Best Chinese pit bike with brands 2023

American enthusiasts love Chinese pit bikes also this pit bikes are economical, and they are always customizable to a better version.

This bikes are also an excellent way out to enjoy the real taste of excitement as a casual rider. All these economical dirt bikes come with different power and engine capacity to meet the need of all kinds of adventure lovers.

From kids to grown-up adults, this pit bikes are available for everyone.

But the prevalence of numerous Chinese pit bike brands like X-PRO, Apollo, Coolster, SSR, Tao Tao, and so on can sometimes throw you in a confusing state to make the final decision.

That is why we have gathered a list of the seven best Chinese pit bikes from different brands you may try this year with absolute confidence.

Best Chinese pit bike

1. X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike  (Amazon)(best for 125cc)

X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike



125cc, 4-Stroke, single-cylinder.



Max torque



Kick start

Max speed


Front/rear brake


Fuel tank

1 gallon.

Ground clearance

12.4 inches.

Kids these days are seemingly better with throttle control. If this is valid for your kid as well, this 125cc X-PRO pit bike with four different color patterns is here to please your kids to another level. 

We have tested these bikes on different terrains to find out it's worth in different aspects of their presentation. We have to mention that this 125cc pit bike from X-PRO surely has shown some promising experience to make your kid feel better with the performance.

Although this stock 125cc pit bike from X-pro has shown some promising performance overall, you can also think about upgrading it to a better version by spending some little more bucks on the bike.

The thing that pleases us most about this bike is its inclusion of knobby tires on the rear part of the motorcycle. The bike seems like generating enough traction and resistance to most terrain to make the riding experience smooth and superior.

Besides, this 125cc pit bike is enough satisfactory with its hydraulic disc suspension system both on the front and rear parts of the bike. We have found the bike to deliver enough control and smoothness through the essential hydraulic disc system.

Furthermore, we have found the bike to deliver around 55mph of top speed when riding on a better trail. You can expect to get almost 45mph of top speed when driving on a woody terrain.

Although the stock item comes with a 1 gallon of fuel tank capacity, you can always upgrade it to a larger edition to get better mileage from the motorcycle.

Our young rider with a height of 5.8 feet felt it quite comfortable to ride the bike with 12.4 inches of ground clearance. We believe the bike will be comfortable for anyone with a height of up to 5.10 feet.

A drawback you would notice with this bike is the directions that come with it.  If you follow the instructions, you may find it a little hard to assemble the bike with ease. We recommend you assemble the bike following the conventional mechanism.

We have also noticed some comments regarding gas or fuel leakage. The model we are examining is so far good. If you are facing such a problem, it might be because of some external factors. You had better contact the manufacturer’s customer support or consult with your nearby mechanics to solve the related problem.

Why should you pick this 125cc pit bike from X-PRO?

  1. The motorbike comes with proper rear and front suspension system to make every junior rider comfortable with the bike.
  2. The essential throttle control feature will allow every true rider to maximize their true potential.
  3. Even if you are a speed lover, this motorbike has the potential to please you with up to 60mph of top speed.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. The fuel tank capacity of this pit bike is not that high, but it is always upgradable to a better edition.
  2. Only a few consumers have talked about fuel and gas leakage. If such is the case, it might be because of some external issues. You will always be able to fix it.

2. Apollo Original Dirt pit Bike X18 | 125CC RFZ Racing

Apollo Original Dirt pit Bike X18



125cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder.

Max power

6.0KW (7500r/min)


Twin spare   heavy-duty steel frame

Available colors

Black, Blue, Green, Red. Yellow, Orange

Front/rear brake

Hydraulic system


Kick start.

Fuel tank


Seat height

34 inches.

A Chinese pit bike recommendation section is always incomplete without enlisting an Apollo model on it. This 125cc RFZ racing pit bike from Apollo is one of the more dominating pit bikes available on the list. We just loved the experience. This bike has been tested by three of our team riders, and we can assure you that this RFZ racing bike is always an item to love.

