Top 7 Best pit bike tires for all brand bike in 2023

We know that choosing the right pit bike tire is always a complicated scenario. There are a lot of things to consider including your riding type, the terrain you are riding on, tire size, tread design, and so many more.

At the same time, the market is loaded with tons of different items to make you confused with your decision.

That is why following the expert's suggestions always help you to come up with a better solution.

In this particular article, we will be talking about some of the best Pit bike tires for almost riding conditions and types so that you can get your preferred pit bike tire without tearing your hair apart.

Best pit bike tires

Why the tire of a pit bike is important?

We all know that the tire or the wheel of any bike helps to move the bike forward or backward. But this is not the only function of a tire.

Every tire does more than that. Here are some of the crucial benefits you will get from a good quality tire-

  • First of all, a quality tire provides essential traction and controllability.
  • The engine's power is directly transmitted to the wheel.  Any imbalance in that section may give fluctuating riding experience.
  • In a bigger sense, the tire of any bike also helps to control the total speed of the bike.

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Top 7 Best pit bike tires reviews

We know the market has too many products to offer. That is where complications arrive and make the decision-making process a little complex. But when we are here, you should not have any worries at all. 

Our list includes 12-inch, paddle tires, studded tires, DOT approved, ice tires, and many other varieties so that you always get your preferred item.

Here is our first pit bike tire recommendation from Kenda.






Tread design


DOT approved


Available sizes

Up to 18 inches

Tire compatibility



SSR 125, CRF 250, DRZ, KLX250S, and more

User experience (9.5/10)

If you are the type of rider who rides on most terrain conditions, this rear tire with a diameter of 12 inches should be a perfect fit for your pit bike.

What are the users are talking about this item? Well, without good user ratings, this one would not be able to make it on this list.

Features worth discussing

When you want better speed out of your pit bike, a smaller tire placed on the front and rear part of your bike should give you the best experience.

This Kenda tire with the size of 12 inches should suffice to give you the momentum to ride the bike with better speed and compatibility.

At the same time, Kenda tires are compatible with a large number of pit bikes. As a result, you should be able to install the tire on your pit bike with ease.

With the intermediate tire shape design, this tire will be able to handle both soft and hard terrains. As a result, the chances of facing chunky tire conditions will be nominal.

From getting better traction to riding on the hardest terrain, you should be able to get the freedom when this rear tire is installed on your pit bike.


  1. Kenda always brings price-affordable tires on the market.
  2. This is a DOT-approved tire meaning you will be able to take your bike on the street as well.
  3. Being an intermediate terrain tire, you will be able to rule on every terrain condition.


Well, this tire is really worth loving. From the look to the performance, this one has every merit to satisfy the users.

We believe you will have a great time with this tire as well if this tire complies with your bike.







Terrain compatibility

Sot terrain

Bike compatibility

50-100cc smaller pit bikes

Tread design

Better space between tread blocks

User experience (9/10)

If your little champ is planning to practice MX riding, these smaller knobby tires might bring the solution. 

With an optimized tread design, this tire should perform better on soft terrain conditions. That should not mean that you will not be able to use the tire on hard terrains.

With specific tread block placement, this one is also capable of handling almost all types of terrains.

Features worth discussing

This pit bike tire kit from Pirelli comes in pairs and with smaller tire sizes. With a width of 2.5 inches on the front and 2.75 inches on the rear, the rim diameter of the tire is approximately 10 inches.

That means this is not a great suit for the larger pit or dirt bikes. If the engine size of your pit bike is within 100cc, this tire kit might help you to get the best possible pit bike riding experience.

Having a rim diameter of only 10 inches, these tires from Pirelli will also help your kid to learn the basics of MX riding without sacrificing comfort and stability.

At the same time, the tread blocks on the tire have enough space between one another so that dirt and mud do not get a chance to create an imbalance while riding.


  1. The package also includes two inner tubes so that you can use them in emergencies.
  2. You will get better traction in soft terrains and stability in hard terrains.
  3. This package is a better buy for the budget also.


This tire package comes for mini pit bikes with an engine size of up to 100cc. Therefore; this one may not satisfy you if you are looking for an alternative to your full-sized pit bike. 




Tire compatibility

Front or rear

Tire size


Load capacity

440 pounds


Tire and inner tube

Tread pattern

Mid to aggressive


Different sizes available

User experience (9/10)

We are talking about a 12-inch tire. If you are here for something fatter, the following tires should make you happy. But if you really want to install a skinny tire that will allow you to ride on most terrains, consider checking this item for better performance in the longer run.

