Are SSR Pit bikes reliable : What rides say

SSR is a Chinese brand that developed its product coverage around the world. SSR has a variety of pit bikes with various budgets. The quality of this bike is locally reliable to the consumers. The brand has its outlet in the US and Italy. This bike has classified their products into four models. These are On-road, Off-road, Benelli, and Electric bikes.

SSR pit bikes are off-road bikes that provide 6 different engine powers, which are 170cc, 140cc, 125cc, 110cc, 70cc, 50cc.

Are SSR Pit bikes reliable

SSR Pit bike Product Chart

Motor Type

Engine Power














      SR125 SEMI






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A moderately good number of products of different sizes, functions, and features make it easy for the consumer to choose their need. The online market has a heavy search load of SSR Pit bikes of various ages of people.

The reliability of a brand depends on its product's quality and convenience.


SSR has a single electric Pit bike model which is 800 watts. When power comes at electric energy measurement it becomes easy for the consumers to understand how powerful it is. 800 Watt refers to little more than 1 Horsepower which 1 HP in brief. It kept 24 Inch ground clearance. It runs 9 miles range per charge on 16 mph speed. Its weight is 80 pounds, and its weight capacity is 100 pounds.

It offers at most a 169cc 4 Stroke engine at their pit bike. This is how big they consider a Pit bike. It has a 12-inch ground clearance. It provides 15.8 horsepower at 9000 RPM. So some consumers have the query if SSR would provide a bigger engine in the future. But SSR provides a bigger engine on Dirt bikes which is also bigger in chassis. However, SSR also has its pit bike for younger riders. They launched a 50cc SX50-A pit bike for junior riders. So they seem to be reliable to all age groups.

Engine Starter

SSR provides manual Kick start on most of their pit bikes. They provided an electric starter on two of their bike with 125cc and 70cc engines. However, they provided a pull starter on their SX50-A model that has a 50cc engine considerably for the young rider. So those who are not good kickers can start by pulling a rope from the transmission system. Even some young guys are not strong enough to give a strong kick to start and engine. So pull starter seems handy for them

Wheel Size

SSR developed their pit bike on different wheel sizes for different riders. Some riders are good to go with a big wheel. They can maintain bigger ground clearance and have a good balance on their bike riding. Some riders tend to keep their feet near the ground for maintaining gravitational balance. This is everyone's own choice. SSR manufacturers give importance to the need of the customer. So they made their product on many variants.

But there are huge questions about small wheels vs. large wheels. Which one is speedier? There are several scientific terms needed to be focused on. The big wheel has a big circumference with the same single rotation, which should make the vehicle move faster. Even a large wheel has a large edge angle that helps the bike get rid of any small hole in the road. But riders experience that they feel it takes more time to complete a single cycle rotation which seems mentally boring to them. Small wheels move faster because of having a small circumference. So it makes the rider feel that they are running more fluently.

Fuel Tank

SSR provides a 5.5-liter fuel tank on their biggest 169cc Pit bike. For a pit bike it's a moderate volume of space, neither too small nor large. But the fuel tank of the SSR pit bike is just gorgeous. It doesn't look like a mere tank that contains oil. They look like a form of the creature of Transformer.

SSR is reliable to its consumers because of its cool fashion and polished design. They hardly have any complaints about quality. Young riders are very fond of their suspension system, which is very smooth in action when necessary. They like the friction and reaction that comes to the suspension.

Transmission System

Most of the SSR offers conventional 4-up manual transmission at their pit bikes. But they have three models that offer an automatic transmission. These models are SR125AUTO, SR70AUTO, and SX50-A. This makes consumers have a better experience in comparison to other pit bikes.

Cusomar Rating

The consumers on Amazon provided solely 5 stars ratings on their purchased pit bike. The seller seems to be from the brand which is levelled as SSR Motorsports on Amazon.

In terms of reliability, Amazon customer rating is highly transparent. Only those who buy a good can put their review on that order. So the rating seems 100% reliable and authentic.

Things to keep in mind before you buying a ssr pit bike

SSR Pit bike girl

Pay for just what you are looking for. SSR pit bikes offer a variety of features at different prices. So while choosing an SSR Pit bike model gives importance to the features you are looking for. Don't pay for the functionalities that you didn't want to move to the one that doesn't have that features.

Take time to decide if you like the small wheel or the large ones. Because there are no direct answers to the question that which one is more convenient. Riders have personal opinions on their wheel size choice. So it's not always going to help you.

Be practical about the starter system. Ask yourself if you are good to kick things on. Keep in mind this time kick has to be productive. Otherwise, you have to option to go for an electric starter.

SSR pit bike engines are at most 169cc with 4 stroke power generation. So think twice before you decide to buy a smaller one. Properly evaluate your need.

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