Best Cheap pit Bike experts review in 2022

We know how important the budget is when you are thinking about purchasing a motorbike. It should not mean that cheap means devoid of quality. If you can make a wise decision by keeping some of the things right, you can always get a better service even with a cheap budget and price.

If you are a fan of pit bikes but are lacking the sufficient budget to go for a branded one, we are here to alleviate your pain through some exclusive but cheap pit bikes that you can grab at an affordable price range.

It is indeed true that these pit bikes are cheap, but they will offer you plenty of customizable options to upgrade your bike into a better edition when possible.

Without being too elaborative here, let's introduce you to the pit bikes we have got for you. But before that, here comes a question-

Best Cheap pit Bike

Are cheap bikes worth it?

It is a complicated situation when someone asks you whether he should purchase a cheap motorbike or not? By cheap, they simply refer to the low-priced Chinese dirt bikes.

The answer is it depends on your knowledge of expertise. If you can make a wise decision, it is always possible to get the best service, even from a cheap bike.

Sometimes, luck may also play an upper role. But that is not at our end. What we can do best is choosing the item that seems suitable and appropriate in our sense.

But the sense would only provoke you to go for the bike when you have a better knowledge about bikes and automobiles.

Therefore, Cheap bikes are always worth it when you know why and what you are buying.

Best cheap pit bike

We surely know that you would get thousands of pit bikes on the market that are cheap. But they do not offer quality all the time. We have tried our best to pick up the most convenient pit bikes at an affordable price range. We could make our list much longer, but that would surely make the list overestimated.

We will continuously try to upgrade the bike so that you can always pick up the most relevant and appropriate pit bike possible.

Without wasting any more words, here goes the first pit bike recommendation from our site-

1. X-PRO X26 125cc Pit Bike Youth for youth

X-PRO X26 125cc review

Our first recommendation on this list comes from X-Pro. X-Pro X26 is a 125cc pit bike with some prolific features, provoking you to love the bike at the first glimpse. Here go some of the most prominent features of this bike-





154FMI, 125cc, 4-Stroke

Cylinder Arrangement


Max Power


Max Torque


Cooling System

Air Cooled


4-UP Manual Clutch

Start System


Front Tire


Rear Tire


Net Weight (lbs)



60.2x28.74x39.76 inches.

top speed


Fuel capacity

0.92 gallon/3.5L

Features worth discussing

The first feature that everyone notices intentionally or unintentionally is surely the engine of the bike. It is the source of power that allows the bike to move according to your command.  This X-pro pit bike comes with a powerful 125cc four-stroke engine, providing you the necessary energy to excavate any terrain possible. The single-cylinder engine of this bike will prove its worthiness by delivering you the fastest transmission possible.

This pit bike looks quite decent with some amazing graphics on it. The assembly process of the bike is quite easy to make you comfortable with the bike. Even if you have not done bike assembly before, this one should not give you too much trouble.

The hydraulic disc braking system with front and rear fork makes the suspension system more reliable and authentic to give you the most convenient experience in almost all terrain.

If you look at the dimension and capacities of the bike, you will notice that this X-Pro motorbike can contain up to 3.5 Liters of fuel at a time. Therefore, you can also expect to get the longer mileage possible from this dirt bike.

Finally, the pricing of the bike is quite reasonable to make you comfortable even if you are looking for a reliable dirt bike on a low budget.

What’s the alternative to this pit bike?

If you are looking for an expensive alternative to this dirt bike, the YCF pit bike should always be a better option.

On the other hand, SSR SR125 Pit bike should be an ideal alternative when the budget is one of your concerns.


  1. The combined work of disc braking and front and rear fork will deliver optimum control over your hand.
  2. The bike has enough capacity to handle most terrain.
  3. You will be able to get the bike at a decent price range.


This bike is indeed good for the budget. But that is where the main problem rests. You may think about an upgrade within six months. If you are willing to do so, you can go with the bike without any hesitation.

2. X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Mini Pit Bike

X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Mini Pit Bike

We are not highlighting here the brand X-pro, but it is also true that most of the bikes on this list come from X-pro.   This one is a mini dirt bike for the kids. Here go some of the most prominent features of this dirt bike-





40cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder.


Chain transmission.


Pull start

Top speed





44x25.92x24 inches.

Features worth discussing

If you want to introduce your kid to something exciting and interesting at the same time, this low-powered dirt bike from X-pro should bring him the most satisfaction.

First of all, this mini bike comes with the easiest assembly option. Therefore, you will be able to complete the assembly within a very short time.

The bike is also fast and superior in quality. Through the 40cc air-cooled engine, this bike has the potency to deliver up to 22mph of top speed. As a result, your kid will love to ride the bike in the neighborhood.  Even this bike can handle some of the most severe off-road conditions, allowing your kid to enjoy a real glimpse of adventure.

