Best Pit Bike Handlebars in the market for a comfortable ride

When you are not enjoying the ride on the trails, maybe you don’t have adequate control over the YCF pit bike. However, you can easily solve the problem by using a BBR handlebar, Pro Taper handler, or Renthal pit bike handlebars.

When you have the perfect handlebar attached for controlling, you easily have a long ride. Aluminum or steel handlebars are more popular than carbon fiber handlebars because of their strength and durability.

In this article, we have included the top seven pit bike handlebars that start with Pro Taper SE Series 7/8" Standard Handlebars. It is compatible with Honda pit bikes.

Best Pit Bike Handlebars

Pit bike handlebars sizing

When it comes to choosing pit bike handlebars, you need to know whether it’s compatible with SSR pit bike or Apollo pit bike, or any other. But the thing most buyers ignore is the size.

However, according to our research team, one must consider the size before anything. Two different sizes of handlebars are available for pit bikes, 7/8 inches, and 1-1/8 inches. Now the question is which one do you need?

Standard pit bike handlebar: Standard pit bike handlebar is 7/8 inches. It is measured in the center of the handlebar, not the whole bar. The standard handlebar has a crossbar with offering comparatively less flex.

Less flex means you have more strength on the bike handle. Therefore, off-road jumping becomes easier with the handle.

Oversized pit bike handlebar: Unlike standard pit bike handle, oversized handles have better flex. From the center position measurement, it measures 1-1/8 inches. It is mostly used for riding on trails, not jumping.

The choice between these two size types depends on your purpose. Therefore, it is better to decide first for what you need the handles and then purchase a handlebar.

Best Pit Bike Handlebars

Pro Taper SE Standard Handlebars


Brand: Pro Taper

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. High-strength aerospace aluminum construction.
  2. 7/8 inches standard size with full 5 mm wall thickness.
  3. ¼ inches cut guides.
  4. Cold-forged crossbar.
  5. Knurled clutch sides.
  6. Shot peened finish.
  7. Position guides and model names on the bar.

Users opinion on the handlebar

Tall users like 6 feet 3 or above get the handlebar perfectly suitable on their pit bikes. As it comes with standard 7/8 inches sizing, it fits perfectly on Honda Grom models. It took the least time to get completely installed on the bike.

So far, none has spent more than 45 minutes to get it installed. The addition of a crossbar enhances the bike’s beauty and handlebar itself. However, there’s one downgrade you will get in it.

The manufacturer has added no holes for the control. Therefore, you need to do this on your own. But since you have drilled the holes, the rest of the work is hassle-free.


This standard-sized handlebar is compatible with all model pit bike, Honda series pit bikes and commuter bikes.

More details you need to know

The manufacturer used the highest quality, strong aerospace aluminum to build the handlebar. The aluminum alloy has up to 70,000 psi ultimate strength. It comes in a jet black color with a shot-peened finish.

The shot-peened finish increases the fatigue during a ride. Moreover, the bar is 5 mm thick for maximum strength while handing. It has a ¼ cut guide for precise modification. Users can enjoy a secured grip with the knurled clutch sides.

Stainless steel, the cold-forged crossbar is available here. On the crossbar, you will get position guides and model names printed clearly. The bar comes in standard size with a length of 7/8 inches.

The good

  1. The thickened handle provides maximum strength.
  2. It increases the fatigue life with a shot-peened finish.
  3. Secured the grip hold through the knurled clutch side.
  4. Easy to install within an hour.
  5. The inclusion of a crossbar makes the riding position comfortable.
  6. Provides motorcycle riding feel.

The bad

Need to drill holes for installation.

2. WEIYINGASI Handle Bar with Foam Pad 7/8" 22MM

WEIYINGASI pit bike Handle Bar



Weight: 1.65 pounds

Key Features

  1. Durable aluminum handlebar construction.
  2. Four 304 stainless steel bolts.
  3. One super-soft foam pad.
  4. A pair of slip-resistant rubber grips.
  5. 7/8 inches or 22 mm standard sizing.
  6. 5 mm inner diameter for mounting hole.
  7. Tubing thickness is 3 mm.

Users opinion on the handlebar

The bar has so far satisfied the users with the high-grade construction and proper sizing. Chinese pit bike holders have found the standard-sized handlebar pretty handy on the bike. Also, the inclusion of a foam pad is a great addition.

Moreover, the bar height creates a good position for the mirrors. The grips available in the package reduce the chances of slippage even if someone holds it for a long time.

On the opposite side of these good things, one thing they could have done better. The throttle tube bars have rough endings, which most users smoothened later on.


The handlebar is compatible with the following pit bike models.

