Does Pit bike have a battery : Tips for your pit bike battery

Pit bike was not previously dependent on the battery. It didn't require a battery to start its engine. It's a bit complicated actually how does Pit bike work. Recently, the use of a battery in a pit bike is being more common to the user. It's because the pit bikes are now using so many electronic devices for a smooth driving experience all of which require electricity to run. However, for a stable ignition, many of the manufacturers keep a battery power in the pit bike in recent times.

The battery in the pit bike doesn’t power the engine. The pit bike engine is powered by the spark plug which produces charges more similarly to a gaslighter. It then boosts up the voltages by an electric circuit to a high voltage which is up to 100,000 volt. This is called a high power generator mechanism. This way the bike can run with or without a battery. But in recent times, a bike can't be imagined without a mega wave horn or highly luminous headlight. So this requires a battery to get enough direct current supply.

Pit bike have battery

How pit bike engine is powered without a battery

The way engine starts and runs a matter of a few milliseconds. So a very small current flows to the end of the spark lid with a high voltage amplitude. When it's a high voltage, it has a nature to cause spark without physical touch. If you ever have any high voltage source which is more than 1000 voltage, you can have a try at your own risk.

When the high voltage positive lid comes near to the negative one it starts to spark without having a physical touch. The minimum distance between to lead to spark depends on the voltage of the current. A 5KV AC causes spark fire at a distance of 1 inch. Since the bike uses around 40KV for spark, it can make more fire without using a direct short circuit. This way less current is consumed and so less production is OK.

Types of power necessary

The spark in the engine that causes the firing is a high voltage alternating current. The current which is either from a battery or from the friction is a direct current. There is a part of rectification in the process that makes DC. But since the current produced or stored in the bike is already in DC form, it has to be converted to AC waveform to supply the ignition process.

Pit bikes, now a day’s uses power from the battery for better ignition. So a switching transistor changes the direction of a current to every millisecond which becomes high-frequency AC. The frequency of the alternating current is from 5Mhz to several GHz. Because it needs to be a surge voltage to cause a high efficient spark fire in the engine.

Type of battery used in Pit Biike

There are two types of batteries normally used in Pit bikes. Lead-acid and Lithium-ion battery. The lead-acid battery is cheaper and performs better in cool weather in comparison to a lithium-ion battery. There is a special kind of lead-acid battery which is AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat. These are becoming more famous to many riders. This is a bit safer than other ordinary lead-acid batteries. The life cycle of a lead-acid battery is higher than any dry cell battery like lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer battery.

A lithium-ion battery is lighter and high-tech, so many smart riders prefer this for their safe experience. A lithium-ion battery is more accurate and energy efficient for use. It is small in size and works at good portability. It can be easily dismantled from the bike and charged manually. Lithium-ion battery is best for digital semiconductor devices like a transistor and LED because its consistency is much better than the lead-acid battery. On top of that, lithium-ion battery is made of dry cell that is safe for fire and heat. Many bikers now use these types of batteries for their facilities.

Battery Maintenance

pit bike Battery Maintenance

The battery is a device that can go down without any prior notice you don't regularly take care of this. The lead-acid battery can go dead if it's not charged on a regular basis, and so is the lithium-ion battery. So make sure the battery is properly being charged. If you leave your bike idle for weeks together, your battery can go down. So ride your bike at least once every two weeks. If you can't do it, manually charge your battery. You can have a battery charger according to your battery voltage rating.

If you follow that the battery is regularly being charged, but this isn't properly working in the bike, consider checking the battery voltage. The battery voltage can drop due to the heavy current load from the bike electric device. So check if there is any short circuit in any of the electric devices.

Some ultra-high wave horn speaker consumes high current which actually effects the health of the battery. If you are the owner of a pit bike, you must be riding on this off-road with no risk of causalities. So, a high wave is not necessary for your bike. In that case, you can consider changing that with a lighter sound with a low amp and watt rating. Check the rating mark on the product while buying this.

Tips to get a battery for your pit bike

If your battery is dead or doesn't have a battery on your pit bike you can install one by yourself following some methods.

  • If you already have the dead battery you can check the voltage and current rating and find a battery with a similar rating.
  • If you don't have a battery attached to your bike, you can contact your pit bike manufacturer with the bike model for the appropriate battery.
  • You can also search on the internet with your bike model to find out the appropriate battery rating.
  • If you had a lead-acid battery you should take the same. Because the lead-acid battery can face a heavy current load.
  • If your bike came with a lithium-ion battery, consider taking the same. Because lithium-ion battery provides smoother power to the electrical devices.

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