Two-stroke pit bikes for kids for a safe ride

If you have started your off-road journey in the early or late '90s, there is a high chance that your first pit bike came with a two-stroke engine. For the last couple of years, the prevalence of four-stroke pit bikes has almost drowned the popularity of two-stroke pit bikes near zero.

Anyway, two-stroke pit bikes are still a little bit alive for riders like you. If you have clicked on this article, you probably are considering a two-stroke pit bike for your specific riding discipline; or maybe for your kids.

Whatever may be the reason, in this particular article, we will introduce you to some of the best 50cc two-stroke pit bikes that will bring performance and safety simultaneously both for anyone in this discipline.

Best two-stroke pit bikes for kids

Best two-stroke pit bikes for kids

Why a two-stroke pit bike is a better option?

There are actually a couple of reasons why a two-stroke engine can be a better option in many situations-

  1. First of all, a two-stroke pit bike comes with a very lighter construction. Therefore, it becomes always easier for a beginner to learn the basics of a dirt bike or a pit bike with a two-stroke version.
  2. When it comes to Enduro riding, the lighter weight of a two-stroke pit bike can always bring forth essential convenience.
  3. Having fewer moving parts, a two-stroke pit bike will require less maintenance.

At the same time, a two-stroke pit bike will be much cheaper compared to an equivalent dirt bike. Scan through the whole article, and you will explore many more reasons why you should go with a two-stroke pit bike.

Choosing the right pit bike is never that hard when you keep a backup option. You will face problems with almost all smaller engine-sized and Chinese pit bikes. But in most cases, they all are repairable with a little money.

To help you reduce the replacement cost, here is our first pit bike recommendation for you among the seven-

1. SYX MOTO Kids Mini pit Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle

SYX MOTO Kids Mini pit Bike



SYX Moto


Two-stroke 50cc engine

Max speed



50 lbs

Load capacity

160 lbs

User experience (8/10)

This is going to be a great pit bike under $500 for your kid. Assemble the bike, gas it up, and pull the lever to give your kid the best experience possible. If you are asking how different users are reacting to this bike, we have to mention that not only kids but also many adults are also having fun with this exquisite piece of item.

Features worth discussing

When your preference is choosing a two-stroke pit bike for your kid, with numerous safety features and performance capabilities, your kid will always love the item with great enthusiasm.

The bike comes with a weight of only around 50 lbs, which makes it one of the lighter pit bikes available on the market. Therefore, you can expect to get top-notch maneuverability in almost all conditions.

Another plus point of having this item is that SYX Moto offers multiple color patterns for this specific pit bike. Therefore, every kid will always find his preferred item on this list.

The simple instruction and some online videos available on the market should suffice in giving you the best experience to assemble the bike within 30 minutes.

Always ensure that you are mixing the gas accordingly every time you go for a ride. That is how you can think about getting the essential throttle variation and performance out of the bike.

Last but not least, this is an amazing item for the money as well. This exclusive low-powered pit bike is thrice cheaper compared to the Yamaha PW50. Save your budget without sacrificing performance.


  1. The pull start lever will crank the pit bike engine instantly.
  2. The mechanics, body frame, and all the parts are well balanced to give you the best experience possible.
  3. With higher load capacity, you can ride on it even as an adult.


Except for some minor replacements, you should be able to ride on this bike at least for two years without facing too many issues. Getting such a long performance for about $390 dollars should always please you as a user.

2. MotoTec 50cc Demon Kids Gas pit Bike 2-Stroke

MotoTec 50cc Demon Kids Gas Dirt Bike 2-Stroke



Moto Tec


Two-stroke 50cc engine

Max speed

25mph (adjustable speed limiter)


50 lbs

Max rider weight

135 lbs

User experience (7.5/10)

When it comes to picking up a quality Chinese pit bike, MotoTec is one of those brands that most often come to your mind. For the category of 50cc pit bike, this 50cc Demon two-stroke dirt bike has gained a better reputation so far. As this article is all about two-stroke pit bikes, we can't think about ignoring this item even once

Features worth discussing

Like a racing dirt bike, this Demon 50cc dirt bike comes with a 50cc air-cooled two-stroke engine. No matter in which riding situation you ride your bike, the air-cooled engine will never let the engine deliver higher thermal temperature. As a result, you will remain more comfortable as a rider in different riding tracks.

The smaller size of the bike may deceive you by directing that this bike is not better capable of handling all track conditions. Whether it is a hilly mountain or a jig jag off-road track, this bike is better capable of handling almost all terrains with essential proficiency.

This one definitely comes with a pull-start engine, but the disc suspension system on both ends of the bike will ensure that you get the comfort and stability you deserve in all road conditions.

A great reason you should go with this item is its adjustable speed limiter variations. This one will not only allow you to reach the performance threshold as an expert rider but also will give you the momentum to ride with safety as a beginner. Therefore, the rider will always remain in control of the bike.