  1. Honda CRF
  2. Yamaha YZF
  3. Kawasaki KXF and KLX
  4. Suzuki RMZ and DRZ
  5. Chinese pit bike

More details you need to know

From the compatibility, it may not be unfair to call the handlebar a versatile one. The manufacturer has put importance on the construction and made it compatible with most pit bikes.

It has a quality aluminum construction with a standard 7/8 inches size. They included a crossbar to enhance the design that contains a printed pit bike. There are two stainless steel bolts available built-in on the bar.

Hence, the package includes two spare stainless steel bolts. The inner right switch mounting hole is 5 mm, and the aluminum is 3 mm thickened. Probably the handiest addition is the pair of slip-resistant soft grips with a foam pad.

The good

  1. The bar height creates a comfortable riding position.
  2. Supports the rider with a slip-resistant grip.
  3. Cheap, but a handy product.
  4. Compatible with pit bikes from the top four brands.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. Compatible with Chinese pit bikes.

The bad

  1. The throttle tube is rough at the ending.
  2. Isn’t a straight handlebar.

3. Universal Fat Bars 28mm Dirt Bike Pad Pit Bike Handlebar

Universal Fat Bars 28mm pit bike handlebars


Brand: Unknown

Weight: 2.62 pounds

Key Features

  1. High-quality anodized surface construction.
  2. The bar is 1 1/8 inches or 28 mm long.
  3. The inner diameter is 14.2 mm.
  4. Includes a pair of rubber grips.
  5. A pad is available.
  6. The package includes a clamp adapter.

Users opinion on the handlebar

It is almost a perfect handlebar package in terms of price to the majority of users. If the package came with all mounting hardware, the verdict could have been perfect. However, compared to the price points, it offers a glorious appearance.

Although the rubber grips seem a bit stiff, they are good for supporting during a long ride. The solid construction fits almost any pit bike. However, you shouldn’t use it on ATV because of the thinness.

According to the users’ experience, it could have been better if the adapter came a bit long.


The handlebar is compatible with the following pit bike models from KTM and Eskuta brands.

KTM EXC250, SXF250, EXC450, SXF450, and EXC525

Eskuta SX250, SX350.

More details you need to know

It is an oversized pit bike handlebar that comes with quality construction. The manufacturer used high-grade anodized construction to make the bar. It measures 28 mm or 1 1/8 inches. However, the inner diameter is 14.2 mm.

There’s no dimple available in the bar, which works as a better control wiring. Although it has anodized construction, the manufacturer kept it light. Moreover, the package is filled with whatever one needs in addition to the bar.

A pair of rubber grips are available for soft and supportive comfort while riding. Also, a clamp adapter and pad come with the bar as handy additions.

The good

  1. It comes with an attractive appearance.
  2. The rubber grips prevent slippage.
  3. Anodized construction forms a durable build quality.
  4. Fits well on the KTM and Eskuta pit bikes.
  5. Value for money product.

The bad

  1. The bars are way thin to be used on ATVs.
  2. Longer adapter bolts could have done a better job.

4. JFG RACING 1 1/8" 28mm Dirt pit Bike Handlebar Set

JFG RACING pit Bike Handlebar Set



Weight: 2.62 pounds

Key features

  1. High-quality anodized surface construction.
  2. 28 mm or 1-1/8 inches long bar.
  3. 14.2 mm inner diameter.
  4. Includes a pair of rubber grips.
  5. The package has a pad and a clamp adapter.

Users opinion on the handlebar:

If the need is for an affordable, but cool-looking handlebar, it is worth buying. The quality construction with a painted finish creates an eye-catching look on the bike. Moreover, it’s pretty simple and easy to install.

Talking about the price, it is hard to find such features on an affordable pit bike handlebar. The only downgrade of the bar appears as the handle. Although it has a quality rubber build, it seems a bit crappy.


The handlebar is compatible with the following Honda pit bike models.

  1. Honda CFR250R.
  2. Honda CFR450R.
  3. Honda CFR250X.
  4. Honda CFR450X.
  5. Honda XR250.

More details you need to know:

It has quality construction with an oversized length, which suits a majority of pit bikes. The manufacturer used high-grade anodized construction to make the bar. It measures 28 mm or 1 1/8 inches. However, the inner diameter is 14.2 mm.

Although it has anodized construction, the manufacturer kept it light. Moreover, the package is filled with whatever one needs in addition to the bar. A pair of rubber grips are available for soft and supportive comfort while riding.

Also, a clamp adapter and pad come with the bar as handy additions.

