How many gears does a Pit bike have: All about pit bike gear

The power of an engine is transferred to the wheel through a transmission system. This transmission system consists of a set of gear of different sizes and shapes. These gear work as pairs. The output gear of the transmission system causes the high speed of a bike.

The output power of the engine could be connected to the transmission rod directly, but it can suddenly damage the whole transmission system. So for a smooth run of a pit bike, several gears have been set as the output power. Generally, 4 to 6 gear is deployed at the output of a pit bike transmission system.

pit bike gear

Does the number of gear change according to the CC rating of the engine. The short answer is NO. The transmission system makes the bike run smoothly. This is very easy to understand. A bike should begin to move at a slower speed. Then it would gradually increase its speed over time and the freeness of the road.

Say a bike has a 100 speed. So it should begin to move at 5 to 10 speeds. Then from 10 do you think its speed should be directly raised to 100? Nope. You can increase pit bike speed gradually like 10 15 20 25 30 …..70….100. So the speed is divided by several gears, some use 4 and some 6. So first gear lets the bike speed up as much as 20, second 40, third 60 and so. You should keep in mind that gear doesn't increase speed; rather it allows a speed the bike can go at most. So the more gear is deployed the smoother the bike can speed up. I hope it is clear now.

Now the number of gear used in a pit bike depends on its design by its manufacturer. Some manufacturer 4,5,6 gear on their different model of pit bike while Some other uses the same number of gear to all of their products.

Pit bike gear

Yamaha Bike

They provide 3 gears for their 50cc bike, 4 gears for 110cc, 5 gears for 125cc and 6 gears for 230cc. This reference makes some understanding in a beginner's mind about the relation between the engine cc and number of gear. But no, it doesn't help to understand the number of gear in the case of other brand products.


SSR pit bike offers 4-up manual gear for all of their pit bikes from 170cc to 70cc. They have kept an automatic transmission system in two of their products. Except for them, all are provided with the same number of gear. SSR is a famous Chinese brand with huge fame to the riders. They provide high-quality bikes at comparatively less prices.


Honda offers 5 gears to all their four-stroke edition of pit bikes from 250cc to 450cc. They also offer 5 gears to one of their 2 stroke 250cc edition pit bike. Other 2 strokes 50cc to 250cc engines are provided with 6 gears.

However, on some younger editions under 50cc, they provide single speed with single automatic gear. There is also a 50cc edition with 6 gears. But they classified the bikes in consideration to two types of younger riders as of their capability. So one of their 50cc editions provides 6 gear while the other 50cc provides automatic single gear.


Pitster has a Pit bike with an engine rating of 60cc to 190cc. They also kept a sequential relation of their number of gears to the engine cc rating. Pitster offers 4 gears to their entire manual transmission engine bike except 190cc editions. For the 190cc engine edition they provide 5 gears for the 5-speed level, which means they divided the whole power of the engine to supply to the wheel in 5 steps.

Pitster provides both small and big wheels. So it's your choice to choose which size best suit your need.

Relation between gear and speed

The relation between gear and speed is that it divides the total speed into several gears and thus can’t allow direct acceleration to a higher speed at a time. So to move to the next level of speed, it requires changing the gear and thus permits the rider to raise the speed to a new speed level.

Gears just smoothen the increase of the speed and ensure a safe startup and safe brake. But it directly doesn't mean a higher number of gears provides a better speed, rather provides better speed control.

A bike of how many gears should I choose?

The number of gear is a very complicated matter to deal from a common user’s side. The manufacturer designs their products with a various number of gears. So all that you can do from an end of a common user is to decide while you can like to change more frequently while riding a bike. Some riders don’t feel easy to change the gear while riding the bike.

So if you are one of them you should consider taking one of 4-speed gear that is four gears. If you give importance to safe riding with smoother speed run up and if you have no issue in changing gear every now and then you can go for a higher number of gears. Also, keep in mind that a transmission system with a higher number of gear takes more space in the engine and needs more engine oil, resulting in frequent engine oil replacement. It also increases the overall weight of your pit bike resulting in less weight lifting capacity.

Final words

The information about the number of gear in the transmission system is just for reference. If you are going to buy a pit bike, you should make a query on the manufacturer's website or at the dealer's point. They are the right person to provide information. So if you have any confusion about the transmission system they can help you as of your need.

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