Top 7 Best pit bike air filter reviews 2022

Have you ever thought about how the engine of your pit bike gets refined air in the carburetor? Well, whether you thought or not the answer is always the same that is the pit bike air filters.

We have included the top seven pit bike air filters for 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, etc., bike engines. 38 mm is the most common inner diameter in these air filters. For example, our top selection HIAORS 38mm Air Filter has the same inner diameter.

Air filter for a pit bike works as an essential addition to maintain the engine performance. But, what do you need to do if the filter gets dirty? Well, all the solutions and suggestions are included in the article.

Best pit bike air filter

Types of air filters

Basically, there are two types of air filters depending on the construction and design. These are mesh air filters and foam air filters. Let’s check out the comparison chart below between these two air filters.

Mesh air filters

Foam air filters

Carbon activated mesh construction

Dual foam construction

Durable fabric used

Fabric is not available

Washable and reusable

Washable and reusable

Better to refine air by filtering

Filters the air by soaking

It has a comparatively larger inner diameter

Less inner diameter than mesh air filters

Best pit bike air filter

1. HIAORS 38mm Air Filter



Weight: 3.98 ounces

Key Features

  1. Activated carbon, cloth, and mesh construction.
  2. The inner diameter is 38 mm or 1.5 inches.
  3. Washable and reusable dry cone air filter clamp.  
  4. Outer diameter at the widest point 74 mm.
  5. Round tapered cone shape.
  6. Fits from 49cc to 200cc off-road motorcycle engines.
HIAORS 38mm Air Filter

Users experience after using this product

To get rid stock air system, and let your bike run superbly on the trails, rely on this air filter without thinking much. This is what most users said about the filter.

Moreover, it is easy to install that saves a lot of time for the ride. The durable performance it offers is almost out of the world in this price range. In addition, it’s an easy to clean air filter.

Although the filter looks cool on the pit bike after installing, it stays on the thinner side. Therefore, the carb gets dirty soon after a few rides. Moreover, the rubber quality doesn’t seem to meet a few riders’ demands in the long run.


The air filter is compatible with pit bikes, ATVs, dirt bikes, quads, GY6 scooters, and Go-karts, etc. It is applicable in 49cc, 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 200cc engines.

Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha are the most suitable pit bike brands for the filter.

More details about the air filter

If you need an improved induction sound from the pit bike, you can replace the old air with this one. It’s a 38 mm air filter with a mesh design and is available in six different colors. It comes with a turbofan design, unlike foam.

The manufacturer used metal, cloth, and plastic materials to construct the turbofan portion. However, the whole air filter has activated carbon, mesh design in addition. An air filter clamp is included here.

Therefore, one can easily ensure an appropriate fitting by using a flat head screwdriver. Moreover, the air filter clamp is washable and reusable. The turbofan has internal and external air intake effects.

What we liked

  1. Excellent filtration through activated carbon, mesh, and cloth construction.
  2. Easy to set up.
  3. The clamp offers adjustability and reusability.
  4. It prevents abrasive particles from entering the engine.
  5. Increases the horsepower that results in improved gas mileage.

What we disliked

The filter is thin that allows dirt inside the carb.

2. 1PZ SR1-AF3 38mm Air Filter


Brand: 1PZ

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. Aluminum, rubber, and wire mesh construction.
  2. The inner diameter ranges from 38 mm to 40 mm.
  3. The outer diameter is 75 mm.
  4. It is 86 mm high.
  5. Includes an adjustable clamp.
  6. For small to mid-sized two and four-stroke engines.
1PZ SR1-AF3 38mm Air Filter

Users experience after using this product

The adjustable clamp makes it fit perfectly with the carburetor. Overall, the users didn’t found the filter hard to install or fitting issues. In terms of pricing, it's a pretty cheap product with handy performance.

Although it fits perfectly, the air-flowing capacity is never a praiseworthy one. High revolution bikes didn’t get the maximum air filtration that is literally expected. On the other hand, users loved the compatibility with both two and four strokes are engines.