The good

  1. Arrives with a great-looking appearance.
  2. The finish enhances the bar’s longevity.
  3. It is extremely easy to install.
  4. Hard to find such qualities on any other handlebars.
  5. Value for money product.

The bad

  1. The rubber grips are crappy.
  2. Sometimes, the bar twists easily.

5. ProTaper Black Handlebar Kit

ProTaper Black Handlebar Kit


Brand: ProTaper

Weight: 7 pounds

Key features

  1. The handlebar has a high-quality metal construction.
  2. 7 inches Rise handlebar and pad.
  3. Includes a throttle cable and a brake cable.
  4. Kill switch available in the package.
  5. Comes with a brave lever or perch.

Users opinion on the handlebar

You can successfully install the handlebar if you spend around one hour. The inclusion of the installation kit in the package quickens the whole process. The bar quality is up to the mark that provides an extended period of service.

On the other hand, the throttle isn’t a handy addition to the package. From real-life experience, it doesn’t last long for supportive purposes. Also, the kill switch doesn’t come up to mark.


The handlebar is compatible with street touring motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles. To be more specific, it works well with two Honda pit bike models.

  1. Honda CRF50.
  2. Honda XR.

More details you need to know

If a quick installation is a priority, you may not find any better option than this handlebar from ProTaper. It comes with a complete package that has all installation hardware included.

One can conveniently install the bar within one using these installation kits. The manufacturer used durable, but lightweight metal for construction. It includes a crossbar that has ProTaper painted on it.

The package also includes throttle cable, brake cable, brave lever, or perch. Moreover, a kill switch is available here but not as a replacement.

The good

  1. Easy to install within an hour.
  2. A perfect handlebar in the affordable price range.
  3. Construction quality is up to the mark.
  4. Painted ProTaper logo on the cross.
  5. Has a complete installation kit.

The bad

The throttle is nothing but a crappy addition.

6. Dos on Motorcycle 7/8''22mm off-road Handlebar

Dos on off-road Handlebar


Brand: Dos on

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Key features

  1. 7003-T6 aluminum alloy and steel compound construction.
  2. 7/8 inches or 22 mm handlebar diameter.
  3. 4.9 inches in height and 2.9 inches rise.
  4. A metal crossbar of 13 inches.
  5. Sandblast and anodic oxidation technology were used for the construction.
  6. Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant surface.

Users opinion on the handlebar

It is a well-finished bike handlebar. Moreover, it’s also easy to install until the inner diameter falls short. Compared to the normal handlebars’ inner and outer diameter, it has a lacking. In most cases, it has become an obstacle to the installation process.

But the users are quite satisfied with the price point and how it comes. Another big problem is having almost no knurling. To be more specific, it has knurling, but at the end of the bars. However, quality handlebars have knurling in the middle.


The handlebar is specifically made of Yamaha pit bikes. And according to the manufacturer, it is compatible with the following bike models.

  1. Yamaha YZ125.
  2. Yamaha YZ250.
  3. Yamaha YZF250F.
  4. Yamaha YZF450F.
  5. Yamaha WR125.

More details you need to know

Before moving on to the in-depth details of the handles, we’d like you to know that it’s a universal handlebar. Therefore, one will find this usable in whichever pit bike he owns.

Coming out of normal 6061 aluminum construction, the manufacturer used a blend of 7003 aluminum alloy and steel. It formed a tougher and durable quality. Moreover, the surface is anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant for enhanced longevity.

It came to the users with sandblasting and anti-oxidation technology. To save it from bend or break, they used Argon-Arc welding works. It comes in standard size with 7/8 inches or 22 mm in diameter.

The height is 4.9 inches with a rise of 2.9 inches. There is a 13 inches crossbar available in the middle of the bar. The package includes a pair of rubber grips and a bar pad.

The good

  1. Strong and tough construction.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Rubber grips ensure comfortable bike handling.
  4. Won’t break or bend due to the Argon-Arc welding works.
  5. Isn’t prone to corrosion or oxidation.
  6. Long time usable.

The bad

  1. The inner and outer diameter is less.
  2. Has knurling finish at the end instead of the middle.

7. BBR Handlebar Kit - With Tripleclamp – Red

BBR Handlebar Kit - With Tripleclamp


Brand: BBR Motorsports

Weight: 7.8 pounds

Key features

  1. CNC machined billet aluminum top clamp construction.
  2. Black or red anodized design.
  3. It is a 7/8 inches handlebar.
  4. Front brake lever with a long cable.
  5. Standard turn throttle with a long cable.
  6. CR type kills button with long length wire.
  7. Crossbar pad with handlebar grips.
  8. A 6 mm hex key wrench is available.