The pull start mechanism makes this one much more convenient for the kids. The chain-driven transmission with the pull start mechanism will work for hand in hand to deliver the fastest transmission possible.

Finally, the dimension of this bike is more than appropriate to make any kid from 7 years to 13 years of age comfortable on this bike. Even some kids with the age of 13 may also find it comfortable to ride on this bike.

What’s the alternative to this bike?

The MotoTec GBMoto Gas Pocket Bike 40cc should be an ideal alternative to this mini dirt bike. This one also comes with a good price range to make you comfortable with your decision.


  1. This mini bike will introduce you to the easiest assembly process.
  2. The lower price range will give you no trouble.
  3. The fastest transmission with some prolific features will make every kid happy with this mini bike.


This is a low-powered and cheap dirt bike. Therefore, abusing the bike to a great degree may deteriorate the condition within a short time.

3. X-PRO Storm 125cc Zongshen Engine Kids Pit Bike

X-PRO Storm 125cc pit bike

Lifan and Zongshen are the two most prominent engine brands that you would notice in most Chinese dirt bikes. If you predominantly love Zongshen over Lifan, this 125cc dirt bike from X-Pro should make you happy with your decision. We have also added an article on Lifan vs. Zongshen. If you have got the interest, you had better check that article. Here go some of the most prominent features of this bike-




Zongshen 123.7cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder.

Max power

8.57 horsepower.


4-speed manual transmission.


Kick start

Max speed


Front and rear tire

60/100-14" and 80/100-12".


59.6"x26.4"x37.8’’ inches.


Hydraulic-fork and rear-shock suspension.

Ground clearance

11.8 inches.



Features worth discussing

This is a real pit bike for real men with a 125cc Zongshen engine. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine can deliver up to 8.57 horsepower at a time, making the bike ideal for maximum off-roading capacity.  You will have the authenticity to role over any terrain once you have this pit bike as your own. Most importantly, you will get to enjoy all these features at a very good price range.

This X-pro dirt bike is smooth with maximum controllability as well. With a 4-speed manual transmission process, you will get to enjoy a smooth ride in most terrain.

Another great feature worth mentioning here is the maximum speed you would get from this essential pit bike. This 125cc dirt bike has the potential to deliver up to 55mph of top speed. Therefore, it is going to give contentment even to the sheer speed lover as well.

Through the kick-start lever, you will get to start the bike with absolute ease and comfort. It would not take a long time to start the engine. The lever is quite functional to introduce you to the most convenient starting process possible.

What else? Through the hydraulic suspension system, you will get maximum competency in your hand to control the bike with ease.

What’s the alternative to this bike?

The Apollo125cc Pit Bike is completely worthy to become the most ideal alternative to this dirt bike.


  1. this bike comes for real men with sheer speed and features.
  2. You will be able to enjoy all the features at a very good price range.
  3. The inclusion of a hydraulic suspension system with a 4-way transmission process will give enough control to the rider's hand.


Like most other Chinese dirt bikes, you will get to enjoy better service from the motorbike if you are willing to upgrade the components of the pit bike within one year.

4. X-PRO 110cc Pit Bike Kids

Our next recommendation on this list also comes for the kids. The irony is that this one is also a pit bike from X-pro. Here go the main features of this pit bike-





110cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled.




7 horsepower.


Kick start

Max speed


Front and rear brake

Hydraulic Disc braking.

Front and rear tire

2.5-14 and 3.0-12

Net weight

125 lbs.


63x28x41 inches.

Ground clearance

11.4 inches.

Fuel capacity

1 gallon.

             Features worth discussing

As we have mentioned earlier that this one is a kids dirt bike, meaning you will get tons of safety features with this pit bike.

First of all, this one comes with a 110cc four-stroke engine and is cooled through the air. As a result, you can always expect to get the fastest transmission of power from the engine to the tires. This one indeed includes a 110cc engine, but that should not mean that it lacks the power of giving the rider the appropriate excitement. The bike can deliver up to 30mph of top speed. Therefore, the presence of excitement will always be there with this bike.

The bike includes a kick start mechanism instead of a pull start. As a result, your kid will be more accustomed to riding adult bikes. This should be the beginning of real expertise.

Another reason you should go with this dirt bike is that this one includes hydraulic disc braking on both the front and rear end of the bike. As a result, your kid will no longer go out of safety. Besides, the semi-automatic transmission system is also there to keep the rider safe even in the most adverse situation.

Finally, this motorbike has the potency to contain up to 1 gallon of fuel at a time. Therefore you, as a rider, can always expect to get the furthest mileage possible.

What’s the alternative to this bike?

The Coolster Powersports 110cc kids dirt bike should be an ideal alternative to this pit bike from X-pro pit bike.


