Are Thumpstar pit bikes reliable? Why did you choose this

Japanese brands like Kawasaki and Honda have been leading the pit bike industry for a long time. But in the meantime, there appeared some logistic and decent Chinese pit bike manufacturers that have been entirely thriving the whole industry with their budget-friendly but wholesome features.

Come on, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive branded pit bike. Thumpstar is one of those Chinese pit bike manufacturers with a good reputation in this particular genre.

In terms of performance and budget, it would not be illogical to mention that Thumpstar pit bikes are reliable and versatile enough to give the user long-lasting support.

This claiming from our site may seem something exaggerating, but we have enough reasons to back us.

If you are interested, let us get started with the real presentation-

Thumpstar pit bikes reliable

What are the Thumpstar pit bike lineups?

Thumpstar has been launching a large number of pit bikes model every year in the market. Here are some of the popular pit bike models from Thumpstar for different categories-

For kids

Model name

Engine cc







For entry level

Model name

Engine cc





For all-round performance

Model name

Engine cc









For racing

Model name

Engine cc





Are Thumpstar pit bikes any good?

Thumpstar pit bikes any good

Our first judgment comes from the belief that Thumpstar is a Chinese brand. And therefore, these motorbikes will never be able to deliver performance like a Honda or Kawasaki. But that should not be the reality all the time.

The price ranges of Honda and Kawasaki are far ahead compared to most Thumpstar pit bikes. A very high product demand allows those Japanese manufacturers to add those extra features that make them quite different than most other cheap pit bikes

On the other hand, Chinese brands like Thumpstar had to keep a lot of things into considerations, including the price. Therefore, it becomes quite hard for the manufacturer to implement some expensive features to their motorbikes. But that should not mean all the features and parts you get from a Thumpstar pit bike are cheap and devoid of quality. No, they are not.

If you ensure proper maintenance and upgrades, it is always possible to use a Thumpstar pit bike even longer than a Japanese brand.

Are we making any false claiming? Nope, we are not. Scan through the following sections to find out why we think so-

Are Thumpstar pit bikes reliable?

What makes a brand reliable? Is it longevity or performance? For us, it is the balance of everything. Ensuring powerful performance but lasting only a few months does not make a brand reliable. At the same time, getting cheap performance with a long life does not make a motorbike reliable either.

Yes, Thumpstar pit bikes are reliable in terms of performance and longevity.

But there are some procedures one should always follow to get the most reliable performance from a brand like Thumpstar. What are those? Well, we will be talking about all those in the latter section of this article. For now, let us talk about some of the most influential but wholesome features you can expect to get from a Thumpstar pit bike-

Are Thumpstar good price range?

Thumpstar pit bikes ride

We were a little confused about whether we should include this section or not while talking about reliability. If the price section stays, this should be always at the top. If not, skipping this section for the whole article is logical. Therefore, we decided to add this one on top of this discussion section.

First of all, Thumpstar offers a good and reasonable price range to the customers. Therefore, the brand does not bring products for those who want a high-end motorbike with tons of features. Most importantly, Thumpstar brings their motorbikes for casual riders who love to ride on different occasions.

Second of all, Thumpstar can highly satisfy its target riders with their affordable and reasonable price range.

Finally, a good price range opens up options for all disciplines of riders to pick up their appropriate types.

The opportunity for various upgrades

We have already mentioned earlier that the manufacturer had to face numerous restrictions while building a particular product due to the scarcity of budget. But that does not demean the creativity of the brand.

You will get tons of options to upgrade the bike into a better edition. From headlight to the tires, there will always have an option to allow the bike to perform better.

For example, if you have a Thumpstar pit bike that you bought with a price of around 1200$ dollars. Ifyou are willing to spend additional 600$ dollars for an upgrade, you can always expect to get the same performance as that of a branded Japanese pit bike. That means you are never out of options even when you buy a cheap Thumpstar pit bike.

If you want reliability, give concentration on maintenance

Getting reliability mostly depends on your effort. Abusing the bike to a great degree without proper maintenance always reduces the chance of longevity and reliability. When things start to degenerate, condemning only the brand does not suffice the whole meaning.

You should take some responsibility as well. Any automobile has the potency to perform for a long time when you take good care of it. Only enjoying the ride without giving a little thought to the maintenance can never bring the better good.

It is indeed true that most of the Thumpstar pit bikes are cheap and affordable. But that does not mean that you do not have the authenticity to use them for a long time. Be a little more productive and efficient with your Thumpstar pit bike by giving good heed to the maintenance.

Thumpstar uses a powerful engine

When the powerhouse of your motorbike is intact and powerful, half of the problems seem to be solved at first hand. One of the ideal reasons why one should trust the brand Thumpstar is that almost all bike units from Thumpstar come with a powerful engine. Another good thing about the Thumpstar engine is that they tend to last for a long time. As a result, you can always expect to get the long-time service from a pit bike engine.

We have also added an article on Lifan vs. Zongshen engine. You had better check that article to learn more about Chinese dirt bike engines.