Users opinion on the handlebar

The bars are sturdy enough for convenient setup and long time usability. With the triple clamp and other required installation kits, the installation process turns out pretty easy. And it’s the most liked thing from the handlebar by the users.

Most buyers worry about the BBR products thinking whether it’s Chinese or genuine. But the quality has proved that it’s genuine. Also, the handlebar grips make it convenient during long rides with proper support.


The genuine BBR handlebar is compatible with almost every XR and CRF pit bike model from Honda.

More details you need to know

It is a complete handlebar package that includes a quality ensured aluminum handlebar. In addition, the manufacturer has added every possible thing required for the installation process in the package.

The bar comes with CNC machined, billet aluminum top clamp construction. As it is a standard handlebar, the measurement is 7/8 inches as usual. The 8 inches rise bar makes it a perfect choice for most adult riders.

Also, you will get optional 6 or 7 inches rise bars for the small riders. It has a red or black anodized design. The package includes a front brake lever with a long cable, CR type kill button with a long-length wire.

You will also get a crossbar pad with handlebar grips and a 6 mm hex key wrench in the package.

The good

  1. Provides a hassle-free installation guarantee.
  2. The crossbar pad and grip provide more than enough comfort.
  3. Study bike handlebar that maintains the quality.
  4. Suitable for both adult and young riders.
  5. Durable anodized design.

The bad

Doesn’t fit all Honda pit bike models.

Things to consider before buying pit bike handlebars

It seems the task is easy to choose a pit bike handlebar when you know the purpose of use. And indeed, it’s an easy task. However, one needs to consider a few crucial features before choosing any handlebar.

  1. Choose between standard and oversized handlebars.
  2. Look for aluminum over stainless steel ones.
  3. Knowing about the compatible bike models.
  4. Tube thickness.
  5. With or without a crossbar.
  6. Rubber grip with a foam pad.
  7. Hassle-free installation with required hardware.

Now let’s break into these things in detail to ease the whole buying process.

Handlebar size: As you already know about the two sizes, there's nothing more to talk about. A standard handlebar is 7/8 inches, and an oversized one is 1-1/8 inches. For extra flex, go for an oversized one.

On the other hand, a standard one will provide less flex but better strength with control. Also, you should check out the tube thickness. Typically, it ranges from 3 mm to 5 mm.

Build quality: Are you confused between stainless steel and aluminum handlebars? Well, if you get an aluminum handlebar, then don’t look for stainless steel just because of the low price. Aluminum bars are comparatively sturdier.

Compatibility: Not every pit bike handlebar offers a universal fit. You will find many handlebars that are compatible with Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, and so on. You can choose a specific model depending on the bike’s model.

However, a universal handlebar fits any bike model from any brand.

Addition of crossbar: Standard handlebars have crossbars. On the contrary, most oversized bars aren’t equipped with crossbars. However, a few come with crossbars. The final choice depends upon the user’s preference.

Better gripping: The handlebar seems incomplete until it has a rubber grip on the handles. Maybe, it’s not that crucial to a few riders. But to be honest, whoever is concerned with the comfort in long rides must get rubber grips.

Most high-grade handlebar package includes foam pad and a pair of rubber grips. It reduces the chances of slippage and ensures a better grip on the bike.

Installation: Buying a handlebar without installation hardware won't be a wise decision. You might have to spend many hours installing it on the bike when there’s no hardware kit in the package.

However, the same job ends up within an hour when the package includes an installation hardware kit.


How much does a pit bike handlebar cost?

On average, the cost of pit bike handlebars ranges from $30 to $65. But a universal handlebar with an installation hardware kit can cost you $160 to $210.

Which is better, standard-sized or oversized handlebar?

It entirely depends on the user’s preference. A standard-sized handlebar provides better strength and control, but less flex. However, you will get a better flex in an oversized handlebar.

Why aluminum is preferable over steel bars?

Aluminum handlebars provide adequate control to the user and ensure a sturdier performance compared to steel ones. Therefore, aluminum is preferable to steel bars.

Is crossbar beneficial in handlebars?

If you need flex, then a crossbar shouldn’t be a good option to be added to the handlebar. In the opposite scenario, you should look for a handlebar with a crossbar for less flex.

Final verdict

Not every handlebar will fit your pit bike if it’s not universal. Also, you may need to increase the expenditure to get a universal handlebar. However, check out the compatibility when you are buying one for a specific model.

  1. Here are the benefits you will get from the listed crossbars.
  2. Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction.
  3. Compatibility with pit bikes from top brands.
  4. Handlebars to choose from with crossbar and without crossbars.
  5. Complete package with installation hardware kit.
  6. Both standard and oversized handlebars.

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