Features worth discussing

First of all, this is a combo package meaning you will get both the tire and the inner tube with the purchase.

For about $30 dollars, such a tire should always make sense.

What are the benefits of having this item for your pit bike? Well, this knobby tire is developed through all seasoned compound material. Therefore, you should be able to use this one in any weather situation.

The knobby tire construction with the better placement of the blocks on the tire should give you the versatility to ride your toy both on muddy and rocky terrains.

At the same time, the threads on the block should come in handy to bring forth essential grips and traction to control the riding with optimum efficiency.

With a speed rating of L, one should be able to get up to 75mph of top speed with this specific kind of tire.

Therefore, versatility, performance, and speed all will be present in a single place.


  1. You will get varieties of options to choose from MMG.
  2. You will get everything you paid for.
  3. This one comes with the simplest installation process. You should be able to complete the installation within 30 minutes at max.


With a diameter of 12 inches, this tire looks skinny.  If you want a larger tire, this one may not make you satisfied.




Tire compatibility

Front and rear

Tire size



Suitable conditions

Intermediate to hard terrains

Knob design

Aggressive knob design

User experience (9/10)

This is what a full-size pit bike or dirt bike tire looks like. With the presence of almost everything you need to have, this one is here to improve your riding condition than the stock tires.

If you want to know why you should go with this tire set, the following section is for you-

Features worth discussing

This is a complete tire kit you need to have to make every terrain a perfect place to rule over. From Intermediate soft terrain to the hardest rocky terrain, this tire is capable of handling almost anything.

With a width of 70mm on the front and 90mm on the rear, these tires are enough stiffer to give you better controllability at any moment in any place.

At the same time, the rim on these tires comes with a size of 17 inches and 14 inches on the front and rear respectively. As a result, these tires should work just fine on any soft and hard terrains.

Along with the wheels, this set also includes rims, inner tubes, and bearings to make it a perfect tire solution for your pit bike.

Finally, this tire set should comply with most pit bikes and dirt bikes on the market. If you require a good pair of tires for your pit bike, this one might turn out to be a better solution.


  1. Installing these tires on your pit bike will surely make your bike look good.
  2. Upgrading your stock tires with these will make your pit bike more performing and capable.
  3. This one should fit perfectly on most 125cc to 200cc pit bikes.


When you will see the tires for the first time, they may look a little uneven. But when it comes to performance, you will realize that this kind of construction is what makes it more performing.




Tire size



Rim, Tube Hub, wheel bearing

Tread pattern


Better for

Mud and snow

Additional benefit

Puncture resistant

X-PRO 12 Rear Wheel Rim Tire

User experience (8.5/10)

Everyone knows that X-Pro brings some of the best Xpro 40cc to 250cc pit bikes on the market. Like their pit bikes, X-Pro tires tend to ensure better quality and performance as well.

If you are a fan of X-Pro, this tire kit is here to make your pit bike more performing and capable in different terrain conditions.

With a width of 3 inches, this tire comes with a hub diameter of 12 inches. As a result, this one should be able to handle almost all kinds of

Features worth discussing

Our fifth recommendation on this list also comes with a smaller rim diameter, meaning you can expect more speed out of it.

Like the previous one, this one is also a complete tire package. This package comes with everything you will need to have to keep the tire running proficiently on and off the road. 

This one is specifically designed to deliver better performance on snowy and muddy terrain. That means if you are the type of rider who loves to explore rough terrain with your pit bike; this one might be a better solution to help you solve your problem.

The tread blocks are specifically designed to clear out the dirt and debris so that you can get the momentum without any distraction wherever you ride your pit bike.


  1. With superior load capacity, this one will carry the load of even the bulkiest rider.
  2. This one is almost a universal tire. In some cases, you may need to do some sort of modifications to ensure high-end compatibility.
  3. The rim is aluminum made meaning durability and performance will always be present with this exclusive pit bike tire.


While almost all of the users have agreed that this one is the same as the manufacturer describes it, some of the users have also mentioned that the inner tube of the tire does not seem to be that much strong to withstand a higher load.

It is time for you to find out which one is true. But if the reviews were not that good, we would not have included this item in this list.

