Best Apollo pit bike reviews: Are Apollo pit bike good

Pit bikes are all about fun and excitement. But they are expensive at the same time. One of the ideal ways to pick a budget-friendly pit bike is to go with the Chinese models that are prevalent all around the corner. Chinese pit bikes are powerful, and they meet the standard of every fun-loving casual rider.

When it comes to a Chinese pit bike, Apollo is one of the most prominent brands that acquired trust. We have been working with different Chinese branded pit bikes for a long time. That is why we have thought about reviewing some of the most popular pit bikes from Apollo so that you can get the authentic information.

If you have the courage to continue with us, here is our collection for the best Apollo pit bikes.

BEST Apollo pit bike

Why should you choose an Apollo pit bike?

Apollo pit bike image

The top five reasons to choose an Apollo pit bike are:

  1. This Pit bikes are Powerful any others brand.
  2. This pit bikes deliver one of the most satisfying suspension systems.
  3. Pit bikes are economical and budget-friendly.
  4. They are reliable for long-time usage.
  5. Consumers love the experience with Apollo Pit bikes.
  6. Available for all types of riders.

Best Apollo pit bike

1. Apollo DB-X18 125cc pit Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125cc pit Bike



Four-stroke, 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine.


Kick start

Speed output

60 mph at max.

Max power

7500 rpm/ 6.5 kw.


4-speed manual clutch.


Heavy-duty steel frame.

Net weight


Fuel capacity

1.03 gallon.

DB-X18 is one of the more recent editions of the 125cc pit bike from Apollo. People from all over America have been reviewing the bike positively. That is why we have thought about reviewing the bike on our own.  What was our experience? Well, this DB-X18 will always be a bike to love.

If you have enough experience, it would not take more than 1 hour to assemble the bike. We completed the assembling process within 45 minutes. If you do not have enough experience, you will be able to complete the installation within 2 hours at most.

A thing that we love most about this bike is its optimum weight and frame design. Even if you have a height of more than 6 feet and a weight of around 170lbs, this bike will easily carry your load without giving you any trouble at all.

Another impressive feature of this bike is its essential suspension system. It does not matter whether you are using the pit bike for stunts or other activities, this pit bike shares optimum potential to make you happy on all terrain. Besides, we can assure you that you will love the acceleration capacity of the pit bike.

We loved the deep exhaust output of the bike. The deep sound output will let you feel that you are at the party all the time.

Although these bikes have shown some promising aspects, don’t ever think about taking them to the racing competition. X-18 is an excellent bike to have fun while riding casually. If you are thinking about taking them to the dirt racing trail, you may end up losing more of the bike’s screws and bolts.

Benefits of choosing Apollo DB-X18

  1. DB-X18 comes with a more upgraded feature than its predecessor DB-X14.
  2. DB-X18 can be an excellent item to grab fun as a casual rider.
  3. This one comes with a more economical price range, making it suitable for all casual riders.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

It has too many features to keep you happy as a casual rider, but you may not feel optimum support on the racing trail.

2. APOLLO 250cc AGB-36 pit Bike

APOLLO 250cc AGB-36 pit Bike



250cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled.

Max power

11.5 KW/15.64HP

Max torque

17.5 / 5500 Nm

Max speed



Kick/ electric



Fuel capacity

8 liter

Max load


This Apollo 250cc pit bike is one of the more expensive editions available on the list. A product can claim a high price range when it gets the potential to deliver the impressive support you deserve.

Some of the assembling parts of the bike can be a little confusing for beginner riders. But it is enough straightforward to do the process with ease. If it becomes a little confusing for you, consider checking YouTube to get the solution.  You will get numerous assembling videos of AGB-36 to complete the process.

The most satisfying fact about this pit bike is its energetic power output. The impressive power output will allow you to use the bike even on the racing trail with full competence.

Another feature we love about this pit bike is its optimum electric starting process. It does not require more than 2 kicks to start the bike.

Even if you are not willing to add additional tires to this bike to get optimum support, the stock tires on the bike will be enough to provide the essential support you deserve from the bike. 

The final good aspect that is worth mentioning here is its high-quality suspension system.  From stunt to going on a casual adventure ride, the suspension system will always provide a smooth riding experience.

Like most other Chinese pit bikes, the adaption of screws and bolts to this bike is not well satisfactory. We believe you are also thinking about replacing them in the meantime to improvise your performance.

Benefits of choosing Apollo AGB-36

  1. AGB-36 can deliver up to 70 mph of top speed, which should be a great boost for the speed lover.
  2. The convenient suspension system of AGB-36 will always provide a smoother riding experience on most terrain.
  3. The bike will also allow you to use it for stance.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

Like a typical Chinese pit bike, the screws and bolts of the bike may loosen within a short time. All you need to do is re-screw them with some better screws to solve the problem.

3. Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc SEMI AUTO pit bike

Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc SEMI AUTO pit bike



110cc,  four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled.


Kick start


7.75 horsepower


4-speed semi-auto, no clutch.

Front and rear brake

Hydraulic disc.

Fuel tank

1.25 gallons.


137 lbs.

Dimension (LxWxH)

60" x 31.2" x 41.3"

The Apollo RFZ DB X-4 is a good bike for the money. It did not take a long time to appear. We need to mention that the customer service was quite fast and satisfactory.

It is indeed true that some of the parts and bolts of the bike were lost when we receive the bike. But it does happen with most bikes. Once we have completed the assembling process, it was all good and tidy to give us the experience we deserve.

This 110cc dirt bike from Apollo surely comes for novice and young riders.  You can also use the bike as a grown-up adult to have some casual fun at the same time.

The thing we love most about this bike is its smooth transaction process. We can assure you that the bike will provide every beginner rider the comfort they deserve.

Another thing that is worth mentioning here is the inclusion of convenient tires to the bike. It does not matter whether your junior rider is riding on smooth or tough terrain, these knobby tires will always be there to deliver the exact amount of traction.

We have found that DB X-4 can reach around 18 to 22mph of top speed at a very short time. The engine also delivers enough power to deliver the leverage in every situation.

When imposing too much force on the bike, you may notice leakages on the fuel filter. You can solve this problem by replacing the stock fuel filter. Chinese dirt bikes are all about customization. If you want better performance from the bike, customization greatly helps you to do so.

Benefits of choosing DB X-4

  1. DB X-4 comes almost pre-assembled.
  2. DB X-4 is always a good bike for the money.
  3. The power and performance capacity of the bike is well-satisfactory.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

Some of the consumers have claimed that the fuel filter develops leakage within a short time. This is quite okay with most Chinese pit bikes. Replace the stock fuel filter to get better performance with the pit bike.

4. Apollo RFZ DB X-15 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike

Apollo RFZ DB X-15 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike



125CC, 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled


Kick start


9.75 horsepower


4-speed manual up


High-strength steel.

Fuel tank

1.25 gallons.


180 lbs.

Front/rear brakes

Hydraulic disc.

A 125cc dirt bike is an initial choice for the most beginner rider. If you are one of them, this Apollo RFZ DB X-15 can be the most elegant option to pick.

The thing we loved most about this bike is its manual transmission process. A beginner dirt bike enthusiast may find it a little hard to control the bike in different situations. This exclusive pit bike with the 4-speed manual transmission process is bound to deliver the smoothest experience to make the riding much easier and comfortable.

We have also noticed that the dirt bike can easily reach 25mph of top speed to make any rider comfortable with the bike. If the condition remains favorable, it is also possible to reach around 30mph of top speed.

Durability is always the prerequisite for any kid. We believe durability will be well ensured through the high-strength steel-made frame. The manufacturer claims that the bike can withstand around 180lbs of max load. We believe this claiming has validation to make everyone comfortable while riding on the bike.

The final benefit of having this Apollo X-15 dirt bike is the inclusion of a Hydraulic disc on both parts of the bike. As a result, every kid will get enough control over the bike to switch on and off the bike in different conditions.

The bike surely does not come with too many drawbacks to mention except loosen screws and some minor leakages. Whatever problem you may face with the bike, they all are repairable and replaceable.

Why should you pick this X-15 dirt bike?

  1. The high-strength body frame is enough durable to withstand a high amount of load.
  2. X-15 is always a decent bike for young riders.
  3. One can easily reach 25mph of top speed through this bike. 

Some drawbacks to keep in mind?

You may need to upgrade some of the parts of the bike within six months.

5. Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike

Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike



YX125CC, 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled


Kick start








High strength steel.

Front and rear brake

Hydraulic disc

Fuel capacity

1.03 gallons.

This Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc is a standard-size dirt bike that is suitable for all types of riders, including adults and kids. The first impression? Well, Z20 is an impressive one with an economical price range to make anyone comfortable with the bike.

One of the great things we love about this bike is its convenient seat height. With 34 inches of seat height, anyone will feel comfortable while riding the bike. Moreover, the four-stroke 125cc engine is enough powerful to deliver the essential speed you deserve for your money. 

We also love the controllability of the bike. The four-speed manual transmission will deliver enough control over the bike to run on any terrain with full ease.

Z2O can also be an excellent trail bike for beginner and intermediate riders. Furthermore, the very well-designed high-strength frame will be handy to withstand a larger weight to keep the bike stable and neutral in any kind of trail situation. Moreover, the unique graphics and paints on the frame will enhance the first impression of the bike to another level.

