Does a pit bike have a clutch: Pit bike clutch work

Yes. All the vehicles that have engines have a clutch to connect the engine to the transmission system. The pit bike engine could be directly connected to the transmission system. But a fixed connection of the engine to a transmission system would not be convenient while changing the gear.

If you still have a question on – Why the pit bike has a clutch, then I think you need to know how a pit bike transmission system works with an engine. Let’s directly get to it.

pit bike clutch

How does pit bike Clutch work

Any vehicle with an engine has a transmission system to transfer its power to the wheel. The transmission system has several internal gears to modify power and finally to transfer it to the wheel by 4 to 6 output gears. While a vehicle with an engine is running, its engine is always running either the vehicle is slow or speeds or lying in a traffic jam.

So if the engine is at a running state why the vehicle doesn't move. It's because the output power is disconnected from the transmission system and so the wheel doesn't rotate. Clutch is the tool that does this great job. Clutch can is another internal gear that takes the other gear away from the engine gear and so the transmission system gear doesn't rotate.

The main role of the Clutch is to disconnect the transmission system from the engine. This is very important while changing the gear. If you attempt to change the pit bike gear without disconnecting from the engine, you can't do it because the gear lever will be tight enough as it’s attached to the engine gear. So you must pull the Clutch and thus it will be free to change to a bigger gear.

While you need to brake your bike, you have to pull the Clutch because if you keep the wheel connected to your engine but push the brake it will not work rather make strong friction and noise. The vehicle will jerk off and probably brake system can damage. Think of a water tape that is open and giving water at a stronger speed.

What will happen if you just stop the water by blocking the head of the tap with your finger without closing the tape? So what we should do is we should close the tap then block the remaining water with some pushes. The process of the bike is a bit different. In its case, we don't stop the engine; rather we need to disconnect the engine from the wheel before we push brake.

Pit bike auto clutch

An automatic clutch is a special mechanism of Clutch that automatically engages and disengages followed by the RPM of the engine. The auto clutch is not auto transmission. You still have to shift gear. Auto clutch relieves the rider to pull the Clutch every time he needs to shift gear. It also makes a convenient startup and brake. So the rider can concentrate on other points of his journey.

However, the clutch lever is still in its place for you. If you are not an expert on the auto clutch, you can use the clutch lever and use it manually when necessary.

Adjust pit bike clutch

A clutch lever is still available to manually use Clutch if you are not used to going through an auto clutch. Normally those who are used to using an ordinary Clutch can't take an auto clutch easily for the first time. He tends to pull the clutch lever every time. So before you are ready to use an auto clutch, you can go with a clutch lever. The Clutch lever is connected to the Clutch with wire. You can adjust the wire by loosening or tightening some nuts. Have a look at the adjustment position at your pit bike.

Pit bike clutch replacement

If your Clutch is deteriorated or tempered or broken, you must change it; because it’s the thing that engages and disengages the transmission system to the engine. While changing the Clutch, make sure you are replacing it with the same product model and possibly from the same vendor. Clutch plays role in smooth bike riding, so a faulty clutch will make you feel like you are being jerked off while pulling it both for shifting gear.

Pit bike clutch lever and cable

Pit bike has its Lever gear and cable according to its manufacturer design. The original clutch lever provides a smooth and glossy finishing. The clutch cable binds the clutch lever with the Clutch. The point of focus is on the clutch cable. If it becomes longer than it should be it won't make proper disengagement of the Clutch from the engine. So clutch cable should be properly monitored to make sure it's in working condition.

Which vehicles have no clutch?

pit bike ride with clutch
  • The vehicle that doesn't run with an engine.
  • A vehicle that runs with a single gear.
  • Vehicle with an electric motor doesn't need a clutch.
  • Vehicle that has fixed connection of engine to the transmission system.

Things to remember about a Clutch

  • Clutch makes safe shifting of gear
  • A vehicle that has a transmission system with multiple output gear must require a Clutch.
  • A Clutch is required to disengage the transmission system
  • It's a must before you brake
  • It’s highly important while you start your bike.

Final words

The modern vehicle has an auto transmission system that doesn't need to use a clutch while changing gear because the gear isn't being changed manually. The transmission system itself changes the gear, and that transmission system is designed to auto disengagements while shifting gears.

However, heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and lorries are still dependent on manual transmission systems. Those vehicles are found that they don't work fine at auto transmission.

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