It fits several off-road motorcycles including pit bike, ATV, quad, scooter, Go-kart, moped, dirt bike, racing bike, and superbike. One can enjoy proper air filtration in 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and GY6 engines.

Small to mid-size engines including 50cc to 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 200cc engines are appropriate here. Also, it is an ideal air filter for PZ22, PZ25, PZ26, PZ27, etc., carburetors.

More details about the air filter

Purchase this high-quality, universal air filter to improve your pit bike performance. It fits 38 to 40 mm engine inlets. As it includes an adjustable aluminum clamp, you can find the best fit on the carburetor.

The holster is made of rubber. However, it has a wire mesh shield that filters the air to provide fresh air flow inside the carburetor. It doesn’t easily deform. Also, the filter ensures strong sealing and filtering.

It has an aluminum sealant underneath the filter. Talking more about the dimension, it has 75 mm of outer diameter and 86 mm of height.

What we liked

  1. Filter the dusty air with high filtering accuracy.
  2. The adjustable clamp ensures an easy installation process.
  3. The aluminum construction prevents easy deformation.
  4. It ensures a perfect sealant.
  5. Looks great on the carburetor end.
  6. Provides a universal fitting on most carburetors.

What we disliked

  1. The air filter falls apart conveniently.
  2. It doesn't provide enough airflow.

3. X-PRO 35mm Air Filter for 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc


Brand: X-PRO

Weight: 6.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. High-quality holster, clamp and mesh construction.
  2. The inner diameter is 35 mm.
  3. An adjustable clamp with 43 mm of diameter.
  4. Overall height is 85 mm.
  5. Compatible with 19 mm caliber of pull carburetor.
  6. It comes with tested functionality.
X-PRO 35mm Air Filter

Users experience after using this product

Most riders have experienced an addition of little speed on the bike soon after installing the air filter. It fitted most Chinese bikes with horizontal engines, which is a good thing.

Moreover, the installation process is quick and hassle-free providing much riding time. After installation, the filter allows more airflow in the pit bike engine to improve the bike's performance.

However, there’s something to complain about the rough finish on the neck that could have been much better. However, many riders agreed that it is worth the price. Also, the rubber quality is not up to mark, and it seems to break after a few uses.


The air filter is an ideal addition to Honda XR and CRF pit bike series. Moreover, it fits and works well on 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, and 110cc Taotao or coolster ATVs, dirt bikes, and Go-karts. SSR air filter and coolster dirt bikes are good to go here.  

More details about the air filter

The manufacturer used the highest quality material with factory certification to construct the air filter. It has an inner diameter of 35 mm. However, the included flange of 43 mm makes it fit on most pit bike models.

If you measure the overall height from top to bottom, it will be 85 mm high. This top-quality filter is compatible with a 19 mm caliber of pull carburetor with cable or hand choke.

Generating more power becomes an easy task for the bike as it can inhale more fresh air with efficiency. Whether you have a dirt bike, pit bike, or other Chinese bikes with horizontal engines, the air filter will fit on perfectly.

What we liked

  1. It fits perfectly on most pit bike models.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. It sounds great on the installed pit bikes.
  4. Gains a little bit of speed after installation.
  5. More fresh air gets into the carburetor efficiently.

What we disliked

It has rough finishing on the outer surface.

4. CNCMOTOK 38mm 1.5" Blue Air Filter



Weight: 4.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. Activated carbon, cloth, and mesh air filter construction.
  2. The inner diameter is 38 mm.
  3. The outer diameter is 75 mm.
  4. An adjustable clamp from 38 to 53 mm.
  5. The overall height is 82 mm.
  6. The package includes two fuel filters.
  7. Compatible with 50cc to 150cc bikes.

Users experience after using this product

It is a decent little air filter that fits perfectly on the suggested pit bike models. The excellent air filtration method helps to provide fresh air inside the carburetor. Moreover, the clamp provides proper adjustability.

In addition to the adjustability, users can reuse it when it turns dirty, which is a hand thing. The washable and reusable function makes it worth usable in the long run. One can ensure the perfect fit with the clamp’s adjustability.


