Apollo RFZ 125cc Pit Bike expert opinion 2023

Apollo is a very famous motorcycle in the dirt bike category. Its random design makes satisfaction to many riders over a long period of time. Moreover, it is a cost-friendly model that makes the different levels of riders able to purchase this.

Let’s have look at the fantastic specification of the Apollo 125cc pit bike that made it prominent to a wide group of regular riders.

Apollo 125cc Pit Bike review

Apollo 125cc Pit Bike review






125 cc


4 speed

Engine Stroke


Transmission type







8.16 hp at 7500



Cooling System

Air cooled

Maximum Speed

55+ mph




Apollo and partners

Front Suspension

Non-Adjustable 750mm

Rear Suspension

Non-Adjustable 320mm

Front Brake

Hydraulic Disc

Rear Brake

Hydraulic Disc

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Net weight

147 lb

Gross weight

180 lb

Seat height




Fuel Capacity

3.9 ltr

Carton dimension (L*W*H/in):

40.50" x 55.5" x 30"

Apollo 125cc Engine Reference


Apollo brought this dirt bike model quite a long ago and still running on full suing. They used a 4-stroke 125cc engine that made it a medium power dirt bike. By its body and engine size, it’s a bit smaller than a usual dirt bike and that’s why it’s also considered a pit bike.

Apollo 125 can be as speedy as 55 mph. It can produce 8.16 horsepower at 7500 RPM. The dirt bike uses the conventional air cooling system with sufficient space for the air to push through. The latest CDI ignition system is used in this Apollo 125 for the strongest combustion. Like it needs it has a single cylinder and 4-speed transmission system. The 4-speed manual transmission makes it easy for the rider to high up the speed on a controlled balance.

The dirt bikes come with a kick-starter by default. This small stand-alone device keeps you free from depending on the battery. But you can add an electric starter to your engine to make it easy for you to self-start. Remember, if you want to add an electric starter to your Apollo you must need an electric control unit to control the starter powered by a rechargeable battery.

Note that the manufacture of this specific model keeps some components not assembled. So they require you to assemble those by yourself. These pit bikes include handlebar brackets, wheels, brakes, number plate, and fender. But some suppliers get their products all assembled and ready to go.


The Apollo 125 uses an upside-down steel fork. This is called an inverted fork. The inverted fork is less reliable than an upright fork. An upright fork is also called a telescopic fork. However, its inverted fork in its suspension made it handy to reach by anyone. The model uses a 750 mm non-adjustable suspension that can absorb moderate shock. The rear suspension is 350 mm and is also a non-adjustable one.

Brake and Tire

The Apollo 125 dirt bike uses the most effective hydraulic disc for both front and rear brakes. But it needs you to gradually pull like a fine-tuning. Sudden pull on high rotation can cause loss of control and consequently fall. They used a high-quality metal in the brake cable. It is free from moisture and can defend against heat. It can hold brake fluid for a longer time.

The front tire of this dirt bike is bigger than the back one. Apollo uses a 17’ tire on the front wheel and a 14’ on the rear. The big tire on the front takes the full shock and transmits it to the suspension. The back wheel is the place your seat is located on. So it is under your sit. So the pit bike shock under that effects more easily. But a smaller wheel and tire can easily bypass that hit and so Apollo designed a 14’ tire for the back wheel.

Apollo 125 dirt bike outfit


This pit bike often comes as colorful. But the manufacturers maintain a standard in its color fashion. Plastic kits that come with this have a polished glossy fashion to be suitable for riders' choice. The dirt bike being originally built for motorcycle racing also demand a show-off purpose. So things that are to show needs to be colorful.

Some rider wants their bike to open like a naked bike. This bike is almost open from left to right except for the seating arrangement. These are the choice of some mechanical mind who keeps their things technically open. You know some people used to keep their desktop open in the earlier time and the latest upgrade is they now use a transparent desktop casing to make all components inside visible.

So what are the pros and cons?

Benefit of this apollo 125cc

  • The Apollo 125 dirt bike can make higher torque in comparison to its engine rating.
  • The bike is lightweight and so can go higher than its standard mileage.
  • The dirt bike comes in multiple colors that fulfill the choice of all color lovers.
  • The CDI ignition system keeps you free from worrying about the battery condition
  • The front-facing plastic poses like that of a rider number on racing that looks pro on the road to the surrounding.
  • The machinery is kind of open on both sides like a naked bike which looks satisfactory to some mechanical-minded riders.
  • The exhaust pipe is just above the rear wheel and this shortens the width of the bike. This is one of the reasons the bike looks slim.
  • The Apollo 125 has enough space to accommodate any modification


The negatory features of this bike are too minor and ignorable to most of the consumers. But some of them still have some different observations.

  • The bike being lightweight doesn’t  let the suspension work that effectively
  • The engine and other components are open on this model that to some riders look messy.
  • The bike doesn’t have an electric starter that is demanded by some riders.
  • Someone visualize the shape of the bike like a hopper, and this is just too personal a comment.

Is 125 cc Pit bike similar to this Apollo 125 Dirt bike?

This is a common question with no clear answer. But you should speculate this in a gross manner. Nothing is similar to one another. Apollo 125 pit bike uses a better tire and wheel. Even though we don’t find any difference, we should focus behind the title that manufacturers ascribed on. As they entitled Apollo with a dirt bike, it must be more powerful with no doubt. On top of that, not everything can be differentiated by its parts’ rating. Let's say an iPhone has a 48 mp camera and a Oneplus has rated their camera as 48 mp. So are those two cameras the same?

Who can ride this dirt bike?

The Apollo is rated as an adult dirt bike. But this off-road bike is neither a small nor a big dirt bike to be limited to a specific group of riders. It’s suitable for both father and his big boy. A physically grown-up man or woman with an age of 16+ can easily ride this bike. So the reference to the adult is those who can afford to be on this. Many of the customers in Amazon buy this Apollo dirt bike for their son and they go for a race together. They also provided many positive reviews that project their satisfaction of riding to this. 

Why is the Apollo 125 dirt bike is called a pit bike too?

A Dirt bike is originally larger than a pit bike physically. A dirt bike also comes with a higher-rated engine. Apollo 125 comes with a 125cc engine. But most branded dirt bike designed their dirt bike model with the minimum engine of 250cc created. The smallest dirt bike made by KTM offers a 250 cc engine. Even, China manufactures brand SSR offers a 150 cc engine in their smallest dirt bike. So, Apollo 125 is officially a dirt bike but treated a pit bike to some riders due to its size and components rating.

Can I modify and upgrade the Apollo 125

Before you modify your Apollo pit bike make, you should know that it’s not recommended to modify your bike with different parts other than what the manufacturer suggests. However, you can still replace some components with more powerful ones. Apollo has kept enough space around its engine to replace the engine with a higher cc-rated engine. You can also accommodate an electric engine starter on the engine if it suits.

To sum up, the dirt bike Apollo is favored by most of the common riders with no issues. They evaluated this by their own riding experience. Most of them like me have run a long way for a long distance and then recommended this in the various marketplace. So, It seems worthy of your money and got a fun time with this.

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