The first thing that we love about the bike is its aesthetic color combination. The combination of blue with the black seat cover on the bike gives this one a charming vibe, which is hard to ignore. Almost all of our team members have loved the bike at the first glance.

Let’s move into something more practical. Like the previous one, this RFZ Racing motorbike comes with a 125cc four-stroke engine. The manufacturer specifies that the pit bike is capable of delivering up to 60mph of top speed. But is it the truth? Well, we have noticed that the bike is more capable of delivering up to 60mph of top speed when the condition is favorable. In the meantime, we have found that the speed fluctuates 5 to 10 mph when the terrain ahead is a little unpredictable.

The rear suspension system of the bike is quite satisfactory. But the non-adjustable feature may deliver a hard-to-control drive when the trail ahead is a little rough.

We can bet that you will love the frame of the bike. The bike with the heavy-duty twin spare steel frame will ensure maximum durability to withstand a larger weight. Even our bulkiest team member with a weight of 85 kg could ride the bike without facing any troubles.

The fuel tank of the bike can contain up to 4.7L of fuel at a time. More fuel means more mileage. The customer support of Apollo pit bikes is also satisfactory to deliver a decent experience with the bike.

Truly speaking we have not found a single drawback that is worth mentioning on this list. The metal gas tank added to this bike may seem a bulky inclusion for many consumers. But at the same time, there are many others who appreciate the inclusion of metal in the gas tank.

Anyway, the suspension system may seem a little inconvenient when you will ride the bike at a lower rpm. Other than that, this should be the perfect stereotype of a 125cc pit bike.

Why should you pick this RFZ 125cc racing bike from Apollo?

The optimum seat height will deliver the comfort you deserve when you are on an adventure.

The heavy-duty metal frame is enough durable to retain the balance of the bike in any situation.

Any pit bike enthusiast will love the bike when it is about speed production.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. The bike may seem a little unpredictable when you will ride the bike at a lower rpm.
  2. The metal gas tank of the bike can also be an issue for some consumers.

3. SYX MOTO Kids Pit Bike Holeshot 50cc

SYX MOTO Kids Pit Bike Holeshot 50cc



Two-stroke engine.


42inch x 12inch x 22inch

Weight capacity

160 lbs.

Fuel capacity


Max speed


Front/rear brake

Disk brake

Dry weight


Wet weight


The previous two pit bikes we have discussed above come for the teenagers who are growing at a rapid rate. This SYX 50cc pit bike comes to deliver a wholesome experience for every kid enthusiast. We know kids pit bikes do not come with a dedicated suspension system, but that is what they prefer. Having a proper suspension system requires better expertise which is out of most beginner kids’ repertoire.

Our mini-rider has tested this pit bike both on friendly and rough terrain. We have found that the pit bike can deliver up to 25mph of top speed when the condition is favorable. The manufacturer claims that the engine can deliver up to 30mph of top speed on a favorable terrain, which is pretty closer to our experience.

One of the more important things about a kid's pit bike is choosing the appropriate height and length. This 50cc pit bike will always be a favorable choice for any kid with a height of up to 5.6feet.

 A great feature we love about this bike is the inclusion of disk brakes both on the front and rear part of the pit bike. As a result, your kid will get a wholesome experience to control the bike.

The manufacturer specifies that the pit bike can withstand up to 160 lbs. of weight. That means riding on the bike even with a bulky weight will never create any problem.

The final feature you will love about this pit bike is its assembling process. The motorbike comes almost pre-assembled. You just need to do the rest to start your journey on the trail. If your kid is a bike enthusiast, this pit bike should always please him to a decent level.

Why should you choose this SYX MOTO Kids Pit Bike?