  1. This pit bike is much safer than its competitors.
  2. You will get to enjoy multiple safety features from this pit bike.
  3. And you will get to enjoy the real excitement of off-roading at an affordable price range.


This is surely not a bike for competitive riding. If you really looking forward to grabbing a dirt bike for casual fun, this one should serve your needs better than most other dirt bikes.

5. Coolster Dirt pit Bike 70cc Semi-Automatic

Finally, this Coolster 70cc dirt bike is here to make a great impression. This one is a great item for beginner kid to start their journey with the real off-road category. Here are some of the most ideal features of this dirt bike-





70cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine.






Kick start, foot brake.

Max speed

30+ mph.


Crf50 replica forks, 8.5 inches rear mono-shock.

Tires (front and rear)


Fuel capacity

1 gallon.


52.8x24.8x32.5 inches.

Ground clearance

7.5 inches.

Seat height

24.5 inches.

Features worth discussing

This is one of the most popular entry-level pit bikes from Coolster. We have also added a comparison article between the Coolster 70cc vs 110cc. If you are interested, you may give that article a read as well. 

As guessable, this dirt bike comes with a 70cc powerful engine. As the manufacturer brings this dirt bike for the beginner rider, this one is equipped with more safety features than overwhelming speed and power. The engine has the potential capacity to deliver up to 30mph of top speed at max. When you will ride the bike in a suitable condition, you may expect to get a little better speed than 30mph.

Besides, the semi-automatic transmission system allows the rider to go for the maximum limit at any given moment. The semi-automatic transmission system will allow you to testify your riding expertise without making the safety vulnerable.

The kick start mechanism is also another ideal reason to give this dirt bike a try. A beginner will get the opportunity to make himself ready for something more exciting and powerful.

The fuel capacity of the bike is reasonably larger than its competitors. With around 1 gallon of fuel capacity, you will always have the opportunity to go the extra distance you want.

Finally, a pretty reasonable price range will always come in handy to give this one a try without any sort of hesitation at all.

What’s the alternative to this pit bike?

The MotoTec 50cc Demon kids’ dirt bike should be an ideal alternative to this pit bike.


  1. Every beginner will have the opportunity to learnthe basics of off-roading through this dirt bike.
  2. The functional properties of this dirt bike are quite satisfactory.
  3. A good price range always makes this one a good choice.


If you take the category and characteristics of this dirt bike into considerations, it would be quite reasonable to say that this dirt bike indeed possesses some good qualities. If you are willing to upgrade the bike in near future, you should be able to use the bike for a long time.

How to choose a cheap pit bike?

There are manifold aspects and traits that you can take into consideration while going for a cheap dirt or pit bike. At the same time, it is also true that only looking at the traits and functionalities is not going to deliver you the best thing available. Sometimes, it depends on luck as well. But luck only favors those who know what they are buying. As the manufacturer needs to face some barriers to reduce the price of the bike, cheap dirt and pit bikes do not seem to deliver better service like a branded pit bike. But if you take good care of the bike and upgrade the bike frequently, you can always expect to get a better service from the bike.

Here are the top five factors that would help you to make a better decision while purchasing a cheap dirt bike.

  1. Check the price but don’t get overwhelmed by the price only.
  2. Check the functional properties.
  3. The outside appearance of the bike can also come in handy to give you a better impression.
  4. Check the reviews of the people who already are using the bike you are intending to buy. If the reviews are positive, grab the bike. If the reviews are a culmination of good and bad, it is better to give your own thought the highest priority.
  5. Checking the dimension and capacities of the bike can also make a huge contribution in getting the best service possible in the longer run.


Can you get a dirt bike for 1000$ dollars?

Yes, it is always possible to get dirt bikes within 1000$ dollars. It is true that these bikes are not as good as expensive dirt bikes. But they can easily serve the purpose of a casual off-road lover.

Should I purchase a cheap pit bike?

Cheap pit bikes are not intentionally bad. If you can manage to choose wisely, cheap pit bikes are not a bad decision at all.

Why is pit bike so cheap?

A pit bike is not the same as a dirt bike. The functional properties of a pit bike are smaller and a little inferior to those of a dirt bike. Therefore, pit bikes are cheaper compared to dirt bikes.

Where can I buy the cheapest dirt bike?

When you really want to buy a cheaper pit bike, the local vendors of your area should be an ideal decision.

Final summary

  1. Cheap pit bikes are not intentionally bad. Rather the manufacturer needs to consider a lot of factors to reduce the price which makes these bikes deliver poor quality.
  2. If you really want to purchase a cheap pit bike, it is always a better decision to check the reviews of the user.
  3. Don't get overwhelmed by the price of a pit bike. Sometimes, it can be fallacious.

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