The air filter is compatible with pit bikes, dirt bikes, moped, street motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and Go-karts. Also, 49cc, 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 200cc engines are ideal for this filter.

Reputed motorbike brands like SSR, Apollo, and Honda have compatible bikes for the air filter.

More details about the air filter

You can get high performance from the filter that has activated carbon, mesh wire, and quality cloth construction. It comes with a holster diameter of 35 mm. However, the manufacturer added an adjustable clamp with it.

One can adjust the clamp from 38 mm to 53 for proper fitting. The package is equipped with a couple of fuel filters that are 5 mm tall. By using a flat head screwdriver, you can make it a universal fitted filter.

With the professional electrostatic filling technology, it offers high surface charge density. Therefore, the engine is going to enjoy high electrostatic dust removal efficiency. It has a strong active capture ability to filter up to PM2.5 efficiently.

What we liked

  1. The adjustable clamp is washable and reusable.
  2. Provides an excellent filtration effect with activated carbon and mesh construction.
  3. It ensures a higher airflow with the turbofan.
  4. Offers strong active capture ability.
  5. High electrostatic dust removal efficiency.
  6. Easy to install and fits well.

What we disliked

The plastic seems to scratch up easily.

5. Aniro moto 22mm Carb PZ22 Carburetor Air Filter Set


Brand: Aniro

Weight: 1.23 pounds

Key Features

  1. It includes one 100cc carburetor.
  2. The hole-to-hole distance for mounting is 48 mm.
  3. The outlet is 22 mm in diameter.
  4. 40 mm of air filter side.
  5. One intake pipe is available with the filter.

Users experience after using this product

The throttle cable fits perfectly on the bike engines and ensures proper movement. If the bike is having an issue regarding not running properly, here is the best solution you got with the air filter.

However, not everything about the filter is positive. The majority of riders have found it perfectly fitted on their pit bikes, but a few have the opposite experience. However, it’s an ideal replacement for the old air filtering system.

Again, the choke lever is large than usual and goofy, which is a downgrade for sure. The whole task sums up as a quick and easy installation process.


The air filter is compatible with a pit bike, dirt bike, ATV, and quad. Engines with 110cc and 125cc are the perfect choice for this filter. To be more specific, pit bike models including Sunl Taotao, Stomp, Demon X, Orion, M2R, Thumpstar, and Explorer, etc., are applicable.  

More details about the air filter

It is entirely a different product compared to the rest in the list as it contains a carburetor. If you are amongst those who are looking for a package of air filters and carburetors, it could turn into an ideal choice.

The air filter comes included with a 110cc carburetor. Talking about the filter itself, it has an inner diameter of 22 mm. Moreover, the hole-to-hole mounting distance is 48 mm. Also, the air filter side is 40 mm.

Except for the air filter and carburetor, it includes an intake pipe. 110cc and 125cc pit bikes are the most suitable motorbikes for the combo package of air filters and carburetors.

What we liked

  1. It comes at low pricing.
  2. Quick and easy to install.
  3. Ready to use out of the box.
  4. It fits perfectly by switching the throttle cover cap.
  5. Works as a good starter package.

What we disliked

  1. The choke lever seems large and goofy.
  2. Doesn’t have any drain valve on the filter.

6. 50 Caliber Racing 1.25" (32mm) Dual Foam Air Filter


Brand: 50 Caliber Racing

Weight: 1 pound

Key features

  1. Dual-foam air filter.
  2. Comes with 1.25 inches or 32 mm of inner diameter.
  3. It fits from 30 to 34 mm diameter mounting hole.
  4. Compatible with a pit bike, pocket bike, mini chopper, and motorcycle models.
  5. It is cleanable.

Users experience after using this product

It’s a little filter that fits the bike perfectly ensuring adequate airflow. The riders seem delighted watching it working better than stock filters. The engine cleaning process becomes convenient with the dual foam design.