Like most other quality Apollo dirt bikes, this one also has disc brakes all the way around to make the bike more decent and controllable.

Another excellent feature of the bike is the inclusion of perfect knobby tires with the perfect diameter. One can expect to get enough traction to ride on any terrain with full potential.

Despite having too many benefits, Z20 is not designed for the hard race. Casual riders can extract the excitement and fun through this bike. But taking it to the racing track can reduce the true potential of the bike.

Benefits of choosing Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc

  1. Z20 is always a good bike for the money.
  2. This is a perfect pit bike for the beginner and intermediate rider.
  3. The durable frame with a decent engine will deliver everything you can expect from a quality dirt bike.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

The bike is good in every aspect of its presentation. But one will not be able to ride the bike in racing tracks with full competence. Z20 will suit all speed geek beginner riders.

6. Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX MANUAL pit Bike

Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX MANUAL pit Bike


Engine displacement

190cc, oil-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder.


Chain drive.

Gear shift

5-speed manual sifting.

Max power

16hp/8000 rpm.


Electric/ kick start

Front/rear brake

Hydraulic disc.

Ground clearance

14.5 inches.

Fuel capacity

1.4 gallon.

Almost all of the pit bikes mentioned above comes for the kids and young riders except this RXF 200 Freeride MAX. If you love speed and fun at the same time, this RXF 200 is the perfect item to give a go.

The perfect engine with 190cc of engine displacement capacity will deliver up to 8000 rpm of max power to introduce you to the real taste of excitement.  We have tested the bike on a good dirt trail. The bike did not take more than 2 minutes to reach 50mph of top speed. If the condition remains favorable, you will be able to reach almost 60/65mph of top speed through this bike.

A powerful pit bike requires perfect controllability to get the optimum experience in every situation.  Like a quality dirt bike, RXF 200 freeride includes hydraulic disc suspension both on the front and rear part of the bike to control the bike with full dexterity.

Another intriguing fact about the bike is the inclusion of both kick and electric starting processes. As a result, the bike is more versatile than most of its predecessors.

Another aspect we love about this bike is its 14.5 inches of ground clearance. The perfect ground clearance will make it enough comfortable for all types of riders with a height of 5.5 feet or more.

Although the bike is enough good to satisfy any intermediate to experienced rider, riding the bike for more than six months can reduce the efficiency of the engine a little. Other than that, the pit bike is enough good to please any rider with full capacity.

Benefits of choosing Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX MANUAL pit Bike

  1. RXF 200 is always a good bike to impress anyone at first glance.
  2. RXF 200 comes with the perfect seat height to make anyone comfortable with the bike.
  3. The perfect engine displacement will deliver up to 65 mph of top speed to introduce you to the perfect adventure.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

To keep the efficiency of the bike intact, you need to make some upgrades within six months. This may cost you some extra bucks, but it is all for the betterment of the bike and your expense.

7. Apollo DB-21 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike

Apollo DB-21 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike



70CC, 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled


Kick starter

Max power

6.5 horsepower.


4-speed, 4-down.

Front forks

Hydraulic forks.

Rear shock

Spring over the coil.

Front/rear brakes

Front and rear drum.

Fuel capacity

0.85 gallons.


105 lbs.

The last recommendation for a pit bike on this list from us also comes for the kids. Although we are here talking about the 70cc pit bike, you will be able to pick this one in 90cc engine variation as well.

The most impressive factor about this pit bike is its starting process. We have found with many pit bikes that it takes more than 4 kicks to start the engine. But this one will not require more than two kicks to start the engine, which is enough convenient for most kids.

The speed manual transmission with 4-down capacity will always deliver the boost your kid deserves while riding the bike. Controlling the bike will always be the easiest job for most beginners. Besides, the inclusion of hydraulic forks on the front and spring-over-coil on the rear will deliver enough control to make it a perfect beginner dirt bike for young riders.

DB-21 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike can withstand up to 105lbs of weight, making it suitable for even the bulkiest kid. Moreover, the perfect fuel tank with 0.85 gallons of fuel capacity will deliver enough mileage to keep your kid satisfied in every situation.

We have not found too many drawbacks to mention with our bike. Some of the consumers have mentioned that they have found leakages and loose screws after the arrival. This is quite common for most mini pit bikes. Spend some additional bucks to replace all the loose screws and bolts to let your kid start the adventure.

Benefits of choosing Apollo DB-21 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike

  1. This is the perfect pit bike for beginner or amateur riders.
  2. DB-21 is much easier to control.
  3. You will be able to grab this one in 90cc variation as well.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

You may receive the bike with some loose screws or leakages. But they all are repairable.

