining the longevity of the vehicle. Here are some of the things that influence the lifetime of a dirt bike-


The engine of your dirt bike is one of the most influential aspects that determine the lifetime of the bike. When the engine is delivering enough power to the motocross, you can expect to get better service from the device in any situation.

In general, a quality engine of a pit bike should last for more than four years without any kind of upgrade or modification.

It does not matter whether you are choosing the bike from a branded manufacturer or not. But it does matter whether the engine of your bike is balanced or not.

If you are thinking about upgrading your dirt bike engine, you may check this Pit Bike Engine article.


The frame of the bike withstands the most aggressive abuses before other organs of the bike join. If the frame of the bike is loaded with poor materials, the bike will not last as your expected.

A typical pit bike frame should last for more than five years without facing any kinds of damages.


The clutch of the bike is one of the essential gears that keep the suspension system intact. If the clutch goes derail, the bike is out of control.

The expectancy rate of the clutch system of a dirt bike is very unstable. No one can ensure the longevity of the club.  It largely depends on the amount of abuse you pare imposing on the bike.

In general, the clutch of a pit bike should last for more than 25,000 miles.  Sometimes it can be a little higher or lower than the average.


The tires of your pit bike are the most common item you need to change frequently. A pair of tires should last for two years. If you take better care of the tires, you can expect to get an additional one year of support from the bike.

How should you care for your pit bike?

Well, we have already said that proper maintenance is the only thing you can do to enhance the longevity of your dirt/pit bike. Here are some of the things you may follow to enhance the life expectancy of your pit bike-

  1. Check the suspension system of your pit bike every one month. It will help get better performance as well.
  2. Always double-check to find any insecurities or disturbance on the engine. Proper maintenance of the bike's engine means a better life rate for your motocross.
  3. Any leakage on the tires can give you a hellish experience in the middle of the trail. Do check the tires to avoid any kinds of disturbance.
  4. Never let the fuel tank run out of fuel.
  5. If you notice any complications that you are unaware of, do take the bike to a professional mechanic to ensure a better life expectancy of the bike.
  6. Do give it a better wash after every round of excitement. It will help the bike to stay safe from external damages like dirt, dust, or debris.

Final words

A true rider loves his bike more than anything. And his love for the motorbike is shown in the level of care he takes for the pit bike. Be a better rider by maintaining your bike in the right way.

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