Another lovely feature of the air filter is that one can easily clean it through washing. It helps the user to extend the engine’s lifespan by keeping the filter clean as before.


It is compatible with four different types of bikes that include pit bike, pocket bike, mini chopper, and motorcycle models. XR and CRF pit bike models from Honda are ideal for the filter when it has a 90cc to 110cc engine.

More details about the air filter

Coming out of the activated carbon mesh-designed filter, 50 Caliber Racing introduced a dual-foam air filter. It has dual-foam designed throughout the outer surface. The inner diameter is 32 mm or 1.25 inches.

Although it has a 32 mm inner diameter, it fits from 30 mm to 34 mm mounting hole on the carburetor. To increase the power and speed of the engine, the manufacturer provided enough functionality in it.

Compared to the stock filter, it looks better and works properly to keep the engine clean with filtered air. Another praiseworthy addition is the easy cleaning. According to the manufacturer, one can wash it through cleaner to make it clean.

What we liked

  1. Increases the engine power and speed.
  2. It provides a comparatively better look than stock filters.
  3. Easy to clean and maintain the quality.
  4. Fits most Chinese pit bikes.

What we disliked

So far, the dual foam filter looks great with no disliking aspect.

7. NIBBI Motorcycle Air Filter High-Performance Air Filter 48mm


Brand: NIBBI

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. Four layers of non-woven fabric construction.
  2. 48 mm of inner diameter.
  3. It includes an adjustable clamp.
  4. The base is 51 mm in diameter.
  5. The filter is 85 mm in height.
  6. It is a washable and reusable air filter.

Users experience after using this product

Looking at the low price, users seem satisfied with the air filter’s performance. The attractive red color fabric filter looks great on the bike. Moreover, the engine is noticeable from a distance because of its eye-catching color.

However, the complaint about this filter is that it’s not made of all weather conditions. The performance grade seems to get down when it’s rough out there or on a rainy day.  

Also, there’s a little issue noticeable on the cone at the end of the filter. In the longer run, it seems to fall off and loses performance efficiency.


The conventional air filter is compatible with dirt bikes, pit bikes, ATVs, and mini bikes. You will enjoy a high performance by attaching it with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, SSR, TTR, and AJS bikes. Moreover, it’s compatible with the GY6 engine as well.

More details about the air filter

Compared to the other mesh air filters in the list, it has a different but attractive look. The manufacturer used four layers of non-woven fabric to create the filter. It has a bent design on the mounting hole.

However, it has a large mounting hole diameter of 48 mm. Again, the filter itself is 85 mm long, and the base is 51 mm. It is equipped with an adjustable clamp that helps you find the most perfect fit on the carburetor.

Talking about the take care, it allows the user to wash in the water with cleaner and use it again. Therefore, a longer lifespan is possible with the filter. It increases the air intake to supply more fresh air inside the engine.

What we liked

  1. Better fresh air intake with acceleration.
  2. Perfectly fits with the adjustable hole diameter.
  3. The non-woven fabric filter is washable and reusable.
  4. Quality ensured in affordable pricing.
  5. Reusable air filter.

What we disliked

  1. It doesn't support use in all weather conditions.
  2. The cone end of the filter falls off easily.

Things to consider before buying

right pit bike air filter

It's never an easy task to determine which air filter suits your pit bike and which one not. Even after choosing one, the filter needs to have some must-needed features to enhance the engine performance.

Those, who don’t know what an ideal pit bike air filter needs to have, must go through the following section. And if you already know, then it won’t be an unwise thing to enrich the knowledge.

  1. Choose between mesh or foam air filter.
  2. Inner diameter typically stays between 38 to 43 mm.
  3. Go for an adjustable clamp for a better fit.
  4. Overall height shouldn’t be more than 85 mm.
  5. Washable and reusable filter.
  6. Checking out the compatibility is a must.
  7. Fuel filters and carburetors as additional things.

Now you might be thinking which what does it mean by compatibility here? Well, you will get the answers below.

Air-filter design

Basically, there are two types of air filters when it comes to the design. The first one is the most common, which has a mesh filter. It can either come with carbon activated, cloth and mesh construction, or fabric mesh construction.