Choose a perfect Apollo pit bike

The top five ways to choose a perfect Apollo Pit bike are:

  1. Check your budget.
  2. Your riding disciplines.
  3. Versatility
  4. Engine
  5. Transmission

Check your budget.

Apollo pit bikes are always good for the money. You will always be able to save around 500 dollars to 800 dollars with an Apollo Pit bike compared to a Japanese branded pit bike. At the same time, it is also important that you take a little knowledge about the prices of most pit bikes.

Apollo pit bikes are available from 799$ to 5000$ dollars. You will find most of the kids' pit bikes within 1500$ dollars.

Turning to the adult’s edition will cost you around 1500$ dollars to 2500$ dollars.

Finally, a racing edition this brand pit bike comes with the most expensive price range. You will have to spend around 2000$ dollars to 4500$ dollars to get a racing edition of the Apollo pit bike.

Your discipline of riding

Not every rider has the same skill and preference. That is why it is always an ideal choice to choose a pit bike that goes with your preference and personality. Orion Sports is such a brand that delivers pit bikes for all types of adventure riders.  It does not matter whether you are a casual rider or a professional dirt racer, you will always find your suitable item from the brand. Giving the highest priority to your preference will allow you to show your skill properly and more diligently. Besides, doing so will always help you to extract the real fun and excitement on any kind of dirt trail.


A good pit bike serves a true rider in different aspects. That is why it is always an ideal choice to choose a bike that is enough versatile to give you the leverage you deserve on the trail. Consider grabbing a bike that comes with a durable frame to withstand a high amount of weight. Besides, some eye-catchy graphics on the bike will always be helpful to enhance your impression. A comfortable sitting height, tires dimension and type, weight capacity, fuel capacity, etcetera are some of the most influential aspects that will help to deliver enough versatility to your pit bike.


Apollo pit bike engine

If you are happy with the pit bike engine, you will be happy with the performance as well. That is why it always becomes crucial to pay great importance to the engine of the bike.

Apollo pit and dirt bikes are available from 50cc to up to 450cc. If you are a beginner, a 125cc engine will deliver the most optimum performance. On the other hand, you can go with anything more than 175cc if you know to ride a bike properly.

Besides, check the reviews of the bike you are planning to buy. This will help you to learn about the quality of the bikes to a better degree.


The controllability of any motorbike depends on the transmission system. Apollo pit bikes are always good with the suspension system. The task also rests up to you to ensure that you are getting a convenient suspension system with your Apollo pit bike. The hydraulic disc suspension on the front and rear parts of the bike is the most ideal option to get enough control over the bike. Whatever or whichever model you choose, always ensure that you are picking the right transmission process.

Are Apollo Pit bikes any good?

Apollo pit bike ride

If it is about discerning the benefits of Apollo pit bikes, we can disclose thousands of more. But these are the top five reasons everyone considers grabbing an Apollo Pit bike.

Thinking about going with a Chinese pit bike and ignoring Apollo is quite impossible. They are available in every possible area of the whole of America. It became possible only because of the quality they have been delivering for a long time.

Apollo or SSR pit bike?

The two most popular Chinese pit bike manufacturers across the whole of America are SSR and Apollo. Also xpro pit bike are same popular in usa, where as this pit bike are made in china. Both manufacturers have been satisfying their consumers for a long time. But as a beginner, you always deserve to grab the best thing possible.

That is when the comparison between Apollo and SSR comes into action.

Truly speaking, both Apollo and SSR bring equivalent pit bikes to satisfy their customers. If Apollo dominates in one particular area, SSR will dominate in some other aspect to alleviate the affected area.

If it is about budget, Apollo dirt bikes tend to be a little expensive compared to SSR pit bikes.

On the other hand, Apollo dirt bikes will remain a little ahead of SSR when it is about delivering versatility.

Both manufacturers will deliver enough options for customization. You can always think about making them better according to your preference.

What are the best Apollo pit bikes?

The top seven Apollo pit bikes are:

  1. Apollo DB-X18 125cc pit Bike
  2. APOLLO 250cc AGB-36 pit Bike
  3. Apollo RFZ DB X-4 110cc SEMI AUTO pit bike
  4. Apollo RFZ DB X-15 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike
  5. Apollo RFZ DB Z20 125cc MANUAL Pit Bike
  6. Apollo RXF 200 Freeride MAX MANUAL pit Bike
  7. Apollo DB-21 70cc SEMI AUTO Pit Bike

Final words

Now in market this brand and many small newly brand are deliver a pit biek. Apollo has been delivering one of the more trusted Chinese dirt bikes on the market to make their customer happy with the service. They are all the way economical and powerful to deliver the real taste of excitement and fun in a budget-friendly manner. If you have been fluctuating with your decision, grab an Apollo pit bike from our list. We can assure you that you will have an excellent experience in the longer run.

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