  1. The pit bike will come in handy to learn the basics of dirt bikes as a beginner.
  2. Your kid will be able to control the bike through the inclusion of a disk brake both on the front and rear parts.
  3. The assembling process of the mini bike is easier.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

A kid's pit bike will not deliver equivalent performance to an adult bike. If you consider the features of the bike, it is actually good and reasonable for all kid enthusiasts out there.

4. TAO Dirt Bike DB14

TAO Dirt Bike DB14



110 cc, Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder


Kick start

Fuel tank

1 gallon.

Front hand/rear foot brake

Hydraulic disc.

Max speed

30 mph.

Ground clearance

11.40 inches.


Chain Drive.

Gear shifting


110cc dirt bikes are most often a perfect choice for beginner teenage riders. This 110cc Chinese pit bike can be the ideal choice for all of those.

This DB14 dirt bike from Tao is available in green and color combinations so that you will get to choose this one according to your preference.

One of our riders has tested this dirt bike so that we can deliver the authentic information here. We have found that the bike has the potential to outperform some of the aspects advertised by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer claims that the dirt bike can deliver up to 30mph of top speed. Our rider has found that the top speed can reach up to 35mph if the condition remains favorable.

The thing we love most about this bike is its convenient wheel setup. The appropriate diameter of the wheels with two decent knobby tires delivers enough traction to ride smoothly on different terrains. 

How about control? Well, the bike also includes a disc brake both on the front and rear part to deliver enough control over the bike.

If you want a comparison, this one will deliver much better performance than its previous DB 10 model. Moreover, this bike is much economical when you compare the features bike.

What are the drawbacks? Well, the bike has got not too many drawbacks to mention if you are willing to do some upgrade in the meantime.

Why should you choose this DB 14 dirt bike from Tao?

  1. DB14 is much economical than compared to its predecessors.
  2. The pit bike delivers optimum controllability to its consumers.
  3. The appropriate dimension and chassis construction will deliver optimum comfort in all situations.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. If you are willing to do some upgrades in the meantime, the bike is quite satisfactory to grab.

5. X-PRO Storm 125cc Zongshen Engine Kids Dirt Bike Pit Bike

X-PRO Storm 125cc



Zongshen 123.7cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder.

Max horsepower

8.57 HP

Max torque

8.5N.m/6000 Rpm


Kick start

Max speed


Ground clearance

11.8 inches.


4-speed manual

Front/rear brake


One of our team members has got some real connection with this bike. That is why we know that this one is always worth remaining on this list.

The first thing you will love about this X-PRO Storm 125cc pit bike is its availability of numerous color options.

Even if you ride the bike regularly, it will surely please you with up to 50 mph of top speed. Although the manufacturer claims that this one will deliver up to 60 mph of top speed with a decent 125cc four-stroke, the average speed you will get will always be between 50 mph to 55 mph.

We surely can confirm that the bike is pretty well-made.  Even after a long time of usage, the performance ratio of the bike will remain quite satisfactory. You can also use it as a stunt bike without having any fear of damages.

When the bike appeared for the first time, we noticed that the assembling process is more than beneficial. If you have got moderate knowledge of bike assembling, you will be able to do the job without the assembling guide.

It is indeed true that the built quality of these 125cc X-PRO dirt bikes is not as good as a Japanese bike, but they are enough powerful to make you happy in any situation.

Why should you pick this 125cc X-PRO storm bike?

  1. The bike can withstand maximum abuse to give you a  satisfying experience.
  2. You will be able to reach the 50mph speed limit in a very short time.
  3. The easy assembling process will not deliver additional trouble while assembling.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. The bike will not deliver the same performance as a Japanese pit bike, but it’ power output is worthy enough to satisfy you.

6. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike

Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike



70cc Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled


5.45hp/8500 rpm.


Kick start/ foot starter



Max speed

30 mph+

Ground clearance

7.5 inches.

Net weight



12V, 9Ah

We don’t want to finish this recommendation section without suggesting a pit bike from popular Chinese pit bike manufacturer Coolster. This 70cc pit bike also comes with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. 