On the other hand, the second one has dual-foam construction. It soaks the air and filters it without requiring any mesh design.


While talking about the mesh, the most crucial aspect is to know the inner diameter. It ranges from 32 to 43 mm. On average, most filters have 38 to 40 mm of inner diameter.

The next thing is the outer diameter, which ranges from 48 to 73 mm typically. However, a quality air filter typically isn’t tall than 85 mm.

Adjustable clamp

It’s not the case that an air filter will provide a universal fit every time. Therefore, you need to go for one that is equipped with an adjustable clamp. An adjustable clamp offers adjustability from 30 to 53 mm typically.

The number varies depending on the manufacturer as well as on the inner diameter of the air filter.


Don’t you think the filter will get dirty soon after you came back from a long ride on the trails? Yes, it will. This doesn’t mean you have to take it off and throw it away.

The solution to making it reusable is to purchase one that offers easy washing with cleaner. It doesn't matter which type of filter you are buying; a good one will always have washable and reusable features.


Although we have included this crucial point down here, it’s a mandatory one. Typically, air filters are compatible with engines from 50cc to 200cc. However, each manufacturer provides information regarding bike models compatibility.

If you have gone through the products’ discussion above, you might have noticed the compatibility listings. However, a universal air filter is suitable for any bike model.

Additional inclusions

Neither spare fuel filter nor carburetor is a common thing that comes with an air filter. But both these are handy additions. It enhances the performance of the engine and provides a better service to the rider on trails.

How to clean a pit bike air filter

To enhance the engine’s performance on the trails, you need a well-functioning air filter. However, you need to maintain the quality of the filter by regular cleaning when it becomes dirty.

The problem is that many of us don’t even know the correct procedure for cleaning. I hope that the below steps will come in handy to ease the cleaning process of a dual-foam air filter.

  1. Put on a pair of latex gloves before you start.
  2. Gather a soft cloth, cleaner, a bucket of water, etc.
  3. Remove the seat belt to take out the filter easily.
  4. Now carefully take out the air filter.
  5. Please ensure no dirt and debris gets inside the air intake while removing.
  6. Apply the cleaner on the filter surface thoroughly.
  7. Make the filter soak into the cleaner.
  8. Now, rinse it slowly.
  9. Never twist the air filter, which can damage the foam.
  10. Soak it inside the bucket of water, and keep it for a few minutes there.
  11. Take it out and remove the water by rinsing again.
  12. After dry, apply oil on the surface.
  13. Place it back on the engine.

The cost of a pit bike air filter

On average, pit bike air filters cost $4 to $16. The cost differs depending on the construction quality and design. Mesh air filters are comparatively cheaper than foam air filters. One has to spend $20 or more to purchase a foam air filter.

Another thing you need to know about the cost of the air filters is that whether it comes with any additions or not. In most cases, an air filter comes as an individual item. However, if there might be an inclusion of carburetor.

Typically, a combo pack of the carburetor and air filter will cost you more than 30 bucks.  


Which is better, foam air filter or mesh air filter?

Both foam air filters and mesh air filters have distinguishing features and usability. But when it comes to affordability, long-lasting performance, and most usability, a mesh air filter is better. However, a foam air filter refines the air in a better way.

Are air filters washable?

Yes, both mesh and foam air filters are washable. The manufacturers make washable air filters to provide reusability and ensure reliable performance in the long run.

Why is an adjustable clamp necessary?

As every filter doesn’t come with a universal fit, it includes an adjustable clamp. The adjustability allows the filter to fit on various mounting holes with efficiency.

Final verdict

Indeed, air filters are an inevitable addition to the pit bikes for reliable performance. Moreover, the listed products do the job in a greater way to meet riders’ demand.

  1. Carbon activated mesh and clothing construction.
  2. 38 mm to 42 mm inner diameter.
  3. The air filters are washable and reusable.
  4. Adjustable clamp for a better fit.
  5. Compatible with most pit bike models.

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