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A pit bike weigh from 85lbs to as much as 250lbs.

One of the primary differences between a pit bike and a dirt bike is the weight. A pit bike tends to come with a lighter weight variation than a pit bike.

A dirt bike with the maximum weight can reach up to 350lbs, whereas a pit bike will never exceed the 250lbs barrier.

The engine capacity allows pit bikes to come with lighter weight variations. A pit bike will have less engine capacity than a dirt bike, making them suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.

If you are thinking about having a pit bike for your own, weight is an important aspect that you should consider. If you would like to learn about the weight of a pit bike, this article should provide specific information to make a better decision-

Average Pit Bike Weight

Pit bike weight

A pit bike is available in three different weight variations. The lighter pit bikes are for the youth and kids, where the medium and heavy-weight pit bikes are for professional and moderate users.

The light pit bikes are available from 85lbs to 150lbs weight variations. The mid-weight pit bikes will fall between 150-200lbs, whereas the heavier pit bikes will be around 200-250lbs.

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Light pit bikes weight

Pit bikes that come within a weight capacity of 150lbs fall in the light category. They are usually not the perfect adult bike.

In general, a lightweight pit bike will come with a two-stroke engine capacity. Besides, the body of these bikes tends to come with a very lighter setup, reducing the total weight of the bike to a great extent. They fall in the category of youth dirt bike series. An adult with a moderate weight will not feel comfortable riding a lightweight pit bike. One thing you may keep in mind regarding lightweight pit bikes is that they are always below 100cc. That is why one would find it easier to maneuvera lighter dirt bike. Here are some of the lightweight pit bikes on the market that would be an excellent choice for the kids-

Pit bike name


Honda CRF50


Yamaha TTR-50


KTM 50 SX Mini


Honda PW50

90 lbs.


117 lbs.

Mid-weight pit bikes weight

All dirt bikes within the 200lbs barrier fall in the mid-weight pit bike category. They are for the beginner adult. If you are looking for a dirt bike to learn the basics of riding, a mid-weight pit bike should be the ideal choice.

In general, a mid-weight pit bike will come with a four-stroke engine capacity. Some bikes may also provide two-stroke variations. A mid-weight pit bike’s engine will be between 110cc to 200cc. These bikes are also not for professional racing. Most casual riders use them to have fun on the pit. Here are some of the popular mid-weight dirt bikes that you may try-

Pit bike name


Kawasaki KLX110

166lbs (curb weight)

Honda CRF125F

194lbs (curb weight)

Kawasaki KLX140


Yamaha TT-R110E

160lbs (wet weight)

Heavier pit bikes

All pit bikes from 200lbs weight to 250+ weight will fall in the heavier pit bike category. Most often, they tend to be professional pit bikes to race on the trail. They tend to be a little faster than average pit bikes. With more than 200cc engine capacity and four-stroke variations, they will provide more speed and control. One needs to have a little more dexterity to maneuver them properly. If you love pit bike racing and are thinking about improving your skill, they are always an ideal choice to have. Here are some of the ideal heavier pit bikes for you to try-

Pit bike name


Yamaha YZ250FX

250lbs (curb weight)

Suzuki RM-Z250


KTM 250 XC-F


Yamaha WR250R


What are the things that influence weight?

Some pit bikes tend to be heavier, whereas some others may come with a lighter construction. Some factors are there that decide whether a pit bike will be lighter or heavier. Here are some of the facts for those who concern-

  • Frame: this is the outer part of the bike. The frame plays an important role in determining the weight of the motorbike. A lightweight pit bike will have a lighter body frame than compared to a heavy-duty frame. Dirt bikes with heavy-duty frames require enough expertise to run smoothly. That is why you will notice heavy-duty frames in professional dirt bikes. You should choose the frame according to the weight that you have. If you are a heavy person, choose a bike with a heavy frame design. If you are thinking about choosing a bike to learn driving, a lighter body frame will come as handy.
  • Two-stroke or four-stroke engine: the stroke capacity of the engine is another considerable factor that determines the weight level of any motorbike. A two-stroke engine tends to be lighter than a four-stroke engine. If you have a pit bike that comes with a two-stroke engine, you can expect it to be lighter. On the contrary, a four-stroke engine will give the bike some further weight. If you want consistent and stable speed output, a four-stroke engine should be the ideal choice. Most professional dirt bikes will have a four-stroke engine, allowing them to be powerful. A youth dirt bike is a common kind that uses a two-stroke engine.
  • Cc level: The engine's cc is the piston's maximum rising capacity. A dirt bike is available from 50cc to more than 400cc capacities. The increment of the cc level will increase the weight of the bike, too. The increment of the cc level makes the engine more powerful and productive, causing it to have more weight. A dirt bike from 50cc to 110cc tends to be the lightest. It starts getting heavier from 150cc and up. A better dirt bike will always come with a higher cc level.
  • Curb weight or dry weight:  the dry weight is the approximate weight without any fuel inside the tank. On the other hand, curb weight means the total weight with fuel inside the tank. Both types of weight do not include the passenger or driver's body weight. A dirt bike with the curb weight will be always higher than a bike with dry weight. It is always an optional measurement.

Final words

Pit bikes are not the heaviest of their kind. They are much lighter than their counterpart dirt bikes. It is okay to consider both types as the same. But there will always remain some distinctions that make each type different than one another.  If you love pit racing, choosing a pit bike with moderate-weight engine capacity should be ideal. On the other hand, a lighter pit bike will be a better suit for the youth and kids.

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