  1. The aluminum alloyed steel frame is durable enough to withstand a better load.
  2. The rpm window of this pit bike is better suited to match your kid’s standard.
  3. The gas tank is 1.6L large to keep your kid on track for a long time.


Despite having too many exclusive features, this bike is prone to damage as well. Although having fewer parts always help to replace some of the parts with ease, having a better sense regarding the item you are purchasing always helps.

3. X-PRO New Version 50cc Gas Pit Bikes

X-PRO Version 50cc Gas Pit Bikes





50cc two-stroke air-cooled engine

Top speed



Chain driven transmission


Gloves, Goggle and Face Mask

User experience (8.5/10)

When it is about getting versatility, X-Pro never disappoints the users with its collection of numerous pit bike lineups. This 50cc pit bike from X-Pro comes in more than 12 different varieties, allowing the user to choose according to their preferences.

What about the performance? The following section is for you-

Features worth discussing

If you are a beginner, you probably are worried about safety. Well, no worries when you are choosing from X-pro. Along with the bike, X-pro will deliver a pair of gloves, goggles, and a face mask so that you can ride with more competence and safety.

The two-stroke air-cooled engine is enough balanced to keep the thermal properties of the bike well balanced so that you can ride in every terrain even as a beginner.

The bike does not come fully assembled. As a result, the assembly process might give you a tedious experience if you are a complete beginner. But following the proper instruction should enable you to do the job with consistency.

Once you complete the assembly process, it is all about getting the exclusive ride in all road conditions. From the frame to the tire, every single part of the bike are well balanced to give you the most convenient experience possible.


  1. The pit bike can run at a top speed of 25mph.
  2. The chain-driven transmission system will always come in handy for every younger kid.
  3. The high-torque engine will deliver better maneuverability and controllability simultaneously.


Ensure that every little part of the bike is okay and functional. Unless you get a dysfunctional part, this pit bike will always ensure that you get the better performance possible.

4. XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket pit Bike

XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket pit Bike




Engine displacement

49cc two-stroke engine

Top speed


Max rider weight

128 lbs


Front and rear disc brake

User experience (9/10)

There is simply no reason why one would not love this bike. From decent build quality to remaining the performance for a long time, this exclusive pit bike is enough capable of giving you the best experience possible at any moment.

We have talked with a large number of users. Almost 90% of the users have positively reviewed the item.

Features worth discussing

The very first reason every kid will love this mini pocket dirt bike is its exclusive design. The bike looks aesthetically gorgeous at first glance. With up to six different color patterns, this pit bike will please almost all personalities.

An elegant design does not demean the overall performance capacity of the bike even the little. All the EPA-approved parts with the smaller 50cc engine will ensure that the rider always rides with better safety.

The inclusion of front and rear foot-operated rear disc braking will also bring a wholesome experience when it comes to getting top-notch maneuverability.

Again, the pit bike is better capable of withstanding up to 130lbs of load, making it enough capable for an adult as well.

One thing is pretty sure; when longevity is your primary concern, this exquisite 50cc pit bike from XtremePowerUS is always ready to bring forth the most convenient experience possible.


  1. Larger pneumatic knobby tires will bring forth god traction while riding on difficult tracks.
  2. The motor delivers higher torque, and the rpm rate will always bring forth a good experience.
  3. The pull-start lever and twisted-grip throttle will give maximum maneuverability.


Even with vast experience in this field, we even get confused when different users point out different things regarding almost all pit bikes. There will always remain complications with a bike. But you can minimize the risk by choosing according to your true potential. Ensure that you have a backup option and all the parts are okay to get the best possible experience in the longer run.

5. Fit Right FRP 50CC 2-Stroke Kids pit bike

Fit Right FRP 50CC 2-Stroke Kids pit bike



Fit Right


Two-stroke 50cc engine


Chain-driven fully-automatic

Top speed

Up to 20mph

Load capacity

Up to 160 lbs

User experience (8/10)

When safety is your primary concern, this pit bike from Fit Right is here to completely match your requirement. From essential engine rpm to the whole frame, this one is perfect in every aspect.

As long as you are doing the right assembly, there are actually multiple reasons to love this item.

Features worth discussing

Unlike most other 50cc dirt bikes, this one includes front and rear disc braking. As a result, stopping and getting high-end control over the bike will be far more relevant compared to other bikes.

One thing that is worth keeping in mind is that if your kid is growing at a fast rate, this smaller 50cc pit bike may look smaller. But there is no doubt about the fact that the bike has got some real speed to please any user.

Another thing we loved about this pit bike is that this one delivers an aggressive sound output, which will always let people know that you are approaching the scene.

This bike may look smaller, but the capacity of delivering up to 20mph of top speed simply makes it a good toy for any kid with the age of 8 to 13.