Thumpstar offers better off-roading capacity

Not only Thumpstar pit bikes but also most of its dirt bike offers high-end off-roading capacity. No matter whether you are a professional or beginner rider, you will always have the options to ride on off-road conditions with better proficiency.

The primary purpose of a dirt bike or pit bike is to get better off-road leverage. When that is the condition, Thumpstar is always a prominent brand to keep your faith in.

Chinese pit bikes are not always bad

We tend to always make a wrong judgment by seeing the outside appearance. But that is where the fallacy relies on. A Chinese pit bike should not always mean that it will lack quality and performance. Even we have found evidence where Chinese dirt bikes outperformed a branded dirt bike to a great marginal difference. It indeed happened due to an upgrade. But they always have the quality to turn into a better model. Therefore, one should not always judge the whole picture by seeing only a single part. If you are a little dubious, you had better check the reviews of other users so that you can get better performance after the purchase.

All the top branded dirt bikes that you see on and off the road are not totally from one particular place. Famous brands like Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, etcetera also need to rely on different Chinese manufacturers for different parts and instruments of their dirt bikes. Therefore, one should always check the quality and performance first before checking the brand value.

The motor mounting of Thumpstar pit bikes are amazing

A great feature you would notice with most Thumpstar pit bikes is the motor mounting process. They are simply amazing to give you a precious feeling. While accelerating, these motorbikes barely vibrate a little. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable while riding on a Thumpstar pit bike. All the thick motor mounts on each of its bikes simply make this genre a perfect choice for competitive and casual riders.

The wheels are for perfect off-roading

Every Thumpstar pit bike user will agree to the fact that the brand offers great wheels for perfect off-roading. The super tidy wheels with a larger diameter and sturdy spokes will always come in handy to get better support in most riding conditions. Having one Thumpstar pit bike will allow you to rip on the dirt for sure. When it comes to getting the perfect amount of traction, these pit bikes are really the ideal toys that you can have.

One will get better controllability as well

We are not making any overestimated claiming at all. It is the reality that Thumpstar pit bikes offer better controllability. A well functional chain with a better suspension system allows these pit bikes to have better support in most riding conditions. We are not talking about a branded dirt bike. But when it comes to comparing a Thumpstar pit bike with an equivalent Chinese toy, Thumpstar really has the upper hand to outperform most other dirt bikes by huge marginal differences. Most importantly, all these pit bikes come with a stable suspension system. Therefore, you will always have the option to improvise your skill and potential.

Thumpstar brings items for all disciplines of riders

While branded pit bikes are limited to some particular lineups, Chinese brands are widespread with numerous categories. Thumpstar is also not different. Almost all disciplines of riders will have the chance to pick their appropriate dirt or pit bikes from this manufacturer. When you can offer a great variety of disciplines, getting the popularity and reliability become much easier. Most importantly, Thumpstar is not producing all these features by reducing the quality. It would not be a crime to mention that Thumpstar is improving its quality every single day.

Thumpstar pit bikes are diverse

Are you a fashion geek? Well, we have the solution. Thumpstar offers a variety of colors for each of their motorbike. While most of the branded dirt bikes are limited to two to three colors, Thumpstar offers at least five to make you comfortable with your preference. That means you will always have the chance to choose your expected dirt bike according to your taste and preference.

Are Thumpstar pit bikes all good?

It is almost impossible for any automotive brand (even most Japanese brands) to be almost 100% good. Thumpstar pit bikes are also the same. When you are here to make a judgment about any particular genre, you should always keep in mind the contemporary condition. Comparing Chinese dirt bikes with a top-class Japanese motorbike brand will never allow you to make the ideal judgment. But when you are comparing two Chinese brands under the lenses, you always get the chance to make a real judgment.

No, Thumpstar pit bikes are not all good, but they are good enough to give you long-lasting support. When you have a plan to upgrade the bike in near future, Thumpstar is always ready to be the ideal alternative to a branded motorbike. On top of that, you will have the authenticity to grab all these pit bikes at a good and affordable price range. The pricing is always reasonable to make you comfortable with your decision.

Alternative of Thumpstar pit bikes

How many Chinese pit bike manufacturers are there do you think? Well, the list will be longer than your imagination. But here are some of the brands that have made a great impression among the users-

  1. Apollo
  2. X-Pro
  3. Tao Tao
  4. YCF
  5. SSR
  6. yamaha
  7. ktm

Comparing an equivalent Thumpstar pit bike with all these brands should help you to make an ideal judgment.

What are the engine sizes of a Thumpstar pit bike?

Thumpstar pit bikes are available from 50cc to 250cc. Some of the high-end dirt bikes may also have larger engine sizes than 250cc. Thumpstar 110cc, 120cc, 125cc, 140cc, 150cc, and 160cc pit bikes are more prevalent all over the USA and UK.

Final summary

  1. Thumpstar pit bikes are reliable.
  2. They are good for the budget.
  3. You will have plenty of options to improvise your riding experience with a Thumpstar pit bike.
  4. An expensive upgrade can turn an average Thumpstar pit bike into a monster.
  5. They are not all good but good enough to entail your trust.

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