6. Mitas XT-454 Studded Rear Motorcycle Tire 110/90-19 PRO 350 Studs Spikes



Mitas Trelleborg



Speed rating


DOT compatible


Best suit for

Winter, snow, and muddy terrain

Tire type

Studded winter tire

User experience (9/10)

If you have been looking for a studded tire to get the best experience in the snowy terrain conditions, this one from Mitas Trelleborg should give you the most authentic experience possible.

Features worth discussing

A special environment requires special treatment. If you have been living in a region where the temperature tends to stay low and snow is a common affair, this essential studded snow tire is ready to be your companion to ride even in the most extreme situations.

The tread design of this tire is what keeps it apart from most other intermediate tires. With an arrangement of highly organized blocks and specifically designed treads, this one will always be ready to handle the most slippery icy terrain.

At the same time, riding your bike on muddy terrain should also bring a wholesome experience when this tire will remain installed on your bike.

Besides, with the optimized construction, this one will treat well those who are willing to develop their skill for MX riding. 

Finally, with a load index rating of 60, this one will ensure a fair riding experience for almost all types of riders.


  1. With larger width and rim diameter, getting traction and stability should not be a task of hassle at all.
  2. Investing in this tire means you are spending your money in the right place.
  3. The combination of multiple compounds just makes this one an essential item to have for getting better convenience in the longer run.


The tire is a dedicated off-road item. That means you cannot expect to get better performance on the road when this tire is installed on your bike.

7. Protrax PT1002 Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Tire 2.75-10 Front or Rear






Tire type

Soft and intermediate

Bike compatibility

Mini and mid-size pit bike



User experience (9/10)

When riding on the soft trail is your first-hand preference, this 10-inch tire from Protrax is here to give you a convenient riding experience. 

No matter whether you move from soft to intermediate terrain conditions, this one is capable of handling both types with essential proficiency.

Anyway, you may not get the best experience on rocky terrains when this tire is installed on your bike.

Features worth discussing

With a pretty stiffer construction, this essential tire is here to bring forth better traction to any soft terrain you ride your vehicle.

The good part is that almost everyone has agreed to the fact that this tire kit is much easier to install. If you know the basics of installing a tire, this one should not take a long time to complete the installation.

With an aggressive tire design, this one surely brings aggressive performance on any terrain. If you want to give your pit bike an aggressive look, this tire is what you need to install to your pit bike.

What else? Well, this tire is compatible with a large number of pit bike models, including ATK, Cobra, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, and more.

If you are worried about the compatibility, we can assure you that you will not have any issues while installing this tire on your pit bike.


  1. With a price of around $30, this is a great save for your budget as well.
  2. With rim size of 10 inches, this one will fit any smaller to mid-size pit bikes.
  3. This one has a load index rating of 88. As a result, even if you put a high-pressure on this tire, your comfort zone will never deteriorate.


This tire will not be able to deliver optimized performance on rocky terrain.  If you only ride on soft and intermediate terrain, this tire will work okay for you. But riding on rocky terrain might give you patchy tire experience.

How to choose the right pit bike tire for your pit bike?

pit bike tires

Well, these are some of the crucial aspects that will help you to choose a perfect tire for your pit bike-

  • Consider where you ride your pit bike most
  • The size of the tire is always an important aspect 
  • Research more about the types of the tire
  • Tire pressure dictates performance
  • How much speed do you want to get

Consider where you ride your pit bike most

You just can’t think about riding on the trail by installing a street-friendly knobby tire on your pit bike. When both the tire and the track comply with each other, getting superior performance from the bike becomes easier.

When you mostly ride on a sand dune, a paddle tire must be the most convenient solution because of its better traction and controllability.

If you ride your pit bike mostly on soft terrain, you will need something that will not gather mud and dirt while riding. At the same time, don’t forget to give a better look at the traction and stability of the tire as well.

When you are talking about intermediate terrain, you will need a tire that comes with a stiffer construction so that it can minimize the flex whenever you will be on the move.

If you ride on hard terrain, you will need to choose something that has tread lugs closer to the space so that you can get more contact with the ground for better stability and mobility.

If you are talking particularly about trail tires, you had better go with a hybrid tire. With the construction of different compounding materials, a hybrid tire can really make you comfortable with the riding process.

The size of the tire is always an important aspect

Choosing the right size of the tire is as important as choosing according to the terrain condition.

The most basic perspective you need to keep in mind is that a smaller tire tends to deliver better speed, whereas a tire with a larger diameter will deliver better traction but with less speed.