Talking about the price? For a budget of nearly $300 dollars, this one definitely looks like a promising dirt bike worth loving.


  1. The fully automatic chain-driven transmission system will ensure high-end safety by not letting your kid cross the limit.
  2. The inclusion of a suspension system on both ends will give maximum controllability.
  3. Fit Right provides multiple varieties so that you can pick up accordingly.


The problems are relatable for almost all similar kinds of pit bikes. From engine does not start to broken handle, these are the most common problems you may face with this pit bike as well.   But all issues are fixable. You can expect to get at least six months of smooth performance from this bike. After that anything may happen.

6. GBmoto Green 50cc Kids pirt Bike

GBmoto Green 50cc Kids Dirt Bike





50cc two-stroke gas-powered engine


Fully automatic, pull start


Larger Motard tires


Rear disc braking

Top speed


User experience (8.5/10)

With a specific kid-friendly design, this essential smaller pit bike is here to bring a pure smile to every kid's face. The manufacturer tried their best to put every possible safety gear into this bike so that kids love riding on this bike.

After evaluating the bike, we believe 8.5 out of ten will be a good score to justify the overall quality of this bike.

Features worth discussing

This one is neither a perfect choice for intermediate kids nor a perfect choice for fast-growing kids as well. If your kid’s height is anywhere between 3 feet to 4 feet, this exclusive pit bike should bring forth the best experience for him. A rider with more than 4 feet of height will surely look clumsy on this bike.

A great reason you should choose this item for your kid is that this one comes with the easiest pull-start lever. Therefore, cranking the engine will be the easiest job with this essential pit bike.

The manufacturer has taken the safety issues a step further by including a kill switch to this bike. Therefore, even if your kid does not know when to stop, this bike will ensure that your kid is in a safer hand.

Again, like the previous one, this bike also includes a fully automatic transmission system, ensuring the best riding experience possible. 

Last but not least, this mini bike is popular for its wider extended tire. With these tires, your kid will get better traction and grip to ride his bike almost in all-terrain conditions.

Let your kid be the champion with more confidence and elegance with this bike.


  1. The disc braking system will give better control and suspension in difficult terrains.
  2. With 25mph of top speed capacity, this one will definitely make your kid love this item.
  3. With less than $300 dollars in price range, this is a great value for your budget as well.


Having a shorter height and body frame does not make it a good choice for intermediate kids. But as a beginner, this one is always worth loving.

7. Superrio 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini pit Bike




Engine displacement

49cc two-stroke gas-powered


Front and rear disc braking


Chain driven, pull start

Max rider weight

130 lbs

User experience (8.5/10) 

We asked more than 50 users to share their experiences with us regarding this mini pit bike. Astonishingly, more than 70% of the users have agreed that this one does what it is here to do.

After giving it a better look, we believe 8.5 out of 10 will be a better score for this bike.

Features worth discussing

One thing is pretty sure; this pit bike will deliver far better performance compared to an equivalent electric pit bike. 

As this one is cheap pit bike, you may think that this one may not include any suspension to this bike. Well, the manufacturer indeed includes front and rear disc braking on both ends of the bike to ensure smoothness and better controllability in almost all-terrain conditions.

At the same time, the inclusion of rear shock suspension just makes this bike better superior compared to all other bikes on this list. 

With the better dimension, even an intermediate rider should feel comfortable on this bike.

With a seat height of 18 inches, this one will accommodate even an adult as well.

You probably are wondering about the rider weight capacity of the bike. Well, this one is better capable of withstanding up to 130 lbs of weight load. Therefore, acquiring better maneuverability will be much easier and relevant with this bike.


  1. The alloyed steel frame will withstand a better load to make any rider comfortable on this bike.
  2. The soft padded seating will give ensure smoothness while riding on this bike. 
  3. The hand-pull start lever will ensure that you get the fastest starting experience with this bike.


The engine may get hot if you ride on this bike for a long while. At the same time, the speed may look a little slower if you have better expertise in this discipline.

How to choose a two stroke pit bike for kids?

Here are the top five essential things that will help you to choose a kid’s pit bike with optimum proficiency-

  1. Always keep a backup option
  2. Learn about the parts and the ways of replacement
  3. Give concentration on the functionality of the bike
  4. The engine is more than important
  5. You may give priority to the price as well

Always keep a backup option

Truth to be spoken, a 50cc two-stroke pit bike is more vulnerable to damages compared to a similar four-stroke pit bike. Therefore, keeping a backup option always helps you to reduce the fair chance of facing any issues in the longer run.

From wherever you purchase the bike, ensure that you will get the refund in case the bike shows some signs of vulnerabilities.

Keeping such a backup option will always give you the satisfaction that you have the option to compensate for the loss.