The first thing we love about this mini bike is its convenient starting process. It will not take more than two kicks to start the bike. Besides, any kids with the age of six to ten will love riding this mini bike with proper coolness.

These 70cc pit bikes really come with some decent knobby tires to deliver the exact amount of traction your kid needs to ride the bike with ease. Another thing everyone will love about this bike is its minimal assembling feature. It won’t take a long time to assemble the bike to start the journey with the bike.

This bike is reliable even to ride as an adult. We have enforced up to 180 lbs. of weight on this bike. It is surprising that the bike can even perform decently at a high weight pressure as well.

Anyway, the four-way gear shifting process to this bike may seem a little inconvenient if you look from a kid's perspective.  Other than that, everything about the bike is worth praising.

Why should you pick this Coolster 70cc pit bike?

  1. The bike is reliable to lasts for a long time.
  2. Even adults with a good weight range will be able to ride the bike with full confidence.
  3. The cool graphics on the bike seem quite elegant.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. Some beginner riders may find it uncomfortable with a four-way gear shifting process.

7. X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Mini Pit Bike

X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Mini Pit Bike



40cc,4-stroke,air cooling ,single-cylinder.

Max load capacity


Net weight





Pull start

Max speed



44x24x25.92 inches.

Fuel capacity


The last pit bike we are going to talk about in this article also comes from X-PRO. The first impression we have had after seeing this mini bike is that this one is fun to ride.

The bike may come with a mini-frame construction, but it has the potential to withstand the weight of anyone with an age from five to ten. Besides, an adult can also think about using the bike as a recreational item.

One of the more beneficial features that we love of this mini pit bike is its easiest assembling feature. We have got the bike almost 70% pre-assembled. The rest of the assembling process is much easier to make everyone happy.

Although we are testing the blue edition here, the mini bike is also available in three more color patterns. If your kid loves the combination of different colors, this one should be the perfect item to give a go. The versatile graphics on the bike gives this one a decent loo, which is quite hard to ignore at the first glance.

The bike can contain up to 1.7 liters of fuel inside the fuel tank. As a result, you can expect to get enough mileage to make your kid happy to a great level.

We have tested the bike in a favorable condition to find out the top speed. The bike can easily reach around 18mph to 20mph when the condition remains favorable. You can also expect to get some additional speed as the manufacturer specifies that the bike can reach up to 22mph of top speed at max.

The final thing we love about this bike is its essential frame height and construction. Every kid with a height of up to 5.7 feet will feel comfortable riding the bike.

The bike does not come with too many drawbacks when you know that it comes to make every young bike lover more passionate about their goal.

Why should you pick this X-pro 40cc pit bike?

  1. The bike can withstand great weight.
  2. Even adults can ride this bike with full confidence.
  3. This pit bike will ensure safety for kids as well.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

  1. The bike does not have too many faults to mention. If you take good care of the bike, it should last for a long time.

How to choose a perfect Chinese pit bike?

choose a perfect Chinese pit bike

The top five factors that will help you to pick up a perfect pit bike are:

  1. Discipline 
  2. Engine
  3. Skill
  4. Suspension/control
  5. Frame


Pit bikes and dirt bikes come for different purposes. Some riders use them for professional racing, whereas some others love to on a casual ride with their gang. It is the discipline of your riding that will help you to make the precise decision to pick up the right pit bike for you. If you need a Chinese pit bike for professional purposes, aim to get something with a high-end budget. On the other hand, you can reduce the budget a little to grab the excitement of casual fun.


A pit bike engine is available in two-stroke and four-stroke variations.  Although four-stroke engines are prevalent among most pit and dirt bikes, it is always possible to get a pit bike with a two-stroke engine variety. Most of the electric pit bikes with less than 75cc capacity will have a two-stroke engine. If you are an adult, a four-stroke pit bike is always your go point.