But how would you decipher the size of a pit bike tire?

A pit bike tire will usually come with a size measurement like 80/100-12.

The first figure, which is 80, represents the width of the tire in millimeters.

The second figure, which is 100, dictates the aspect ratio (the sidewall’s height in percentage). In this case, the sidewall’s height is 100 percent of the width. That means the sidewall’s height of this tire is also 80mm.

Finally, the last digit, which is 12, dictates the internal rim diameter of the tire in inches. That means the tire we are talking about has a 12-inch rim diameter.

Research more about the types of the tire

When it comes to categorizing the types of off-road motorcycle tire, you will find three different options-

  1. Tires with soft tread design
  2. Intermediate or medium tires
  3. And tires with a hard tread design

A soft terrain tire with a tighter rubber setup is better capable of clearing dirt and mud out of the tire. Therefore, a soft terrain tire is a perfect suit for the soft trail condition.

On the flip side of the coin, a hard terrain tire will have a soft rubber compound. Therefore, this type of tire is a better fit for rocky terrain conditions.

Finally, Intermediate terrain tires are mostly suitable to ride on typical terrain conditions where there will be the presence of both hard and soft terrain conditions. 

Some of the specific tires may also come for desert conditions.

Therefore, take a little time to find out which type of tire would bring the most relevant support for your specific purpose.

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Tire pressure dictates performance

Once you choose the right type of tire for your specific vehicle, you will need to decide whether the pressure of the tire is okay or not. 

A tire with better tire pressure will give you more mobility and performance compared to the one that has a nominal tire pressure. 

Once you choose the specific tire, go and check the user manual to find out the exact PSI that the tire comes with.

For any kind of motocross and off-road riding, the tire pressure of a pit bike should be anywhere from 12 to 15 PSI.

Choosing a tire with less than 12 PSI will give you more traction and choosing a PSI level of more than 15 will help to reduce pitch flats and possible damages.

If you love wheelies on your pit bike, here are the 8 pit bikes for wheelies.

How much speed do you want to get from the tire?

The final question you will have to ask yourself while choosing the right sized tire for your pit bike is the speed that you want to get from the tire.

Almost every tire found on the market comes with a speed rating. The speed rating dictates the maximum speed you would get from the tire.

In general, if you are talking about a pit bike, the speed limit of any tire should be from 45mph to 65mph at max.

This is because, unlike a dirt bike, a pit bike tends to come with a smaller engine size.


How much does a pit bike tire cost?



Single tire (front or rear)


Pair (front and rear)


A single pit bike tire can cost anywhere from $30 to as high as $80.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about purchasing a combo of pit bike tires that includes both front and rear tires, the price range will be from $80 to $200

On most occasions, it is possible to install the tire on your own. 

But if you are someone who does not like to take any risk, completing the whole installation process with the help of a professional might cost you around $50 to $250 depending on how many tires you are willing to install.

What size are pit bike tires?

Unlike dirt bike tires, pit bike tires are smaller. On average, the size of a pit bike tire will be from 10 inches to up to 17 inches.

Some of the dirt bike tires can have a diameter of up to 21 inches. But on most occasions, the size of a pit bike tire will be within 19 inches.

How to change a tire on a pit bike?


  1. Tire irons
  2. B tools
  3. Rim protectors
  4. Tire changing stand
  5. Lubricant


First of all, you will need to remove the air from your tire.

In the next step, you will need to break the bead from the rim lock.

In the next step, you will need to remove the tire from the rim. To complete the process, you may need to lube up the rim while removing the tire. 

Remember that at this particular stage, you will have to use the tire irons to complete the process with optimum proficiency.

Do the same for both sides to remove the tire from the rim. Remember that this is the most complicated job here. Once you complete the process, the rest of the task should go with the flow.

All right, now is the time to install the new tire to the rim. Lube up the whole tire first before you move into the tire installing process.

Finally, insert the tube inside of the tire and install it on the rim.

We know explaining everything in a single passage is hard. You may check this link as well to complete the whole installation process with better proficiency.

Final summary

Pit bikes are capable of running both on and off the road. Therefore, they require some special kind of tires to handle terrain varieties. Throughout this whole article, we have enlisted tires of almost all possible kinds. It does not matter whether you are looking for a soft, intermediate, or hard terrain tire, if you have checked our list, your preferred item should remain present on this list.

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