Learn about the parts and the ways of replacement

No matter whether you purchase a branded Kawasaki or a Chinese pit bike, facing smaller to larger problems with the bike is a conventional affair. Therefore, having a better sense regarding all the parts and gears of the bike always gives you the best experience even if you face any issues in the longer run.

Pit bike gears like the engine, front forks, pit bike muffler, wheels, kick start lever, and so on are some of the common parts that may require replacement or correction with the span of time.

Therefore, push yourself a little further to learn about all the parts and instruments so that you can always get away even if you face any problems in the longer run.

Give concentration on the functionality.

A pit bike may not run for the first time you pull the pull start lever. It might happen due to the disproportionate oil mixture or some unorganized assembly mistake.

Therefore, do not immediately go for asking a refund. Ensure that you have checked every little fundamental property of the bike before asking for a refund.

You may also try increasing the throttle of the bike a little in case there is a slight imbalance in the oil mixture. 

The engine is more than important

Avoiding the engine or motor of your bike is more like avoiding the whole thing. Always ensure that the engine installed on the bike has a higher rpm and torque rate so that you can get better speed and controllability from the bike with essential efficiency.

The engine of your pit bike not only dictates the overall efficiency of the bike but also can ensure longevity to use the bike for a better time.

Check how many cc-rated engines are used in a pit bike if you are interested. You may also check pit bike engine oil reviews for low to high cc engines to ensure that you are using the right engine oil for your bike.

You may give priority to price as well

This section is avoidable if you prefer quality more than the price. But when you have a tight budget, the price can turn out to be an important factor to influence your decision.

Pit bikes are usually available for about $350 dollars to as high as $6000 dollars, depending on the brand and performance of the bike.

When it comes to a two-stroke pit bike, they are even much cheaper with fewer moving parts compared to a four-stroke pit bike.

Two-stroke vs. four-stroke pit bike










Engine power

Better engine power but not consistent

Better engine power with better consistency

Engine temperature


Tends to produce more heat

Moving parts

Less moving parts

More moving parts

Motor design

Simpler motor design

Complex motor design while compared with two-strokes

Maintenance cost

Less maintenance cost

Higher maintenance cost

Engine braking

Less to none

Strong and consistent engine braking

Start time


Requires a little more time

Rpm window

Narrow rpm window

Larger rpm window

How much does a two-stroke pit bike cost?

A two-stroke pit bike can cost anywhere between $250 dollars to $6000 dollars, depending on the engine size and overall performance.

Here is a little chart that will give you some hints regarding the price range of a two-stroke pit bike-

Type and engine size


50cc (for kids)

$250-$500 dollars

50cc to 110cc (beginner to intermediate)

$700-$2000 dollars

70cc to 450cc (endure, professional)

$2500-$6000 dollars

Is a four-stroke pit bike heavier than a two-stroke pit bike?

Yes, a four-stroke pit bike will be a little heavier compared to a two-stroke pit bike.

The inclusion of extra moving parts to the engine compartment of a four-stroke pit bike helps in accumulating the extra weight that you will not find in a two-stroke pit bike.

The average weight of a four-stroke dirt bike will be around 220 lbs, whereas the average weight of a two-stroke pit bike will be around 210lbs.


Which bike is more stable in different terrain?

When it comes to riding the bike on different terrains, the weight of the bike plays an important role in dictating stability.

For example, when you are riding in open terrain, the higher weight of a four-stroke pit bike will bring more consistent and smooth riding. On the contrary, the lighter weight of a two-stroke pit bike will come in handy when you will ride on a tight technical terrain.

Should you compare a two-stroke pit bike with a four-stroke pit bike?

Between two-stroke and four-stroke, neither one is better than the other. The truth is that both types of bikes have their differences, similarities, and pros and con according to their types. Therefore, it is never worth comparing a two-stroke pit bike with a four-stroke pit bike.

Which type has high-end maneuverability?

Although the maneuverability of a pit bike depends on numerous factors, a two-stroke pit bike tends to deliver better maneuverability and controllability in normal terrain conditions.

On the contrary, a four-stroke dirt bike will bring forth wholesome experiences when you will ride on complex terrain conditions.

Therefore, defining the maneuverability of the bike is always a tricky question. It mostly depends on the track and your skillset.

Which pit bike type produces more consistent engine power?

In general, a four-stroke pit bike will produce more consistent and smooth power throughout the rpm range.

On the other hand, a two-stroke pit bike will deliver maximum engine power within a specific rpm window.

Therefore, the engine power of a two-stroke engine tends to fluctuate, depending on the rpm range of the bike.

Final summary

It is indeed true that two-stroke pit bikes are almost near to extinction. Nowadays, you will only find a two-stroke engine either in a kid’s bike or in a specific rider’s bike. Other than that these bikes are almost none to zero. But it should be the right time to revolutionize the two-stroke category a little further. Let us take the first step to make the category a little bit more popular.

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