At the same time, it is essential that you check the cc capacity, fuel economy, mileage, max rpm, power output, torque capacity, and so on to get optimum support in the longer run.


Another thing everyone should consider when choosing a pit bike or dirt bike is the skill that the individual possesses. If you are a rider with a nominal skill set, it will always be harder for you to maneuver the bike with enough dexterity. That is why always pick a pit bike that matches your skillset. If you have got some good skills in riding pit bikes, go grab the one that will help you to showcase your skill. If you are a beginner, anything between 150cc should be ideal for you.


Better controllability is what makes a better bike. When someone is talking about controllability, the suspension system of the bike always plays the upper role. A pit bike with a hydraulic disc brake on the front and rear part will deliver better controllability to your hand. Some of the other factors like gear shifting, clutch, the wheel can also come in handy to deliver better control over the motorbike.


The frame of the pit bike withstands the whole weight. You will get enough comfort when the frame of the bike is convenient and reasonable. The ground clearance, seat height, tire diameter are all related to the frame. If you can manage to make a balance among all these features, you will have a decent experience while riding the bike.

Are Chinese pit bikes any good?

Chinese Pit bikes are good on the basis of price and quality. It is true that this bikes will not perform like their Japanese counterparts, but they are enough powerful to make anyone happy.

We have seen too many people fluctuate with their decision when choosing a Chinese pit. We can assure you that if you are a casual rider, a this bike will deliver the most authentic support at a very economical price range.

Spending some additional amount for an upgrade will make a Chinese pit bike even better with the performance. It is that you have to have the courage to go on with a pit bike. Once you will accustom to the bike, you will have a great experience in the longer run.


What are the best Chinese pit bike brands?

The top ten Chinese pit bike brands are:

  1. Apollo
  2. Zongshen.
  3. SSR.
  4. Taotao
  5. Pitster
  6. Coolster.
  7. XPRO.
  8. Lifan.
  9. Kayo and,
  10. RPS .

What are the best Chinese pit bikes from different brands?

The top seven Chinese pit bikes from different brands are:

  1. X-PRO 125cc Pit Bike.
  2. Apollo Original Dirt pit Bike X18 | 125CC RFZ Racing
  3. SYX MOTO Kids Pit Bike Holeshot 50cc.
  4. TAO Dirt Bike DB14.
  5. X-PRO Storm 125cc Zongshen Engine Kids Dirt Bike Pit Bike.
  6. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike.
  7. X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Mini Pit Bike.

Are Pit Bikes Street legal?

No, pit bikes are not street legal. But it is always possible to make a pit bike street legal through some simple modifications.

The necessary gears you will need to have on your pit bike to make it street legal are:

  1. Headlights/tail light.
  2. Break lights.
  3. Street legal tires.
  4. Number plate.
  5. Mirror.
  6. Horn.
  7. Exhaust.
  8. Authentication.

Once you have installed all these gears on your pit bike, apply for the authentication. As soon as you get the confirmation, you are ready to ride your bike on the street. 

How fast can a pit bike go?

The average top speed of a pit bike is up to 60mph. It is always possible to enhance the speed capacity of the bike by making some upgrades to the bike.

Is Tao Tao a good pit bike brand?

Yes, Tao Tao is one of the more versatile Chinese pit-bike brands that have been delivering quality Powersports for a long time.

A good price range with a combination of decent quality makes all these bikes a perfect option for most consumers.

Are this pit bikes good?

Apollo is one of the most renowned Chinese dirt and pit bike manufacturers that have gained consumers' trust to a great degree.

If you are fluctuating with your budget but want to get a decent pit bike, Apollo can be the brand to give a go.

Final worlds

Americans love Chinese pit bikes not only because they are cheap but also because they come with good quality construction. If you want better support, consider grabbing your preferred item from our list. We can assure you that you will have a great time ahead.

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